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Top 125+ Bewafa Status In English {NEW Status 2022} Broken Heart Status

Top 50+ Bewafa Status For Whatsapp | Bewafa Status | Romantic Status | Welcome to my new post, in which I am sharing with you my best collection Top 127+ Bewafa Status For Whatsapp, then you can share this status with your Girlfriend, this is my latest Love Status In Hindi collection. Enjoy and share and you can also share on social media.

Top 125+ Bewafa Status In English | Sad Love Status | Broken Heart Quotes

Top 80+ Bewafa Status In English-{NEW 2020}

Best Bewafa Status

She will remember the day my love,
she will cry so much to be mine again !!

We left the Kabaka, following the people, so that we fell as much love as we felt

They say forget the old things, let
someone explain their love is never old !!

Big delay in breaking my heart,
don't know how many poets have gone ahead !!

Pieces were lying in the path of a picture of a beautiful woman,
It seems that someone crazy has become sane today !!

We will also find someone who wants to be broken,
now the whole city of Sara cannot be unfaithful !!

So much silence on a small question…
that's all I have ever asked for is a gift from someone !!

Of course, I have to hate me,
but fucking do as much as I loved !!

How should I sue him for his infidelity,
fucking this heart also turned out to be his lawyer !!

Remove your footsteps from my path, lest
I come to you while walking !!

An age has passed, wanting you,
you are still oblivious like yesterday !!
Break my heart with a hobby, why should I care, you stay in it,
you will ruin your own house !!

You look so good despite being unfaithful,
God knows what would have happened if you had faith!
Top 80+ Bewafa Status In English-{NEW 2020}

Every morning the sun says to me,
one more day has passed since today.

When the corpse came to me, the whole world shook, the
doctors did not get a heart on doing post-mortem !!

Why do the people of the world give the status of God to God,
I have not heard to date that God has committed disloyalty !!

Without leaving their own existence,
some people give love to this way too !!

It is wrong to say that people have the effect of their companionship, even after being with me for many years,
it turned out to be unfaithful !!

If you change then there are many compulsions,
if we change then we are unfaithful !!

Rani will say this much on your infidelity,
I will make myself capable that your eyes will love my heart !!

You put wine in my cup,
till I come out of my thoughts !!

We will remember your infidelity a whole life, not a bad heart but a bad heart

If the intention was to kill, then you would cut the head with a sword,
why do you put death in every breath !!

Our love has made you famous infidel,
otherwise, you are not in the limelight !!

Why do we have hatred, in this time, in
love, I had expected only one person !!

The only thing we have learned from these beauties is that as much as I have paid, I am
as unfaithful as ever !!

Just like a witness turned away from a statement,
he was unfaithful to this extent !!

I will forget you
a bit of patience, it will take some time for you to be mean !!

Meaning that even after the exit, he did not even see the relationship, the
the relationship became yesterday's newspaper in his eyes !!

Your love was also like Pagli in Bihar's election, the
the wind was trending here and there !!

What happened that ruined life,
it was only he who taught him to live !!

Take back these tears, this yearning and all these memories,
if you are not mine then how can I decorate them !!

This love gives a lot of pain, God bless you,
make a different world of infidelities !!

It was your nature to love everyone,
we thought of ourselves as inexplicable !!

Regret is not about the infidelity me, the
regret is that you are also the infidel!

I wish we had a loyal friend too
, because of Sina Tan in the streets of infidelity !!

His promises change like the weather, from
above it insists that you obey me !!

People can only hate me, because of the
the love I used to count, she did not even trust me !!

Let's break all the principles of our life today,
now we will do both infidelity and betrayal !!

If he is unfaithful, do not call him bad,
love someone else and defame him !!

This is a new phase of their love,
where till yesterday I was there today.

You never had any love,  you are unfaithful,
you have made us lonely to make your peace worse !!

What did I get by loving myself,
it was mine yesterday, today it became someone else's !!

Do not want to forget anyone so much,
life, human and love is all unfaithful !!

Some people are so poor that if there is
nothing to give, then they cheat !!

You also want love and a free gift,
you are asking for rain from the clouds of smoke !!

I knew that she would cheat and kept silent for a day because I
can live in her deception but not without her !!

My search is for crime or my vandal's fault,
which came close to the heart, the book turned out to be infidel !!

It has been a long time since listening to love words
, you heard it yesterday and you remembered it !!

Unfaithful people are growing slowly,
they should also have a city now !!

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