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Breakup WhatsApp Status Video
Breakup WhatsApp Status Video

Best love Breakup Status in English

You will not be complaining to yourself from time to time,
that love was in front and you were getting entangled in the world !!

The wound is still fresh, just that mark is gone,
love is still innocent, that person is gone !!

Tell him that I can still live,
love is a failurebut life is not a failure !!

So that if there is no hope, even if it hurts the heart,
then the trust of the world is lost.

If you walked with me, you might have found the floor without me,
no one knows your path without me !!

Tears came out in laughter,
what grief did you remember while sitting !!

Listen, talk to me and see,
often I get into things !!

Even today, love is maintained on its principles,
even before it used to hurt and even today !!

Break up Quotes in English

Whenever I think what life is without you,
a ruined Gulistan is seen !!

I left it to talk to those
who thought that I mean miles !!

At least bring their news from somewhere,
let us end this yearning and bring some poison !!

Just go to the heart for permission,
those people whom we cannot fill our life !!

What a strange thing, friends,
people waste their life and ask what I have done !!

We thought that it would be a matter of two to four days,
but a lifetime relationship has come out of your sorrow !!

Breakup Status in English

What is the coincidence of Nazar and Naseeb guys,
Nazar likes it only which is not in luck!

The pain that you have given me, you
would have loved it like that too !!

Neither the moon was yours nor you were yours, I
wish the heart would have accepted that everything was a dream !!

Let's pretend again today,
you ask me how are you and I say just fine !!

Dreaming went with eyes and sleep went through nights,
he went to life and life went with hands !!

The soul started to see through the crevices of the body,
I have lost my love to the very end !!
The one who was given a place in the heart was
ruined by all !!

Why do you look for excuses to get away from me,
clearly tell me that now does not feel like talking !!

The story is strange but this is the reality,
it has changed a lot by making promises.

The heart remains silent nowadays,
I doubt if I have died anywhere!

Sad Whatsapp Status and Quotes

I am depressed every night,
paying the debt of my loyalty !!

Do not know where their time passes today, for
whom we were more valuable than time !!

Who will lift your gift after me,
will miss my life after you !!

When the heart falls dry, it makes
the rain in the eyes very relaxed !!

Oh, my heart you don't stop beating,
see that he has stopped wanting me !!

Erase the picture of God with my eyes,
now I do not like it even in my dreams !!

I have seen a person die in every pain,
Kambakkht Ishqwhy don't you come to death !!

How many promises he made,
which broke in an instant !!

It is a matter of fact that he could not even become his own,
Kubool we did whose sorrow is also like happiness !!

Evenings pass without me even today,
who used to say on the phone that you do not leave in the morning !!

Keep a little patience and end your relationship,
I am just waiting for my thoughts to stop !!

When the pain will go to a great extent, then I will ask them, do they
injure you or even have the ability to die !!

Break up Love Quotes

How can there be someone like her,
now she is not like herself too !!

Everything is
lost in your love, the fucking tears are not the same !!

Some stories are often left incomplete,
sometimes the pages fall short, sometimes the ink dries up !!

You cry at yourself ... you sob,
what we did ... Wasn't that love?

Even when he came to me in the
the rainy season, my tears were flowing and he understood it to rain !!

One of my pain was enough for me,
then why did you inadvertently meet you !!

Today, pain is only pained to
that extent, to the extent that you were in love !!

Break up Quotes

Baymont died in your love,
I and I wish !!

Do not give him the news of my death, my friends,
fear that he may not go mad in this happiness !!

In the insistence of making him our
ownwe have also adopted our own strangers!

Why should anyone understand the mistake when the mistake was his own,
handed over the life to Becadaro and sat lovingly with carelessness !!

Sala, one thing has not been understood till date,
what does anyone get by breaking their hearts!!

The pain is aggravated even more,
when despite you, non-people give us comfort !!

This house of Ashkas never remained empty, when
all the Ashkas have washed away, there was sadness !!
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