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Miss You Status and Quotes {Latest} Sad Whatsapp Status

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Miss you Status For Boyfriend | Sad Whatsapp Status | Missing You Status |

miss you status and quotes

miss you status and quotes

Color could not get the memories of your memories till now, we washed with tears a million times...

There was a very strange poison in his memory, neither could he die nor did I live in my life...

Do not find an excuse to meet us, call me from the heart, we will meet you...

Tell me something sad evening .. How can I forget the forgetful person...

We do not forget the love of a person, people are liver people who make new love every day...

The heart has again wished for your vision, if you have time to come, then come to your dreams...

The person is very tough, he remembers not to miss me...

Why the memories do not get separated, people get separated at the moment...

You are mine in my dreams but it is my dream to get you, I wish you did not get away from me...

For us, friends, the year will change on the same day, it will change its mind about us...

Today when you came out on the road, you remembered, you too had changed the color like this signal...

Miss You Status Quotes, Sad Hindi Status 

The heart is controlled by something, the heart is still bent, its smile is still there...

The heart is forced to talk to you. The only insistence is that you start the conversation...

Looking for but have failed so far, the moment in which you have not remembered...

If you remain small, you will get every great friend, when you grow up, your mother also takes you off your lap...

This sad evening, and remember your poor .. God bless you, all night is still left...

You are online, yet you do not reply, we are able to share the data even in case of hiccups, in want of your message...
The person is very tough, he remembers not to miss me...

Today when you came out on the road, you remembered, you too had changed the color like this signal...

Miss You Status for Girlfriend

What happened the distance ……
remember, it is done with the heart, not with eyes !!

What could hurt a dagger of a
dagger, I am injured by a dagger of your memories !!

The kayak of my memories floats in the sea,
where the water is only and only with my eyelids !!

Every day, every time, you care…
Do not know which loan installment you are !!

I wish I had missed it,
they also walked with Yadoo !!

You must have found many friends new but,
I miss you at every turn !!

I forget him, how do you talk,
even then Surat is so beautiful, that name also looks very cute !!

Even if I do not want to complain, my
moon comes in front of me, I miss anyone.

The cloud can hide the moon, not the sky,
we can forget everyone, not you !!

Sad feelings Quotes

Tell me something sad evening,
how can I forget the forgotten one !!

May I find a way to reach you,
your memories are raining on me !!

In the loneliness, to be scattered,
to be alone, the only companion is your memories only and only !!

We talk to you every day on dreams,
but wait for the next meeting again !!

What a strange person there is in your world, I
love God, I also have love and I do not even remember !!

The stars also descend on the ground at night,
dreams are scattered in your memory !!

We only have your memories,
Happy life to whom you have !!

Tears are dripping when someone misses,
it is rain that has no weather !!

Color could not get the memories of your memories till now,
we washed with tears a million times !!

Two young
people understand the gaps of heart, who remembers hiccups!

Miss You Status For WhatsApp

He did so much in his life,
he did not even remember what he forgot !!

At night, even meet in dreams
, what to do if we persecute you in the day !!

Thank you for being so happy with me, thank you so much for your hundred times !!

Every morning I think that I will not let my tears flow, it is
night, dreams come and I lose !!
If it was easy to live without
you, even remembering you, I swear love is a crime !!

Your memories are often
disturbedsometimes by becoming eyes of water, sometimes by a gust of wind !!

I know you have fallen asleep reading me,
but I will stay up all night, writing to you !!

Strange people have their habitat in your city,
they disappear in Gurur but do not remember !!

Sad Missing Shayari

I want to hang both of them,
one is your memory, the other is your infidelity !!

are very stupid, remember me, teach them Tamizh, they do not even knock and come to the heart !!

These memories of yours also do strange things,
I think if I am scattered and I don't think where I go !!

Our memories will have just such an effect,
that sometimes you will smile without talking !!

I wish you to are like your memories,
look no time, no excuse, just come on !!

Do not know where the time passes, for
whom we were more valuable than the time.

It was to write that I am happy without you,
but before pen, tears fell on paper !!

Someone asked - they don't remember you, why do you remember them?
We smiled and said - Relationships do not compete !!

He will be our valued one day in loneliness,
now there are too many people to laugh with him !!

Sad FB Quotes in English

Four things can come in life at any time,
sleep, money, death and my memory, have you come?

Ever since your memory is in my heart, oh my
life, I tell you the truth, I have not slept !!

Do not know what kind of relationship this heart has with
you, you can forget the beating but not your name !!

If you get time, ask about the condition of those people, in
whose chest you beat instead of heart !!

The grief of two hearts understands distances,
who remembers hiccups !!

I have not seen you, nor have we ever met,
what kind of relationship is there, no matter the pain, you only remember !!

My memory starts every morning,
then how can I say that my day is bad !!

You had changed like the weather very soon,
now come back and come back soon.

Forgetting me to sleep, it has become your habit, A madman,
someday we fall asleep, you will hate sleep !!

This evening does not change your memories,
this dagger does not meet the destination !!

If I leave the pen, your memories will die,
and if I leave your memories, I will die !!

I wish I could get freedom from their memories,
we would get the reason to live life again !!

Moments of your memories are like those old songs, how much they show up every time they look new !!

Who says I am oblivious to your memory,
how the tail of the night passes through the folds of the bed !!

It would be nice to have this journey of life,
to remember you from there and we will smile from here !!

It is often said in loneliness,
I miss everyone but I do not remember anyone !!

I am a lover, I will die once,
but you will die again and again in my memory !!

Miss you Status For Husband

Memories linger overnight like wet wood, as
smoke flows throughout the night.

They think that they keep drowning,
not only eyes but their memories are also in the sea !!

Stop my heart, do not consider it death,
remembering you has happened many times !!

kept crying all night but could not decide whether you are missing or I am missing !!

There is no confidence in your memories,
nor do you know on what occasion we moisten our eyes !!

Tell me which place should dry your memories,
rain is also outside and inside too !!

Whenever you need to remember us if you are in
someone else's heart, you will still come!

Life remains the addiction to your memories ...
but if someone asks, I have said it.

May not get it in my fortune,
then why wait for it at every turn !!

We have
reached the limit in remembering, but you also do wonders in forgetting it !!

If you remember me, you get relief from every pain,
people just make fun of medicines that medicines are expensive !!

What can be done from sleep that does not come overnight,
Kasur belongs to the face that does not allow you to sleep !!

I wish we could sell the treasure of your memories,
we too would be counted among the rich today !!

Come and see me and tell me,
I have seen a corpse weeping in my memory !!

We do not have the qualities so much that we will miss you,
but there is so much that you will never forget us !!

Quit harassing everyone for no reason,
when someone does not understand themselves, what should they remind them off!!

Do not tell me how to forget you,
you are really aware of this skill !!

Feeling his fragrance in Fiza, he
seems to be breathing in my memory !!

Your compulsions will also be accepted,
but your promise was also to remember me !!

The person is very tough,
he remembers not to miss me !!

Have we come so far, that we
do not even get into your thoughts !!

The heart cries
and cries in their memories and the world says that love is unique!

Someone is making up my shortcoming, that's
why you don't remember me anymore !!

This sad evening and remembering your abuser, may
God does well yet all night is left !!

You were with me and will always be there,
thank God there is no age for memories !!

I have seen all the amulets around the neck, but 
a thread that could stop your memories was not found !!
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