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Broken Heart Status In English (TOP 445) Heart Broken Quotes and Shayari

Welcome Friends to the Latest Post of Best Broken Heart Status in English. another name of Love is pain and Sadness. If Feels so Lonely and Make you Unhappy. In this time you can find all the Best Heart Broken and Share with that one who left you. Here in this post, you can find all the Latest Heart Broken Quotes, Sad Status in English, Broken Heart images, Sad Love Status, and many more. 

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Heart Broken Status
Heart Broken Status

Heart Broken Status In English For Girlfriend

 Could not find me then he went there,
misunderstood where he left me !!

When love fell, it felt like some good work had an impact, there
was no news that I was punished for such a crime!

This heart story is also a bit strange,
if it is found somewhere, then it does not look anywhere else !!

How good are the fortunes of some people, by
which they find the person they love !!

How good are the fortunes of some people, by
which they find the person they love !!

I know that I am her,
but whose question does she not let me sleep !!
You had cried by keeping my head on my chest for a long time,
what would I have asked without me?

The return journey will not be possible,
we have gone out like tears from our eyes !!

Emotional Quotes in English

He had a sweet intoxication, he
passed in time and we got used to it !!

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How soon was it to get angry,
did not even listen to the sound of a broken heart !!

You leave love, do your thing,
more than the love you have suffered !!

Keep breaking your heart like glass,
we will only love you even after breaking !!

Heart Broken Status In Hindi For Girlfriend
Heart Broken Status In Hindi For Girlfriend

When you get tired of hating,

give a chance to love too !!

How truthfully she told me if you don't belong to me
, someone else will be there !!

You have got me the right happiness by forgetting it,
just be happy you are crazy!!!
In love, both yes and no are the same word, the one
who got the answer is just wasted !!

Those whom we have entrusted all the heartbeat, they think a thousand times to give a moment of their

Thought you would loot your love and build a house in your heart, what did we know,
we will remain homeless even after giving heart !!

I have not spent so much time with you,
you have taken away as many nights of sleep!

Do not have enough courage to hear someone's heart,
just for those who feel sad, it is enough !!

At that time, God also got into thinking,
when I asked both Ishq and Sukoon together !!

Heart Broken Status In English for FB

I accept you in every form, the
condition is so much that every mask of lies is removed and come !!

After a few stumbles, punishment has come in me,
I no longer trust the torchbearers of the heart !!

These eyes often cry while laughing,
remember when the lost face comes to you !!

When you shot the arrow, there was no problem, what I showed in my wound, I felt
bad !!

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Let me show you the streets of my deserted heart,
maybe you feel pity for my sad life !!

They used to say that our smile is very good, that is
why they did not take us with us but our smile !!

Sad Love Status in English

Now sleep also goes on escaping me, wowyou love me,
you don't even sleep peacefully !!

Seeing us, when he turned his face, it was a comfort to him that he would
recognize it !!

It is said that the more true you are, the
greater the pain !!

Many times I thought that I should express my love,
but I am afraid that I may lose my rights !!

God bless me before I see you with anyone else

There is a lot of crowd in your heart,
only I leave !!

You know what is in your heart,
my lips still smile even today thinking of you !!

Heart Broken Status In English For Facebook

I have seen myself many times in Khwabo,
wandering in his street !!

Even if I ask about you, how can I ask,
people who have fallen in love have said less and cried more !!

I feel like a loser, everyone has robbed me
of love!

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