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977+ [Best] Love Status in Hindi for Girlfriend and Boyfriend 2023

Love Status For Whatsapp In English WhatsApp Status Attitude Status | Heart Touching Attitude Status 

You are welcome, in my new post, you will not find such a collection in any other site, this Love Status For Whatsapp In English WhatsApp Status Special is made for you, then you share and impress this latest Love Status For Whatsapp In English WhatsApp Status to your Boyfriend and Girlfriend and you can socialize it. You can also share in media, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp too.

100+ [Best] Love Status in Hindi for Girlfriend and Boyfriend 2020
 Love Status in Hindi for Girlfriend and Boyfriend 2020

 Love Status  For FB

Life starts with relationships, relationships start with love,
love starts with loved ones, and you start with yourself.

The sisters split up and wipe the tears.
I love you, dear sister!

Tell them not to be so sorry,
we have seen houses burning even in the rain!

Love yourself as well as the environment

Last night the moon was exactly like you…
..the same beauty, the same door, the same Gurur,
and the same…. Away like you.

Mother is another name for love!

Love Status in English for WhatsApp

I promise I will have a true love for the environment.

You are the music of my life!

Sister's love is really powerful.

Sister's love is really powerful.

Love Status in English For GF

Hunger is felt by relationships as well, try serving love.

Probably made for heartbreak.

I love you very much I am lucky that you are in my life.

Then the hearts that do not get
destroyed once, the graves are not as beautiful as they are.

Every man wants his
love loves his wife,
but worships mother!

O love, there is no way to get you,
maybe you only get what you don't care about.

love status in English for Boyfriend

Who told you that we lost the game of love?
I still have my life to walk

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You could not read even one word of my desire,
and I sleep while reading the book of your pain.

If I allow you to ask one thing…
what did you learn from us,
who do they do now...

love status in English new

The depth of love is revealed
when it is time to get separated.

One day you will realize what I was for you! But by then I will be far away from your life

When you love someone, you give everything to him without expectation.

Love Status in English one line

The mother's heart is a fabric of love.
No… maybe she is a sea of ​​love…!
No… it is much more than that! Is not it?

Everyone says that I should love only once in my life, but I want you to love me again and again.

Love Status in English

Marriages are set in heaven and end on earth.

Distances do not matter for true love.

Mother's love is white light, in
which children's caricatures resonate as a melody!
If I have respect, then I would ask one thing,
who did
you love, whom do you do now?

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