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Best Lovely status in English

Do not know what fate the corpse was,
but the traces of the killer's feet were very beautiful !!

Will hate you with your own character,
if I talk to you in your style !!

Snatching cigarettes with hands, he said something like this,
what is lacking in these lips that you smoke!

It was Parinda who used to fly in the open sky, love is there, listen now it creeps
on the ground !!

Who says I am oblivious to your memory,
how the tail of the night passes through the folds of the bed !!

Life, I have learned a lesson
from you, expect the Wafa from everyone, do not expect Wafa from anyone !!

Don't ask me to wake up,
this moon is your only weapon that does not let me sleep !!

You spoiled my memories,
to decorate each of your moments !!

We were notorious but still could not improve,
then the same poetry, then the same love, then the same you !!

One day while walking in the garden, they were exposed,
all the trees of Acacia rose all of them !!

Then I wake up from sleep and look around you,
why do you come so close to the dream !!

Do not sleep by placing the head on someone's shoulder, when they are separated,
they cannot even sleep on the pillow.

I do not know the reason for my separation from him, do not know whether the
winds were strong or my relationship with that person was weak !!

I am not weak, I owe it to Bewafa,
only from my tears, water in the Ganges !!

Tujhe bhav diya because you were in love,
otherwise, your position was not to walk with my shadow !!

Awesome condition, these days of health,
happiness does not feel happy and sorrow does not feel bad !!

Every person, considering me as a newspaper,
gets the news of his meaning !!

We have loved you more than that day,
ever since you came to know that you do not want to be ours !!

It would be nice to have this journey of life,
to remember you from there and we will smile from here !!

Do not answer our words today,
when we come to our grave then we will do the same !!

love status in hindi for girlfriend

Who says that beauty increases with riding, when you want to have a heart, the face automatically glows

Weird sleep is written in my luck, the
eyelid is closed, the heart wakes up !!

It is often said in loneliness,
I miss everyone but I don't remember anyone !!

She also has a lot of love for me,
she is suffering because she wants to break even more !!

Do not know what will be the result of this stubbornness
, I do not even understand the heart, not even that and I do not !!

I do not give a bad name, I say this much,
that whoever comes your heart turns out to be unfaithful !!

I will do so much love that you will say to yourself,
see that it is going to be my lover !!

love status for GF in English

The age of your waiting is very long, may
God takes this age for you too !!

You have the skill to make anyone your own, I
wish I had the skill to be someone !!

Listen, tell me the way,
my return from love is my journey !!

Just like that, I have no complaints from today,
but sometimes I miss yesterday!

We can't hate to love you,
but now we can't love as before !!

Fansalo's assassination happened
when I said I am fine and he agreed !!

There is no question of return, I have left the
house, like tears.

love status in English for boyfriend

I have stopped at my door, knock my love, the
guest is also fond of Nawaz and the fear of being destroyed !!

The eyes bent down upon seeing me if he ever wanted me,
I would definitely !!

Every crime arises on my side,
people except me are innocent in the city !!

I measure the depth of pain by hand,
this new game has got my loneliness !!

He left me sad, I used to get upset by
his smile !!

Those bids are not getting #photo nowadays.
I said, "Hey Pagli, we don't do it for a photo like, we put it for our upcoming #wife...

She often asks me - what is life and what is death?
I say in my heart that if I found you, life was lost and death was lost !!

Best status for lover

By the way, we ourselves are protected from every intoxicating thing, why we
get intoxicated again by looking at their eyes !!

What we worshiped, we could not become God, we became
fakir while praying !!

She is very silly as if she does not understand anything,
looks at her chest and asks why the beat is so fast !!

My dream was to see you,
otherwise, we used to be happy

I am not happy because you are happy,
happiness is that these prayers are mine !!

Was determined not to write Shayari anymore,
but saw his pallu fall and Alphaz sat up in revolt !!

Are you my love or onion?
Whenever you meet, you cry !!

You are not unfaithful, even these beats say
, send a message of your compulsions !!

Today a strange desire has arisen in the mind.
Someone wants to break me and I go out of disloyalty !!

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