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Zindagi Status in English [100+BEST] Status For Life In English

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Love Status For Status For Life | Zindagi Status | Heart Touching Love Captions

[Best] 70+ Status For Life In Hindi | Zindagi status in hindi - New 2020
 Status For Life In Hindi | Zindagi status in Hindi

Best Status For Life In Hindi 

Life tells me how I love you,
every morning you reduce my age !!

Whatever you want, you have given me life,
you just become like my mother !!

If we believe that humans are part of everyone's soul, then if we do
n't believe then what is anyone's guess!

What is fun in revenge, the
fun is when you change the front !!

Luck and the girl cheat, but when they are together,
they make life !!

Everyone's true colors are seen in bad times,
even in the daylight, water also looks silver !!

We are lost, and we are
looking for God !!

If some wishes remain unfulfilled, it is good to keep
life alive!

No one has time,
unless there is no special meaning !!

Worked hard to win my status,
now it's my luck to show my status !!

Why do people shy away from hearing the truth, people
smile a lot on hearing the praise !!

Happy Life Status in English

Many such people are also found in life, who we cannot find,
only they want !!

Don't know how many lives
are waiting for a few coins every day, the traffic signal is red !!
Sad Life Status

If friends are strong then life is easy,
if the enemies are strong then courage is recognized!

Status For Life In English


Hasn't given the name of life to the people,
fucking will be done every day

Life is right only once, but it is definitely introduced to such a person,
with whom we want to share everything.

You can never get more than you expect from life

I am looking for paths where no one has passed, I have
heard that life is often found in the valleys !!

I asked life why are you so tough?
Zindagi laughed saying that the world does not appreciate easy things !!

Those who have blisters in their hands all the time,
they live in their own palace !!

Some such accidents also happen in life, a
person survives but does not live !!

I have learned a new lesson-a-life from the flute, there are
millions of wounds and still keeps chanting in the chest !!

Sleep is still very much, but, understandably,
it lifts me up responsibilities !!

Life Status in English 2 line

No matter how true and lovely 
the fellow is, only a daughter can know the sorrow of laying out of Babylon's house !!

The mother whose son was shouted with joy upon speaking for the first time,
today she is silenced by the voice of that son !!

Some people feel that I do not understand their tricks,
I see them falling silently from their eyes !!

Never ever face a bad deed in your life,
so be sure to keep your spirits up that day was not a bad life !!

Nothing changes as the age increases,
the stubbornness of childhood turns into concoctions !!

Every man is a hero in his life,
just some people do not release films !!
Sad Love Shayari in Hindi

It is not necessary how happy you are in life, it is important that
how many people are happy because of you in life !!

Life, why should you compromise at every step, you have to live a hobby but not so much that you should
live by dying!

Sir, let the little steps run in the open fields,
life is very much banished after childhood!

Life Status in English Sad 

I don't have many words to woo life,
we are living it just to try life !!

One has to fight to change a life,
and easy to understand !!

Stay alive as long as people find out the shortcomings,
where do you go after death to find so much goodness !!

A lot of changes with the passage of time,
people are also on the way and sometimes we ourselves too !!

What luck have the rotis become a morsel,
Rahiso has thrown half and the poor have spent half their life !!

Lucky people are those who seek to find someone,
or else they like anyone else.

Life Status in English for FB

In this way, Faqir gave the example of life, took dust in the fist and leaped
into the air !!

Do you know why zombies swim in water?
Because you need life to drown !!

Need to have the spirit to live in the heart,
happiness is not an obedience of age !!

Life always gives a new opportunity, in
simple words, we call it tomorrow !!

Life is not the name to find oneself, rather life is the name of making oneself

Life is not easy, you
have to make yourself strong !!

Life is not so difficult,
a human being makes it difficult !!

The world understands to breathe, people are not only aware of the way
of living !!

There is not even much desire to get lakhs of rupees, as much
as it is to go to childhood after seeing the children !!

I could not give so much money to my mother, that the mother used to
throw away my eyes with all the coins !!

It is said that time heals all wounds,
but the truth is that we learn to live with pain !!

In life, you get a story,
just do not get the people who want it from the heart !!
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