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Best Love Status In English[101+ Latest] Love Quotes and Shayari

You are welcome, in my new post, find such a collection of Best Love Status and Quotes, this Love Status In English WhatsApp Status Special is made for you, then you share and impress this latest Whatsapp Love Status with your Boyfriend and Girlfriend and you can socialize it in your Social Media Like Fb, Instagram and Other Platforms. If you are Looking For More Romantic Quotes and Cute Love Status then Visit another post on This Site.

Love Status In English  | Attitude Love Status | Romantic Love Quotes

Love Status and Quotes
Love Status and Quotes

I do not care if you break your heart, I do
not care that you should fall in love !!

You are my life, you are my life,
you get me, this is my desire !!

Broken dreams and untouched ones killed him,
otherwise, Khushi himself used to come to teach us to smile!

They often ask me how to make Shayari,
I say some tears fell on the paper and got printed !!

I wish this heart would have been lifeless,
it would not hurt to come or hurt anyone's life !!

Not possible, but
love is only from him !!

What will you get by killing me,
we are going to die on you anyway !!

I have saved my life, for one life,
how is it so much love, for one unknown!

Romantic Status for WhatsApp 

Love is true and Sanam should not be unfaithful, friends!
The story seems somewhat incomplete !!

You also play love like weather,
sometimes it rains and sometimes you crave a drop !!

Even the city people know, I know,
just your steps do not fall on this frame !!

You might have forgotten me, but
my mobile phone still opens in your name !!

After all, you did not even feel cold,
how much it was understood that my desire will be covered !!

Do not ask who you have fulfilled, they will be angry,
whatever is left of the relationship, they will also be broken !!

Aye mirror your condition is also strange,
like my heart, you change me too after breaking these people !!

We were meant to be devastated,
meeting you was an excuse!

Then some sorrow has called, maybe,
something bright has happened in the heart !!

Love Status For GF

She made thousands of pieces in my heart, but she
cried herselfseeing her name on every piece !!

Let me write something about you,
I know that you find yourself every day in my Alphazo !!

The cloud can hide the moon, not the sky,
we can forget everyone, not you !!

People recognize with the accusation that comes to my heart, people now recognize me by your name !!

His smile makes a difference in my health,
and people ask what is the name of the medicine !!

Yes and no are both the same word, the one
who got the answer is doomed !!

We have complaints from the mascara of your eyes,
which stains the glowing face after we leave !!

Neither desolate nor godly, it takes a
a lot of time to build a small house !!

Whatsapp Love Status

I have not yet understood your decisions, O God,
I do not deserve them or we do not have power in our prayers !!

When you press the clip in the teeth, tie the open hair, I
swear once life, it stops !!

After years when they met, they wept
likehow incomplete even today they are without me !!

What was the difference between the hands and the lines
, the love on my part and the wait on my part !!

There is no safer place in the world than at heart,
but most people are also missing from here !!

Neither Kasur belonged to these waves, nor Kasur belonged to those storms,
we had just sat in the kayak, which had a sinking !!

Ishq was about to begin,
and it was the last day of college !!

Cute Love Status

Let's assume your habit is to smile, oh
dear, just think if someone dies, what will you do !!

Where does
those eyes restthe eyes in which the rider falls in love !!

We just loved to smile at him,
what was the news that we will be in love !!

Tell me something sad evening,
how can I forget the forgotten one !!

Ishq was also
parted with kindnessshine brought him and we yearned !!

May I find a way to reach you,
your memories are raining on me !!

I carved it like a diamond,
but it was a caste stone and remained a stone !!

I told him how big this sky is,
Pagli hugged him and said that it is not bigger than this !!

Romantic Quotes in English

Your condition seems to be yours,
otherwise, no one is destroyed by such simplicity !!

In the loneliness, to be scattered,
to be alone, the only companion is your memories only and only !!

The condition of my heart is like that of my country, which
was ruined by the authority it gave !!

People are stealing my status, I
request that they steal the gum too !!

Every night I deliberately keep the door open,
maybe a robber will rob my gum too !!

Best Love Captions

Why do you seek an excuse to get angry,
just say that there is no place in the heart !!

The moon that wants thousands,
what will it take to lack a star !!

We talk to you every day on dreams,
but wait for the next meeting again !!

My wounds are better than yours, I
give you as much trouble as can!

God, you have a fortune of millions,
comfort me, now it is your turn !!
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