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100+ Sad Life Status In Hindi {Best} Whatsapp Sad Status and Shayari

Welcome Friends, in this new post I am going to share with you all the best Sad Status and Quotes. if you feel sad and Bad then these Quotes will help you at that time. share these Best Sad Quotes on your Social media Platforms Like FB, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Best Whatsapp Sad Status, Dard bari Status, Broken Heart Shayari, and Many more Quotes, Shayari in English.

sad Life Status In Hindi | Zindagi Status | Hindi Status |
Sad Status and Quotes in English

 It is very difficult to understand life,
ever since I have found it is changing every moment !!

How hungry the life of the
poor eat the childhood of the children of the poor !!

Weird dastur is of the times,
good memories are kept in Pendrive and bad memories are in the heart !!

Some people consider her an old wardrobe,
not an old mother, but a mother !!

Don't be deceived
beautifully sir, no matter how beautiful the sword is, it is blood if you ask for it !!

Those who were fond of changing the clothes, at the
last momentdo not even say that the shroud is not good !!

Broken heart Shayari

The condition of truth is like a man,
there is a lot of demand but nobody is sidelined !!

This time is a strange merchant, the
youth's greed took away childhood!

Everyone feels, but if one feels happy,
no one understands it !!

Even the land is shaken by a deception
, the earthquake is not necessary to destroy life.

There was a time of childhood in which there was a treasure of happiness, the desire was to get the moon but the heart was crazy about butterfly !!

Sad Whatsapp Status for a life partner

If you love your life, do not waste
time because it is the time that makes life !!

Failures made even more circus,
so much of Jalil became self-centered !!

Many relationships have been tested, the result is the same,
need is everything, love is nothing !!

There is injury, there is wound, there is a loss, there is infidelity,
after childhood the test is hard !!

There should be one such law of Muqaddar's handwriting, the
The luck of those who open late will be doubled !!

Those who were busy turned out to be busy, only the
useless people came to work at the time !!

Dard Bahri Status and Quotes

The name of the one who has no guarantee is life, the name of the one
who is guaranteed is death !!

To understand deep things,
deepening is necessary, and deep can only be the one who has suffered deep injuries !!

Some relationships seem like a good person,
and some people like a relationship !!

What is the fear of death, it is a game of minutes,
trouble is a life that lasts for years !!

Life, I am also the traveler of your kayak,
where you tell meI will get down !!

I do better than anyone, what difference does it make,
I do better than anyone, it makes a difference !!

When the story ends, it ends like that
people started crying, clapping and clapping !!

How should I trust Garo's love, and
enjoy my own defeat!

Sad Alone Life Status

Flirt with
a lot of books, this is the one who does not reverse his words !!
We have got the blessings from my heart,
never put a hand in my pocket to buy !!

Strange desire is prevalent in every household,
nowadays no one is able to tie their feet in a sheet !!

Learn to enjoy life,
time will keep enjoying you !! What happened if there is no sleep in the night in Muqaddar

when death comes, we will sleep wholeheartedly !!

No matter how much you try to build a relationship with selfishness, it will not be
madeand no matter how much you try to break a relationship made with love, it will not break !!

I am the rightful owner for two yards,
O death, you have made me a landlord !!

A person is not intelligent when he starts talking big,
but it is sensible when he starts understanding small things !!
By the time we know what life is,
it is half over !!

Smile is not a question of everyone,
smiling can only be the one who is rich in heart!

You have taught a lot of lessons,
thank you, no one has taught me to hurt anyone !!

Those who bow down in life are not smart ...
This is their skill to fulfill their every relationship !!

There are thousands of sweets in the world,
there is nothing sweeter than the tears of happiness !!

The moment is sorted by Fursto's life,
let's not share some happiness, few tears !!

Ending the relationship does not reduce love,
people even remember those who have left the world !!

Live such a life that even if someone does evil to you,
no one believes in it !!

The rainwater in the locality remains sad nowadays, it is
heard that children making paper boats have grown up !!

Try me a little and I, God,
your brother is just scattered, not broken yet !!

Latest Sad Life Status in Hindi For FB

When you get to know the reality of life, you
will cry happily and smile in sorrow !!

What will people say?
This is the biggest disease to think about !!

Just such a lesson is learned from the journey of life,
no one gives support and everyone is ready to push !!

People are identified only by deeds ...
they wear expensive clothes and effigies in shops !!

The fingers keep moving throughout the night,
sleeping on the chestthere has been a time !!

Kadva truth- Those who die from inside do not
teach others to live !!

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