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Friendship Status[Best] Best Friends Status and Quotes

Friendship Status | Hindi Status | Best Friendship | You are welcome, in my new post, you will not find such a collection in any other site, this Friendship Status Special is made for you, then you share and impress this latest Best Friendship Status to your Boyfriend and Girlfriend and you can socialize You can also share in media, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp too

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Friendship Status 

Friends Forever Status in English

Some people play a relationship without any relationship .......
maybe those people are called "friends" ......

"Even though our whereabouts are ours too ... but,
without you ... you feel like a missing person ...!

Do not look at the friend in terms of wealth, friends who do loyalty are often poor…. !!

Ever for you...
This heart did not want to bad...
This is another matter.
I did not come to prove it...

Best Friendship Status in English

We call him a disloyal
and fall in our own eyes…

That love was his own
and that choice was his own…

The "rubbed not Mahit,,
I'm a good friend to phone,
 to not,
but rubbed full confidence in the use of the
m Jyancya pair with Rahto,
Te My friends Changle is best...

New Friendship Status in English

Today, if the magic of koi Mil Gaya was on the earth
, it would have got
so much sunlight that it would not be
sunken… Savli… Savali Bomblata. .....

When the country changes, the language, costumes, and food change according to the new environment.

If there is no sugar in tea, what fun to drink
and friends in life, what fun to live…

We call him unfaithful
and fall into our own eyes… We
had that love as well
and that choice was also our own…

Life is a tradition, love is victory ahead ..!

#The difference is in their respective
#positions .... otherwise

Friendship WhatsApp Status in English

If you do not touch the mobile for an hour, the voice comes from the mobile… “Owner, live or go away.

It is a pity that moment ... when someone else steals his
dream, we see the dream ... and someone else actually makes it

If you get time, meet
friends .. If you do
not have friends
, what will you do?

Do not do # waiTing to do # S € TTing from us # Pagli We are being updated # day_by_day #!

Best Friend Status

There is nothing but thorns in our hands,
you seem to be the buyer of flowers,
where we have got many friends,
but you are the best ...

See whose dream is in my eyes;
Who is my smoldering storm in my heart;
No one has passed through this path to date;
Then who is the mark of these steps?

* Ishq or Ibadat,,, *
* Can't understand anything now, *
* You are a beautiful thought *
* who does not go from the heart *… !!!

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