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Sad Status for Girls [Latest] Broken Heart & Sad Love Quotes

You are welcome, in my new post, Find the Best Sad Status For Girlfriend And Boyfriend Special is made for you. if you feel sad in your Life or love relation then these lines will help you. here you can find best Sad Love Status For Girls, Broken heart Lines, Sad Love Lines for Bf, and many more Sad Whatsapp Status. Share these with your Friends and Social media and share your feelings

Sad Status For Girlfriend And Boyfriend | Feeling Sad Status | Status for Girls |
Best Sad Status For Girlfriend And Boyfriend
Best Sad Status For Girlfriend And Boyfriend

 Friends, what accusations should I accuse friends, those
who persecute in life were also their own and those who bury themselves too !!

My poetry is the heart's ointment,
I would have been mad if I had not been a poet !!

After breaking the limits of the eyelids, he fell on the
daemonan eagle made me angry!

Slowly it is going to end,
their existence, their existence !!

Do not sympathize with me, my fellow friends,
that too was a great sympathy that gave thousands of pain !!

Today I thought if I live
, I have to wander after death !!

Weird is my loneliness, you
don't even want me and you need them too !!

Sad Love Quotes

I have lost so much, I do not have the power to lose, I am God, let
these people who are my only remain mine !!

Bhai has so wounded Dil Pe ki,
Hakim wrote death in the treatment !!

There was a
morning when we used to wake up laughing, and today it is an evening without smiling many times !!

The winds have changed so much this time,
I am praying not to come to my senses !!

Tonight, I cry, I
hear tomorrowin the auction of pain, darkness will also be sold !!

Do not open the book of my destiny,
every person who was sorry on my heart !!

Well done leaving me in the storm, if
I emerge from the sink, then something else will come out !!

Let me deal with myself in silent moments,
guys, I have not heard myself in the noise of my life.

It is not a coincidence
to break me up and break apart, someone has tried a lot to get me to this point !!

This is my handwriting, which is my handwriting,
a little bit in ink, adulteration of my pornography !!

My friends with enemies are also free to
see who draws the first arrow on me !!

Ashk will not think of compulsion, go where you want to go,
these two eyes will decide now, drowning has to emerge !!

These people who cry on my dead body,
if I wake up nowI will not let them live !!

Broken heart Status and Quotes

Life is passing, from the time of examination,
one does not heal wounds, and the other one is ready !!

There was so much pain in my tears,
where the land fell, it became barren !!

Broken shattered like broken glass,
no one should be hit ... that's why they got away !!

Now that you have already been punished, don't ask about my condition,
if I come out innocent then you will be very sorry !!

Experiences have taught one thing, that
new pain is medicine for old pain !!

Alas, sadness and loneliness can also be sold on OLX !!
Crying alone is also great workmanship, the
question also remains it's own and the answer is also it's own !!

Some statements flowing in Ashko make these statements,
we too had seen dreams of happiness !!

Whoever comes and goes with a new injury,
I am very strong but not a stone !!

Do not know how the fire started flowing in the water,
we had just shed some letters in his name !!

Time snatches a lot,
well, I was just smiling !!

Seeing me, sitting in front of a stranger, you stay up late at night, have
memories or lost in love?

Sad Whatsapp Status and Sad Love Quotes

If the wound was to be given, the whole body was handed over to you,
even if it did a fucking blow, it was done only on the heart !!

These are my circumstances, one day will improve,
but by then many people will get out of my heart !!

People say that drinking alcohol burns the heart,
and we say that alcohol is drunk only when the heart burns !!

You will not be able to guess my destruction,
you have seen where I am after evening !!

Never break and come to
meI like people like me very much !!

Sad Shayari for a life partner

Don't be so sad that a lamp for
someone will give life to someone, then people will say that its age was so much !!

I will leave again in search-a-life,
praying friendsdon't love anyone this time !!

It was heard that those who feel the
pain feel, who will feel when the painters give it to the loved ones !!

He realized that we have a habit of smiling even in pain,
so he gives new pain every day for my happiness !!

Cut my tongue and say, my murderer,
now you are allowed to heart !!

Broken Status in English

Pagli Teri Mohabbat has given me this situation,
I do not cry, people cry after seeing me !!

Tell me how does his life come out,
those people who die from inside !!

Your heartburn is a good friend,
I am not happy with myself nowadays !!

Do not understand my silence, my friend,
just a little tired and eye felt !!

Things broke us like raw yarn,
otherwise, our promises were also chained !!

He said you were different,
truth be told and made me stand out !!

There is asleep that does not come overnight,
and there is a destiny who has been sleeping since then.

I was never bad, he called me bad,
then I became bad so as not to call him a liar !!

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