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Best Emotional Quotes and Status

Sad Emotional Status and Quotes
You must have heard the name of life,
I have often called you by this name !!

Fucking heart is not ready to forget him,
I fold my hand in front of him and he falls on my feet !!
You too have left us and
now Tammana is no more interested in anyone !!

Don't ask me what you look like to me,
heartbeat is necessary and for me you are !!

Some people do not want to fall in love even in our love, they
say that you do not enter your heart !!

Everything was changed when met after years,
even the hands could not hold it so dearly !!

I am so poor to you, I
I love the most expensive one !!

If you ask me, I am afraid of you because of your voice, I have
listened to you.

Sad Feelings Quotes

Know what my smile
looks for youif you laugh, then this person sits on my lips !!

Do not understand who should do the vafa, if
these people made of clay are sold on a few pieces of paper !!
50+ Deep Emotional Quotes For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
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Do not think of smiling as happy,
because some people smile to hide gum !!

people of the world gave him air, people were the ones who set the house on fire !!

Zil-e-Ishq is far, far away,
come, take my hand, the spirit is broken with thunder !!

Your smile is darker than blood,
my heart is blood, but still you are not fit !!

There is no desire to get you,
love is still uncountable to you !!

Deep Emotional Whatsapp Status

We only have your memories,
Happy life to whom you have !!
Tears drip when someone misses,
it is a rain that has no weather !!

She was a strange girl, she
changed her life too!

The returning season has returned, I
wish they could try it too !!
Aaja's corpse is now passing through your streets,
lookeven after death, we have not changed the path !!

The world is saying that it has forgotten,
hoping that you are waiting !!

If you are allowed, I will ask you, I have
heard that fate is being written !!
I did not want anything from you,
you could not fulfill even a relationship !!

Color could not get the memories of your memories till now,
we washed with tears a million times !!

Sad feelings Status

Seeing my circumstances,
do not change the path like this now, I am the king of hearts, the fate is in the hands of God !!
Do not understand my loneliness as my hobby,
someone has given me a gift with love!
Tell him to reduce my punishment a bit,
we are not criminals by profession, just love was by mistake !!
Today we have fallen in love with your anger,
there is someone who has threatened us so rightfully !!
If you have to fight, then you will die after fighting,
it will not be right to die silently !!

We do not remember which prayer was, just remember that
two palms were connected, one was yours, one was mine !!

We get lost in something
like your heartlike children get lost in a market full !!

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