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347+ Breakup Status In English For Boyfriend {Latest 2021} Sad Shayari In English

Welcome Friends to the latest post of the Best Breakup Status in English where you find all the latest Breakup Sad Status and Share your feelings about who Left you. Here you can Find Breakup Status for boyfriend, Break up Shayari for Girlfriend, Broken Heart Status Download, Sad Status Images, Breakup Shayari, and many more. I hope you like all these Shayari and Share this on your Social media. Looking for more Sad Status and Shayari please Visit our Site.
100+ Breakup Status In English For Boyfriend, Shayari In English {latest 2020}
Breakup Status In Hindi For Boyfriend

 Breakup Status In English For Boyfriend, Shayari In English {latest 2021}

You tell me, how can I give you this heart, it is
not custom to give broken hearts !!

Witness my tears do not take,
the story of your Jhulmo is shattered !!

Even if we would have opened the book of the heart, we
did not have time to read that !!

In secret nights, they secretly do
solitudeDiljale live like this in the nights !!

The story is strange but this is the reality,
it has changed a lot by making promises.

In the desire to
find youhave lost something, now even if you get it, you will regret it !!

Come on, what to tell you about the pain of love,
if you know then you will go on life !!

Know that I will lose in Ishq-e-Chess,
yet every move will be such that I do not stay away from my queen !!

If you belong, you are spirit to soul,
hearts are often filled with each other !!

Breakup Status in English

If the water has fallen from the eyelid, let it fall,
some old desires will be melting !!

Since when happiness has been upset with me,
wish these sorrows also get noticed by someone !!

Every moment that I spend apart from you, being
alive in that is such a punishment !!

Everyone has gone to sleep, is happy and happy,
I have no one to tell me why you are awake !!

Dreaming went with eyes and sleep went through nights,
he went through life and life went on with hands !!

know how to get free at night, I keep it all dayI have tied my tears !!

Oh my heart, do not love someone so much,
you will not be able to bear the pain in love !!

Sleep has taken away our nights,
and people understand that we are fond of the evening !!

Breakup Status in English for Girlfriend

If possible, do not make any deal now,
I have lost everything in the last love !!

What can I say, I cannot find the words to say,
let me feel silent today !!

I am slowly teaching you the customs of your city,
which means that it should be thrown out of life !!

There is still the blame of unfulfilled hats on
you, this love would not have ended if you wanted to !!

You were the reason for smiling,
but now you are also the reason for crying !!

He does not complain to you, but
he wants to say that you are not there !!

Like flowers, we too are often lonely,
sometimes we break ourselves and sometimes someone else breaks !!

With such a lot of strength, no one can even find God, with the help of such strength,
he finds the Ab in me !!
Those who used to write, sometimes the name is mine on the palm,
today listening to the name, my look is unknown!

Whenever I break up, I look for you,
you always used to say that we are one !!

I love each and every sign given to you,
whether it is heartache or watering eyes !!

I got to know my status,
when I leftfell in love with someone with money !!

My fondness for my loneliness is not understood,
someone has given me a gift with great love !!

It is very easy to identify it,
if it doesn't hurt then the heart is not

People unnecessarily find themselves thousands of ways of happiness,
why can't they see once by flirting !!

She has gone to learn love from me,
so that she will do immense things !!

Breakup SMS in English

If you knew that there is so much love,
then I would have joined hands before adding heart !!

Heart said you are my own even today, the only
the difference is that now you don't come to celebrate !!

work of hiding pain by laughing was famous, but no skill is used when your name comes !!

Suffering for sleep, this blessing comes out very, very
the bad thing, love should not be given to any enemy !!

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Those days that passed with you,
wish life was the same !!

Oh love you die drowned in shame,
you could not make a person mine !!

I just wanted to walk with
youbut you defamed you chase !!

He is asking for a man's death in his prayers with God,
friends, is this life so deadly?

Don't talk about love, these are all old things, talk to
us today about whom you belong now !!

Breakup Status For WhatsApp

I have seen drinking the wine in the
pastif it dries outI will come to my senses and see !!

Why do you do so much silent love to us,
people say that no one has this bad luck !!

Like this, life teaches a lot to teach,
but false laughter only teaches love of laughter.

Had descended from a hobby in the sea of ​​Ishq, 
the first wave dipped so that the edge of Abat was not found !!

When he passed away laughing closely
, even the faces of some special friends got off !!

That person has descended so hard in my veins,
that I have to die to forget him !!

Hey, I'm happy today,
but not because of you !!

If you get a peep inside, I will meet you in pieces,
this smiling face is for the time being !!

Breakup Status in English 

Some people are angry with us
like they have convinced them !!

Ever since he has seen that he has changed,
we have also managed to get it right !!

My dreams are better than me,
I find you in a few moments !!

Do not take the favor of free friends,
hearts will still be cheaper !!

We had set the drowned people in their kayak,
and then we were taken off as saying the burden of the kayak !!

It often
breaks my heart to keep everybody's heart !! Miss You Status

The heart never seems to be found by someone who never gets it,
why is this heart so foolish !!

Even today I do not cry by voice, I
wish you had listened to my silent sighs !!

Latest Breakup Status English

Fateful rain kept pouring on me in this way, wishes kept drying up and wetting !!

The first love was my ignorance,
but I still love that ignorance !!

I did not think that this will also be the result of love, you will
cry and my heart will come to my agreement !!

Come on through time to hurt my heart,
otherwise, we will keep forgetting you !!

Someone has put dust in the eyes,
it has started looking better than before !!

We can also love if we want,
but we are not fond of being ruined !!

Where can I take you in the dark of night, my sorrow,
if I am lonely then sleep with me !!

The weather is very pleasant,
lonely but have to spend !!

New breakup status WhatsApp

Nobody dies, without anyone, this is a reality of life,
but even if you just live to take a breath!

What is my condition without ever seeing you,
I am living as a forgotten promise to you !!

Do not know how much I am broken,
in connecting my Vajud with you !!

Why should I regret those who flew away
, even those who are nursed descend on the roof of the garages !!

You have been too late to come,
now I have sent the time back too !!

They used to say that crying does not change anyone's luck,
just this thing did not let them cry for life !!

She used to love my smile,
so took her along as she went !!

Those of us who burn like lamps in our hearts,
they pass like a very close person.

Sad WhatsApp status

We gave up thinking that
I have loved, if Ashk is with you or mine, we will cry if love is there !!

What kind of love have you given to me,
that we have given life and you have not even spoken!

People here find love in me,
where am I after anyone?

It was an advantage to applying mehndi in their hands,
we kept removing the slaves from their faces throughout the night !!

The punishment was that she took sleep from her eyes, she
had seen the dream of being with him !!

Without which not a single moment is
spent, see the situation that the same person does not belong to us !!

I wish you could understand the principles of love,
they are not left alone as a reason for a living !!

Sad status in English

Why does
she loves you so much, she hates this heart sometimes !!

You did not understand, nor did I want to understand,
what did we want, except you !!

Only the relationship is broken,
love is still with us !!

You give me another sign of love,
these tears fall and dry up every day !!

We used to think that the words hurt only,
but the wounds of some of the silences came out even deeper !!

The spirit of burning your heart has not
gone till today, flowers still keep you at the nearest grave !!

My search is over, the others find it,
find another failure and another pain !!

Breakup WhatsApp Status

Let me show you the deserted streets of your heart, you
may feel pity for my sad life !!

They do not even allow the eyes to shake,
and this heart is bent on settling them in the eye !!

Do not dare so that I can hear my heart, for
which I feel sadit is enough !!

No one tells you in the city by taking your name,
I will tell you about my house by telling my condition !!

Life felt till she was with him,
neither before he came nor after he left !!

I just wished to live with my own will,
and he says that you have become selfish !!

Tears are very unfaithful,
he needs an excuse to get away from the eyes !!

We are poor people, what will anyone give except love, there was
a smile that was taken away by the infidel people !!

Whenever he is depressed, telling him my story,
laughing at my situation is his old habit !!

The promises were the weakest,
the heart was broken before breaking !!

You have given a wonderful lesson, O love, you
are living life even where the moment has not passed !!

God is also angry with me, whom should I ask you for?
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