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Cute Love Status and [266+Best] Romantic Quotes in English

Get the best Cute Love Status and Romantic Quotes in English. Welcome to my new post, in which I am sharing with you my best collection Best Love WhatsApp Status (NEW 2020), then you can share this status with your Girlfriend, this is my latest Love Status In Hindi collection. Enjoy and share and you can also share in social media.
Love WhatsApp Status
Cute Love Status Images

Cute Love Status and Best Romantic Quotes in English

Lakh sweetness in your tone, but
I feel poison talking to your auroras !!

Wish you become my eye water,
I will never cry for fear of losing you !!

Whenever you meet me, get up close and meet,
I like to see myself in your eyes !!

There was a noise, two moons came out last night,
tell me what you needed to walk on the terrace !!

What have you seen, you have forgotten yourself, so that when we come to our own house, we
ask others to know !!

Sleep or be lost in your memory,
it is not even a decision and it is morning !!

I can be a king anywhere,
but the rule of ruling in the city of your heart is different!

Leave a little place in your sleep,
tonight we will settle in your dreams !!

Why do you… so much love… so much call for
pain… not good !!

Although there are hundreds of complaints from you,
your one smile is enough for reconciliation !!

Cute Love Status and Romantic Quotes

Do not find weaknesses in me,
my weakness is just you

We are the ones who became yours after listening to your words,
they will be those who have a love for their faces !!

I heard you are very stubborn, make
me your stubborn one too !!

If you care about it, you will just say, if
you are attached to you then you are beautiful and yours is the best !!

The moment you took me in your arms,
that moment is also smelling of your fragrance !!

I am silent seeing your appearance,
I had to complain so much to you !!

What kind of identity have you made,
people remember me even after your name is coming !!

When I got up from your office, no one even knew about it, it was a
bad idea to see you in your turn !!

Some people get down in the heart so much,
they lose their lives !!

Love Status Shayari

If doubt is on my love, then call two witnesses,
we today, now, in front of everyone, do this life in your name !!

Every complaint comes to life,
when she says innocently what I have done !!

There was so much effect in his eyes,
he bought my life at a glance !!

We have lost you so much in your love,
people are now thinking of us missing !!

You are so innocent that I
feel like writing something on seeing you !!

The power of your beauty has fallen on me, don't write anything,
what are you thinking Pagli !!

Status of love in English

Whether the temple of God or the falling star,
whenever my eyes are closed, I will only ask you !!

You feel disgusted, you have an idea to convince me,
I will pledge my life, you give me the price to smile !!

If you want a blessing, then keep your eyes close,
because it is a mask or a destiny….

There is no need for me to praise you,
I have brought you, to choose you in millions !!

There is no sorrow to be saved,
my hands are in your hands !!

I used to laugh at everything I said that you are crazy,
and I used to say that you have made it !!

Both are mine to die,
love does not give up and the heart does not listen !!

If this whole era was mine, I would
still, be yours !!

It takes a breath to show,
otherwise, you are our life !!

When he is tired of finding my name in the lines of his hands,
bowing the head and saying that the lines lie you are the only mine !!

My love for your love is not there, but the heart wants
me to wait till your last breath !!

Cute Status in English

I am aware of you, O Samundra, but I tell you this much,
those eyes are deeper than you, whose love I am !!

Life gets entangled with me
when someone else takes your name !!

What a killer this life is,
people die to live on someone !!

Before saying bewafa , squeeze the blood of my vena, if you do not get the wafa from the detriment,
then leave me !!

I have come to hang on your sky by making a picture,
and people ask how the moon is so flawless today !!

I will liberate you from the captivity of your love,
appreciate that better than you, first find that person !!

Seeing the effect of my love, people are crazy,
people meet me and how are you asking !!

We have waited for you even in the city
where there was no custom of love !!

Love Shayari in English

Yesterday when I asked your relationship with my heart, I told you,
I am not as much of you as I am of that madman !!

Whether the temple of God or the falling star,
whenever my eyes are closed, then I will only ask you !!

If you do, then tell me, you are
very special, very special, very special !!

When you saw me, I did not see him again, Ghalib, the moon kept
saying that I am the moon, I am the moon !!

I saw someone else who was probably,
who is that who does not meet your face !!

If you have to hate me, then keep your intentions strong,
even if you are a little bit, it will be love !!

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