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Broken Heart Status [Best] Break Up Quotes and Sad Love Status

You are welcome, in my new post, you will not find such a collection in any other site, this Best Broken Heart Status and Sad Love Quotes Special is made for you, then you share and impress this latest Broken Heart Status to your Boyfriend and Girlfriend and you can socialize it You can also share in media, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp too. Use all these Breakup Status, Sad Love Shayari, and Quotes to Express your Feelings.

Broken Heart Status And Quotes |Sad Love Status | Heart Broken Shayari |
Broken Heart Status And Quotes
Broken Heart Status And Quotes

 He had told the truth, do not believe me,
but we still believe him !!

Sometimes my eyes cry like this,
how can I convince them that no person wants to own one !!

Of course, it was that which was over,
which would have been loved even today !!

Pieces were lying in the path of a picture of
a beautiful woman, it seems that someone crazy has become intelligent today !!

Which way do I have to go? No news,
my ways are also lost like my love !!

The love of love may be in the whole world,
but the heart is often broken by silence !!

Is there any lawyer in this world,
who has lost love, let me win !!

Listen, I have a very deep bond with
your sadness, my sadness !!

Scattered blood, broken dreams, smoldering loneliness,
how beautiful gifts are given, this incomplete love !!

This heart has become like a broken house,
no one lives and fucking sells !!

How much money will be there, renters,
I want the head of love!

They have put on love like wet wood,
neither have they got full water nor have they been extinguished !!

We left the Kabaka, following the people,
which made us fall as much as we loved !!

Salutations to your life, I
know that the destination is dead, still running !!

When the time came, they were sold out, it took
our time to get rich !!

Hearing that stones are cut with water,
maybe the edge of my tears has been a little less !!

Broken Heart Status for WhatsApp

Increase the extent to which
we get sorrow, for this reason, we now meet less than every person !!

To tell you the truth,
am still missing this thought, I could have won youbut still lost why?

He must have missed me so much,
why doesn't this feeling go from my heart !!

We had allowed you to do mischief,
but what you broke was my heart !!

Sleep is also auctioned in market-a-love,
it is not so easy to forget someone and sleep !!

Today saw a broken star, was just like me, the
moon did not matter, it was exactly like you !!

O heart, do you dare a little,
both together forget it !!

Sad WhatsApp Status

It is another matter that he could not fulfill the promises,
but the promises he had made were amazing !!

These black marks under the eyes are proof,
I have spent some money on you !!

Dreaming, eyes went away, sleep went away from nights,
when I went, it felt like life went out of my hands !!

It is also good that we
do not like anyonelet us cry if we do not!

Zindagi also asked today where is the person
who used to be loved by me at any time !!

Even today a question is hidden in any corner of the heart,
what was lacking in your being !!

Break Up Status For Girlfriend

You are an expensive bloom and I am a poor child,
my desire will be to make you mine !!

Our life was fantastic too,
but love did mischief in the middle !!

He had no problem, we understood something wrong, he used to talk with love, we understood love !!

The sea also turned out to be very mean,
knowing to the waves, but the corpse to shore !!

The weather outside the window, clouds, rain, and wind,
weather inside the window, tears, sighs, and prayers !!

We are not capable of taking care of ourselves,
but we are sure that someone will cry after losing us !!

If you are an enemy, just like love,
directly hit the heart !!

The world has become angry due to your unhappiness,
you also have news about what happened !!

Broken Heart Status in English

He has learned very hard to be happy without them,
now he has heard that this thing also encourages him !!

Now if I love someone else then don't complain,
I have got this bad habit from you too !!

Even if we cried,
he could not know, even if he was sad, we got the news !!

A broken heart is to be sold, true love is true!

Do not cling to my feet with her feet,
she used to walk with the lehenga from her hand !!

If you ask from the heart, you are still mine today,
this is another matter that luck has been ruined !!

The heart is the tip of the pencil,
it breaks in a little while !!

The difference between you and you is all that has happened
and nothing has happened to me !!

I was allowed all the seams of the time, but to get
separated from you, this punishment is more!

It is a strange practice, friends of love, when
someone goes away, someone breaks down !!

Because of your innocence .......
otherwise, we used to have a stone liver !!

Failed love is also of great use,
Dil Mile Na Mile accusation is definitely found !!

The voice he gave me after the
time, what was the situation of the steps, the breath stopped !!

How many sorrows did I hide for the sake of your happiness,
if every time I cried, your city would be drowned !!

I said that today is a day of lies
, she smiled and said that you are mine again !!

Heart Broken status for boys

Never tell me if you are sad,
we will play again.

There is nothing else in my poor
mindif I agreelet me laugh my lips!

Don't tell me now, to talk to the world,
even if I am bad I am yours !!

To erase you from
my heart, my erasure is also necessary !!

Who ruined his life,
we raised his finger and kept it on our own heart !!

It is a strange affair, to whom should you give life,
that to come and die !!

O Chiron an Itrao you so much on yourself,
faster than you burn our hearts !!

Sad Love Status and Quotes

If you ever get free time to tell me this,
what was the love that we could not give you !!

No one was sitting in his shadow for a long time,
that shadowy tree died in this sorrow !!

Despite the wounds, see my courage,
you laughed and I laughed with you too !!

Hey, how much do you lie, you are
happy and you are saying love too !!

His city, the same God and his own witnesses,
I believed that my father would come out of me !!

What else is there in your youth,
some pictures of yarrow, the rest of the bottles of liquor !!

It is not necessary to pick a stone to break something,
even by changing the tone, often heartbreaks !!

The time is now to take care of me,
lest I get lost and you don't even know !!

Whatsapp Sad Status

Why would we not be punished after all,
we too had broken my heart for the sake of that person !!

In the heart of the hide is the place of
sorrow, we are sitting idle in your glory !!

Spent life, wanting to get you,
what would have cost you dearly !! Cute Love Status

It is reassuring to take two words out on paper, I
say it and I don't even have a sound !!

If you went then there was no dawn
, after every night the fucking night happened !!

She will yearn for a drop of love,
I am a cloud and I will shower on someone else !!

I still return empty-handed from the market often,
previously there was no money and now I have no desires !!

Best Broken Heart Quotes

I never
hurt anyone with my heart, just that my heart is filled with them !!

These love accidents break hearts,
you talk about the destination, people leave in the way !!

Neither looks back, you look, neither give voice to me,
have learned with great difficulty to say goodbye to you !!

Only the heart was put on the claim,
but it took my life !!

I am also ashamed to see my condition that
this person has lost everything, still alive !!

How do I take care of this heart,
it breaks a little bit every day!!

Oh God keep my enemies too,
otherwise, who will pray for me to come to you !!

Sad Quotes for Life

You do not know the news but listen to one thing,
your two days of love have destroyed !!

Whenever I break up, I find you,
you used to say that we are one !!

You have heard that you are not fond of love
but ruin you do wonders !!

I have ever happened to him, I have ever been his, I have never been able to
be myselfbut I am of everyone !!

I also have a lot of prickling like an arrow,
but I keep quiet, like my destiny !!

Last year, I would not lose you in fear,
now this year I pray that you do not face it !!

If you want to get away, go with your hobby,
just remember that the habit of looking back is not even here !!

The habit of his stubbornness will be broken at that time,
when the news will be received, the person remembering him has now become a memory !!

I was scattered like a dry leaf,
someone assimilated and set it on fire !!

Broken Heart Shayari

One loveless careless one love innocent,
both are enough to destroy !!

Did not give any new wounds for many days,
know that Sanam is fine, right?

Break my heart with a hobby, experience and right, a
a million toys will be broken, a toy and right !!

Even if Mahfil is a lover of love,
only the heartbroken poet brings in it !!

Why do you feel ashamed by asking these rituals - things,
my condition is what you have maintained !!

The arrow of your peek is hard, the
the heart will come out with it if it comes out of the heart !!

You too had treated us like a lamp, the
the night was deep, then burnt, it was morning, then it was extinguished !!

Seeing the fate of death, the land also gives two yards,
then why does this person not give a place in the heart even when he is alive !!

A person dies only once due to breathlessness,
but a person dies every moment by breaking up with someone !!

Today he made me cry by saying one thing,
why can't love pain then why?

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