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Whatsapp Sad Status [Best] 295+ Best Sad Quotes in English

Find the Best Sad Whatsapp Status and Quotes in English When you Feel Sad. Share all these Best Sad Feelings Quotes with your Friends and Social media to Express your Feelings. I hope you Like all these Best Sad Quotes in English. For More Emotional Status Visit another Post of this Site.
Top 50+ Bewafa Status For Whatsapp-{NEW 2020}

Whatsapp Sad Status in English

When I said your separation will ruin me,
he said in a loud tone that thousands of ruins are right for you too !!

God asked what punishment I should give to that Befwa,
a voice came from my heart that he should also be in love !!

If allowed, I should earn something, if you have played,
return my heart !!

The heart tells me to leave this world forever,
then it is thought who will hate that after I leave !!

I know she has become someone else,
but what to do with this heart that dies on the same infidelity !!

Do not think, now my friends too,
the memory of an infidel has forgotten everything !!

We are poor people, what will anyone give except love, there was
a smile that was taken away by the infidel people !!

Of all the lies you have told till date,
I am only yours. This line is my most favorite !!

Don't know from which college he took the degree of love,
that all the promises made to me turned out to be fake !!

Best Emotional Status in English

Even today, every corner of the heart is
filled with the promises of your love !!

Do not cry for the whole night in remembrance of any infidel,
she is happy to make your world desolate !!

We used to do something like this to them,
they used to think of killing me and we used to give them in a dagger gift !!

Do not cry for the whole night in remembrance of any infidel,
she is happy to make your world desolate !!

If you are full of heart, then how can you be afraid to refuse,
wherein love is there a case against the infidel !!

I am unlucky or you are the one who will tell me this time, I
just say that never come back now !!

I wish everyone had an account of the day of doom,
and they would cling to me and say don't take my name !!

Not even their accounts, friends, what they would have done, they
were very fond of whom they would disbelieve !!

Hey friends, I have brought the ashes of my burnt heart
, keep amulets so that no one meets bewafa !!

I have given all the mirrors in my house, I
hate those who love you !!

Sad Whatsapp Status in 2020

I know that I cannot live without him,
he has the same condition but for someone else !!

What will be the death of that lover who died,
dying on some infidelity !!

I do not know what the relationship is with you, my friend,
I tie a knot in every thread of your vows.

Thinking like you have forgotten,
we all left and left for your love !!

I was wrong, maybe it was the first love too,
she would be right, it had happened many times before !!

Will forget you even have patience, it
will take some time to be mean like you !!
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