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Love Shayari For BF | Romantic Qiotes and Shayari in English

Find all the best and latest love Shayari and Romantic Quotes in English. Welcome to my new post, in which I am sharing with you my best collection Best Love Shayari in Hindi For BF | Love Status In Hindi [New 2020], then you can share this status with your Girlfriend, this is my latest Love Status In Hindi collection. Enjoy and share and you can also share in social media.For More best Love Status and Cute Love Quotes visit another Post of this Site.
Best Love Shayari in Hindi For Bf

Love Shayari For BF | Romantic Qiotes and Shayari in English

"The heart does not seem to be
living without you now, without you,
come back soon without you, this is the desire now,
otherwise, you will not be able to live without you."

"We pray to God,
O Godlet our beloved get his destination,
come dark in his path.
So light us for light" 

"When someone is reminded of the late,
cold air when they caress the slaves.
Close your eyes and go to sleep, what is the idea
that they should come in dreams."
We make
tears in both eyes, we do sleep in your name, whenever you blink of an eye
we remember you"

"Don't be afraid of wanting so much,
don't be afraid to come so close, I am sure about
your love, but I am
afraid of my fate."

"There is no picture that can be given
to younor are you near who is to be loved,
what kind of pain it has given.
Neither can I be said
or heard."

"No, our condition is
something different than yours, it's
just difference,
that you remember,
and we don't forget."

 Romantic  Love Shayari in English

"Neither is it from the heart,
nor is it with the mind,
it is love by coincidence,
but love is found only by love,
it happens with someone."
"If there was no view,
would not have seen the world, I would not have passed on Haseeno, do not ask
us to give up my heart,
go and ask God to stop making Haseeno."

"His love was seen, he fell in love, and his eyes were
There was one thing in the heart of the two hearts
, his heartbeat but the voice came from this heart."

"The strangers I met were in the journey of life, do
not erase the memories of these memories,
if it is your desire to remember themI
promise we will never forget you" 

"Badal is so lucky
we stay away from the land, we are so unfortunatewe
are trying to meet even near .."

Cute Shayari in English

"If you were afraid of infidelity, why did you love, why
were you afraid of seclusion, why did you agree,
before you even ask for death, why did you wait for
those who were not coming
"Of course, they don't talk
. Why is there any desire to meet them again?
Remember, they don't even let them sleep at night.
Why do we love them so much?"

"Sanam come on smiling eyelids,
what do you know from where we roam,
still standing at the turn where someone said that we come now."

"I have wanted you,
you are my first love,
you are the beat of my heart, you are
waiting for me."

Best Shayari in English

"If you do not believe, then try it out, try it
once, just smile and see
what you would not have thought, you will get it too,
once you step up and see."

"This desire is from my God,
the thing you
put your hand on is your thing and the one you love,
that fate is mine"

"Remembering someone is not a matter of expressing this,
it is a habit to hurt the heart,
we don't remember you at all,
why remembering is a sign of forgetting."
"Remember, after everyone has
gonetrue love will be known after coming to power,
who loves so much, will be seen after

Love Quotes in English

"It does not make anyone forget, we do
n't want anyone to cry, we
pray to God so
much that we remember him as much as we remember him .." 

"These lovely eyes will remember you, I will
remember the spirit of not meeting together,
I cannot possibly forget you,
and I will remember you all the time."

"Those who care about rituals and rituals do
love in lovelove is the
passion in which the lovers
destroy themselves with their happiness."

"Do not give the gift of the night to the night, do not give the gift of emotion to the
, we can give you the moon to give it,
but do not give the gift of the moon to the moon."

"We are waiting for them, we
fill our breaths in one of their walls, the
night is neither cut nor dawn
since your heart has been in every corner of the heart." 
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