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Life Status and Zindagi Quotes [100+ Best] Heart Touching Status and Shayari

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Life Status | Zindagi Status and Quotes | Heart Touching Shayari

Life Status and Zindagi Quotes
Life Status and Zindagi Quotes
Big city lights,
it's hard to recognize faces despite the light !!

When the balance of love decreases in the bank of life,
then the checks of laughter, happiness, and smile start bouncing !!

Smile is also a strange puzzle,
it hides more than it tells !!

People have a lot of things but this is the problem,
that trust is in doubt and trust is on our doubt !!

We will also get the happiness of our luck,
just wait when it is amazing !!

Do not know why people are afraid of death,
this is what gives freedom from the chains of life !!

He walks the fastest, walks
alone !!

Life Status In English| Zindagi Status

Some realize that they never die and they do not diminish,
just that the person stops showing them with time !!

People say with regret that no one belongs to anyone,
but no one thinks who we are !!

If you are young, have you seen every scene in life, have seen the
faraway smiles and have seen the daggers hidden in the side !!

Those who use only branded things in life,
remember one thing that there is no brand of shroud !!

Weak people stop when they are tired,
and winners stop when they win !!

Go to the colony of the poor and see,
children will get hungry there but not sad !!

Tell me clearly what is in your mind, the
the decision is better than the chance !!

Whenever you felt that you had real-life,
you opened another page of yourself !!

The only understanding of a human being is that if you call him an animal,
he gets angry and when he says a lion he becomes happy !!

Life is why you should be accommodated all the time, you have to
live a hobby but not so much that you should live by dying !!

It is very easy to beat
someonebut it is very difficult for someone to lose !!

Do not live for him who is beautiful for the world,
live for him who makes your world beautiful !!

No goal is greater than the courage of man, the
one who does not fight with heart !!

When you are
unable to give happiness to a person by staying near him, then get upset with him, maybe he will be happy with this !!

Do not believe anyone nowadays,
people even apologize for their benefit !!

Those people who get angry are true,
I have seen Jhuthas smiling often !!

A person who does not listen to his heart,
thinks of his mind, he regrets going ahead !!

Life should live on its own,
at the behest of the auto, the lion also dances in the circus !!

Beautiful faces can be seen in this world, but
Omar passed away in search of a beautiful heart !!

Wise is not the person who answers the brick with the stone, the
sensible is the one who makes his house with the thrown brick !!

By placing it on the palm, every person seeks fate,
learn from the sea which always finds a stone to collide !!

This often happens in the way of life, the
the difficulty is better than that which is difficult !!

Heart-Touching Life Status 

If we had done everything that we are capable of doing, we would have
surprised ourselves too !!

Respecting a girl is
more beautiful than calling her beautiful !!

No matter how common a person is,
it is special for someone !!

If you want to live, then learn to live by laughing guys,
you don't get light by burning your heart !!

It can be easy to read Vedas,
but it is not easy to read anyone's anguish !!

Got great experience at a young age,
stomach hunger taught hundreds of skills !!

Best Life Quotes and Status

Do not be so angry with anyone,
that there is no scope for compromise in the future !!

It is better to walk alone than a walk in the wrong direction with the crowd !!

Life is the name of living for each other,
so give them the time you want from the heart !!

I had asked for a great prayer, I have known God for Jannat,
so after taking it off his lap, God has put him to sleep in the arms of a mother !!

Bend where there is
no insistence on bowing in anyone's heart !!

How long do
you want to lose my life, you are not happy !!

Zindagi Shayari in English

The fun of talking comes with those people,
who do not have to think anything before speaking with them !!

If you want to learn to
love, then learn from the mother, whose love remains the same even after hatred !!

Who says that Alphas are speechless,
if they are piercedthen Omar is not full of pain !!

First of all, please the person
you see in the mirror every day!!

Do not allow success to climb on your head,
and do not let failure hit your heart !!

Some people also like to tell the truth,
because they themselves are broken but do not let anyone's heartbreak !!

Everyone is decorated in front of the mirror,
but no one has won a clean life-like these !!

It feels good when someone says,
no problem I am with you !!

Rotis go from their plates to garbage,
who do not even realize what hunger is !!
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