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100+ Attitude Status For Girls [Best] Latest Attitude Status and Quotes

Welcome Friends to the latest post of the Best Attitude Status For Girls in English where you find all the latest Status For Girls and Share your feelings who break up with you. Here you can Find Attitude Status for boyfriend, Attitude Status For Girls Download, Status For Girls Images, and many more. I hope you like all these Shayari and Share this on your Social media. Looking for more Attitude Quotes and Shayari please Visit our Site.

Best Attitude Status In Hindi For Whatsapp

100+ [Best] Attitude Status In Hindi For Girls - New 2019
[Best] Attitude Status In Hindi For Girls
My old girlfriend smiles at me even today, says she has a big bastard
, still looks cute !!

No lion is made with a lion's mouth,
some skills are in the blood which is not taught !!

You Pagli is talking about Votesapp,
we even get a girl on Olx !!

Weapons are kept only for the sake of
fear, the name is enough for fear !!

Pagli is more than your weight,
more than my pride.

Buy me with two sweet words of love, I
have to sell the whole world if you think of wealth !!

Nothing happens with just Attitude,
Smile wins the hearts of two people !!

I do not exist any kind of sword and Takht-o-Taj,
I rule the hearts of people with my skills and laughter !!

Status of Attitude in Love

There are more sellers, go and buy,
we meet luck, not luck !!

We did not copy even in the exam till date,
so what is the radish of your farm?

I do not do the work in which God meets,
but I do the work in which I pray

We also know how to cheat,
but my mother has said that I should not be seen crying a lot !!

Attitude Status in Hindi for FB

I am neither sold nor will I ever be able to sell, neither do
I understand that I am like thousands !!

I am looking for someone who loves my love, otherwise, humans get mixed up with
money too !!

Whoever can get his wish easily, he has
the stubbornness that is not written in the word!

Even if I am not so old, why do not you know,
great lovers salute me !!

People say that that girl shows a lot of attitudes,
now if my life is there, she will show her attitude !!

I was also born sharif,
but never made my own by sharafat !!

Take advantage of my friends because of you
will not be able to bear the loss of my enmity !!

What will any of us do, sir ...
We take mother's blessings and father's pistol from home !!

status for facebook attitude

Every girl becomes our girlfriend, it is not in our class and,
I become a boyfriend of some girls, it is not in our culture !!

I thought that God also made me think
how to make Pagli for this crazy !!

By the way, many girls are crazy for me,
but I am just crazy about one !!

I do not have the pleasure of a sword,
we have won the world with our emotion in every round !!

WhatsApp attitude Status

Girlfriend says that you are alone, but
the girl of the locality says that you are one in lakhs !!

I do not like my friends in the city,
I do love but do not discuss !!

Do not leave what I like,
but do not be afraid, I do not break the flowers !!

Do not talk about courage, Pagli,
we even take our selfie out with the lion !!

Attitude status in English for boys

Do not lose my mind , my friend,
as much as your mind is, my mind worries !!

Suppose we are not able to splash in the book or the newspapers,
but what is less, we have our own count in Khudaro.

My time is like doom,
I will definitely remember it !!

I am the king of poetry and pen is my queen,
Alphaz is my slave;

Status for WhatsApp in English attitude

That crazy quote like changing DP every day will not do anything,
if there is so much handsome, then show me the flames !!

There is no such city, where there is no havoc, there
is no street where it does not run !!

People say that the brother has changed, so to speak correctly,
I was cute in childhood and now I have become handsome !!

If I want to meet, do not come as Alexander, I
wrote in my book!

If life is alive, then you will have to
bang and show your flames !!

Royal Attitude Status in English

Cute, I have been since childhood, what was the mother when she was born,
even Nasa was forced to kiss!

We are not the ones who find their place in the four walls,
Alexander too becomes a traveler to win the world !!

Never taught to hate,
I have even wanted to understand pain !!

We do not like the happiness found in the bailout,
because we live like a Nawab in gum too !!

Khatarnak attitude status in English

I like the game because of dangers,
we have inherited these games !!

People call us big people because,
no one understands the small one by coming to our festival !!

Keep your hobby in the field,
we have lost something, you have lost too !!

We sell things expensive and great,
people sell Imaan and we sell smiles !!

Dosti attitude status in English

Some people think of themselves as lions, but we are humans who turn the lion
like a dog too !!

It is believed that Pagli has not made any girlfriends till date,
but come to us to take all the advice for college !!

I never thought for anyone, whom I thought me

We have no interest in living alone but what to do, we can bear our attitude,
we have not met it to date !!

I want to see everyone laughing,
it is not my habit to make someone cry even by deception !!
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