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Best Breakup Whatsapp Status In English [Latest] Sad Status in English

Welcome Friends to the latest post of the Best Breakup Status where you find all the latest Breakup Status and Share your feelings who break up with you. Here you can Find Breakup Status for boyfriend, Break up Shayari for GF, Broken heart Status Download, Breakup Status Images, Breakup Status, and many more. I hope you like all these Shayari and Share this on your Social media. Looking for more Sad Status and Shayari please Visit our Site.
Broken heart Status
Broken heart Status

Best Breakup Whatsapp Status in English

Love someone as much as you wish, in the
end you have to part with them !!
Why do people who go away with life,
they do not go away from the heart too !!
Very heartbroken, seeing this, friends,
that we are crazy about someone else's crazy !!
People say that true love always wins, but when it happens ,
they will also tell you !!
If they ask about crying, then just say it,
there we do not laugh where they are not !!
Today it is a period that no one asks till recently,
sometimes someone was upset with our sighs !!
When I was drowning, you had saved me, why am I
dying even now?
Nothing was found, just a lesson has been given love, the
person is completely behind the person made by the person !!
Don't look at me with hate, that
's the face you wanted to break !!
We have left it on the lines of luck, but
those who settle in their hearts do not do it in those lines !!
A face that was in my eyes once, for
all my life, I was imprisoned in my tears !!
We have hated every sorrow with hate, there is
a sorrow that is attached to your chest !!
Whose Whose tongue should I stop, for your sake, love,
tell me whose destruction is there in your hand !!
I swear to forget him, then I
get dripped tears and swear !!
I wish the misguided hearts knew this, love is still interesting till it happens
Previously, I had the desire to find you,
now I am missing myself in my search !!
It is good for you that my heart only cries,
if I had spoken, I would have made your life barren !!
The person who gave me a lot of pain,
I used to cry myself when I got a little scratch !!
Those same lines of burned hands, friends
used to tell me daily that they are not in your luck !!
What a strange relationship you have with my heart, no
matter how much pain you pray!
There is a person who does not want to be mine,
and does not want to lose heart !!
55+ Breakup Whatsapp Status In English - New 2020
55+ Breakup Whatsapp Status In English - New 2020
I will die myself when the time comes, O love ,
why have you become an enemy of my life !!
I used to say a lot, I
am silent now !!
No one has given me more happiness till today, but no one has given
more pain than that till today !!
Love, love and love,
they all mean the same pain !!
What happens with wanting only too much,
there should be luck to get someone's love !!
He said goodbye to me thinking
that poor people have nothing except love !!

The person who lived in all my prayers
was not in my destiny !!
Some stories are written by # Pen , some are written by
# Pain !!
Thank you very much for your hatred, your
offense has taught me to walk !!
You didn't even love this much, the more injuries you
are giving you !!
One thing still haunts me,
if it is not mine then why cry for me !!
Something like this happened due to injury in Delhi , the
father left in the spirit and had nothing to do with love !!
Sold myself but still could not be found,
Wafa turned out to be the most expensive in Bazaar-e-Mohabbat !!

Broken heart Status in English

What did you sow a seed of love, I had
to reap the entire crop of pain !!
I asked why you have come in my life,
he came close and said softly to hurt my heart !!
In the hands of the lovers of love,
wounds are written first and destiny later!
Left us but tell us one thing,
we did not waffle or you were looking for an infidel !!
You have gone away as a force ,
I had to go by force !!

Breakup Status in English for Boyfriend  

If someone learns from you to lie ,
a friend, the truth is also blushing before your lie !!
He passed by me and did not ask me until recently,
how can we believe that he must have gone away and cried !!
Neither could I hold my hand, I could not hold my hands,
someone got separated after passing very close !!
Somebody has gone like this by burning my soul,
see no smoke, smoke has become my life !!
I have left the search for true love now,
people only get to spend time and burn their hearts !!

 Whatsapp breakup status in English

You are the punishment for my ruined life, you
are living by dying!
You had a little love for me too,
otherwise it would not have wasted so much time in breaking a heart !!
It often suffers there of love,
relationship where every day turns and sleeps !!
There was nothing left to ask then,
turning your eyes away was a terrible answer !!
We are afraid of giving pain to anyone even in jokes,
no one knows how people think and play with their hearts !!
I cried a lot thinking
that whoever wants more than life can be someone else !!
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