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Badmashi Attitude Status [100+ Best] Fb Killer and Khatarnak Status

Welcome, my in this new post of Badmashi Status and Cool Captaions-this collection you will not find anywhere. Here you can find all the Best Khatarnak and Badmashi Status and Whatsapp Status. It is also mixed With Fb killer Status and Images. I hope you like all these Statuses in English and Share with your Friends on Facebook and Instagram. If you need More Cool Captions and it Quotes then Visit another post of this Site.

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Badmashi Attitude Status
Badmashi Attitude Status

 Not that we are so beautiful that we can settle in everyone's heart, but with whom we live, we do it in our
own name !!

See, do not boast so much on your #Lover,
because your #Lover is better than my mobile #Cover !!

There is the only difference between us and people,
people give pain to the heart and we give heart to those who give pain !!

Be it love or hate,
I do it very strongly !!

Either silly show no stop coming in your area,
beat the banished earlier shown that no Tok !!

Look, brother, I know she is #Gf,
but maybe you don't know that she is #Fan !!

I am the queen here, do not do the #Arguments in front of me,
complete the #Demands or else leave the son #Side !!

Hey, #Stat put you will do me #Impress,
as much as your # Age is not, my # Page is !!

What we don't have is the dream,
but what we have is amazing !!

Son do not burn with us, make
us equal !!

If you like your beauty, itra na pagli, after
all your choice starts with my #Attitude !!

Whose eyes will come for me,
only she will be the queen of my dreams !!

Khatarnak Status

You guys think that I have no Mumtaz,
otherwise, the Taj Mahal would happen in every city !!

There is no degree in your thermometer that
can measure the scale of our mood !!

If it hits stone with stone, it will catch fire, the person
who hits me will be woken up !!

My life gets pain with luck,
where is your time to torture me !!

Who says I write well,
well, those are the people who like it !!

I never lose but the day you won,
understand this is not your victory, my #Compromise was !!

We do not force anyone to love us,
they are such a fucking #Personality that everyone is drawn !!

Attitude Shayari for Whatsapp

Pagli comes to your street for madness,
otherwise, the whole city is lying for loafing !!

Banda can put water in Shempu,
but never interrupts in anyone's love !!

Everything looks good to an extent,
I am the one who likes everyone more than great !!

Every time I am right, but even today, I did not think of being angry with my
own people !!

Granted, we are not huge like banyan and peepal,
but basil grown in pottery is not less than anyone !!

See when Pagli comes out of the house ready and I,
a single scream comes out from the mouth of the girls to see what is happening !!

If you are a piece of the moon then what,
I am also a piece of my father's liver !!

Our name may not be big,
yet we have never done small work !!

Cool Attitude Status and Quotes

#Luck belongs to everyone, but we need #GoodLuck to
get it !!

What do you think I can bear to tolerate,
more than your age, there are injuries on my body !!

Try not to try me,
don't know how much I can win in your trial !!

If the moon stops then it is like the winds, if the person sees it in the sun,
it is like an umbrella.

Not ready to be sold in everyone's hands,
this is my heart, there is no newspaper in your city !!

We still have the
strength in our skills, we fly away when we step into the senses of people !!

Badmashi Status and Fb Attitude Status

We are not fond of roaring or shouting,
people see our style and tell them to maintain a brotherly relationship !!

Smiling is a part of my reality, friends,
don't consider me happy and forget it in prayers.

We wear glasses for a hobby,
otherwise, our eyes are enough to impress Kisii !!

Sometimes his name in the mouth, sometimes with a cigarette, my lips
always liked sparks !!

Make a habit of talking to Juke, you will be in a lot of trouble,
because even today you have no right to talk with eyes !!

If this is not the queen in the hands of the king today, then what happened,
yet this king rules over millions of dildos !!

We are not the person who cannot eat sting in the heart,
you just have to maintain such honesty, do not do it from behind !!

I pretend to be decent in front of youotherwise, I come and ask my friends,
I am a branded bastard.

Tell people to stop burning with our fortune,
we go out of the home with medicine and pray for mother !!
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