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Quotes on God [Best] Motivational Status and Quotes

If you are looking For Mental Peace and Inner happiness the These Status and Quotes will Motivate you. Share the Best God's Status and Divine Quotes on Your Social Account Like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp and Tell your Family and Friends, the Power of God. Best Quotes on God and faith in God. If you Are looking for More posts like this Then Visit another Of Like Motivational Status and Quotes. I hope you like this Post, Do share If you like.

God Status| Divine Quotes | Quotes on God
Quotes on God-Whatsapp Status on God
Quotes on God-Whatsapp Status on God

OM Sharee Ram Ram Ram...OM Sharee Krishnaaa

One who is a slave of the mind cannot be a godly devotee.

God must have looked like a mother.

I commit crimes every day, he spares daily.
I am compelled by habit, he is famous with mercy.

God is not the one who fulfills the desires of the mind,
rather God is the one who destroys the desires of the mind.

Forgive everyone before you go to sleep,
I will forgive you before you wake up!

Accept my prayer in such a way that whenever the head of my God is
bowed, the life of every person associated with me should be cherished!

Life is neither in the future nor in the past,
life is only at this moment, the only experience of this moment is life!

One who is a slave of the mind cannot be a godly devotee.

There are two beautiful names in the world, whether they say, Krishna or Ram,
Ram Ram Ram, speak Shyam Shyam Shyam!

God must have looked like a mother.

Famous God Status

Do not take pride in yourself
How many of you and I, like God, made it out of the soil and joined it in the soil?

You are the first divine power after God, Mother!

Be generous with others,
as God has treated you.

Who will remember me in this full world,
O, God! Without meaning people don't even remember you…!

Life without a sister becomes more difficult!
Thank god To give me a sister.

Mother is another name of God! Do you agree?

Top God Status in English

Ghalib broke the rosary by saying,
why should I take the name after counting and the one who gives unaccounted?

The best gift God has given me,
I call her 'Mother' :)

Never feel sorry for writing luck,
you are not yet smart enough to
understand Rab's intentions!

Why does the world's love give God status?
I have not heard to date that God has committed infidelity….

Forgive others
as soon as you ask God to forgive you.

Do something that your parents say in their prayers.
"Lord, give us such children in every birth"

Prakriti is another book whose author is God.

Best Quotes on God

I have no right to call anyone mean.
I myself remember my Lord in trouble.

If you are walking on the path of truth
, remember that God is always with you.

Congratulations on Janmashtami :) Kanha brings love to your home with happiness. You should flourish and grow well :)

True love is like God, about which everyone talks, but only a few people feel it.

How long to lie? Everything is going to be revealed before God.

Fear God, other fears will disappear on their own!

Death is the real knob and the one above uses it in the end!
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