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You are welcome, in my new post, you will not find such a collection in any other site, this Funny Status For Girls In Hindi Special is made for you, then you share and impress this latest WhatsApp Status to your Boyfriend and Girlfriend and you can socialize it You can also share in media, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp too.

WhatsApp Status | Hindi Status | Heart Broken Shayari

Best Love Status In English

"Deewane hai, how can you not deny the name of your name that there is nothing wrong with you, I am not guilty of your eyes alone"

# It doesn't go away # Without you # That's why you talk to you
#, #Or else we also have no # hobby # to tease you like this.

Tired of proving myself,
my ways may be wrongbut not my intention!

Neither is your picture given,
nor are you near who is to be loved,
what is the pain you have given me, O love,
nothing is said, nor should you be left out.

Whenever the fragrance is scattered in the weather,
whenever the moonlight glows in the night,
when these beats needlessly,
then we remember you.

There is one thing in every silence, there is
a memory in every heart, whether
you know it or not,
there is a daily plea for your happiness…

Best Status For Lover

Their intentions have settled in the heart, they have kept their memories
from the chestthey
don't know why
they have made others too…

God does not even know how to make a relationship, makes
Anjana in the heart,
which we did not even know, makes
him more loving than life,

Include incomplete stories of your false promise,? ❤ In the
next love, you will need them again…. ??


Love Status in English for Girlfriend

Your thoughts do not get leisure,
we do not get relief for a moment, we
have everything,
just you do not get to see…

? # I have the sweetness of happiness in my pale life

Look, there must be love in the heart…… even Royal Enfield does it!

Love is the name of happiness for the suffering,
love is the secret to always smile,
it is not a moment to 2 moments,
love is a promise to carry on for the rest of your life…

#relations? I have never been in our # # ever #?
Just # you were,? # Your mind? # Was your will and # your # was self-will. ??

When 1 girl cries for 1 boy,
it means that she loves her very much,
when 1 boy cries for 1 girl,
it means that no one in the world loves that girl more than her…

When people meet their hearts, they punish the people, they
suppress the emotion of love,
how can people see the meeting of 2 human beings,
when sitting with two birds, they also blow the people…

It is the strange ritual of the world, it
says, live together, stay in
and when you fall in love with someone,
you say that stay away from them…

Do not understand the heart,
come to understand… Come to
erase the gap between the hearts
… In
we have gone mad… Come
to keep the heart alive

The addiction is of love or, of
is lost in both senses, the
the only difference is, the
alcohol makes the person sleep,
love makes you cry ..!

Life will not cut
you, if you go away you will suffer,
you have given me 1 reason to live,
if you go away then that reason will be lost…

Somebody has said that
whom you love more than the heart,
they do not appreciate
love … know the love of those who do not love…
That is true!

The feeling of incomplete union is life, happiness, and feeling of sorrow,
if you get leisurethen come in a dream,
life is very sad without you...

Status For Love English

You feel disgusted, someone to
convince me that,
I will pledge my life to convince you.

Forgot to carry your memories… your memories;
The people forgot to go together in a hurry;
On his way he had seen his turn;
As if there was something important, which he forgot to tell us;
Time-e-Rukhsat was also crying over our helplessness;
His tears remained there, he forgot to come out.

At some point, we will not let you lose,
if you want to part, you will not let it happen, the
moonlight will come in the night,
remember me, those moments of my memory will not let you sleep…

Your heart never lost my heart, I was never
so angry with you,
was very happy that I walked with you,
only you and I have never hinted,
death was good that lifted me,

If the heart is broken,
hurts, it makes one cry for love, it feels
when someone is in love and
there is someone else in their heart.

We are not the wind that will blow,
we are not the time that will pass,
we are not the weather that will change,
we are the tears that will be seen in both happiness and sorrow…

lovely lines English

You will not be able to leave you with life, you understand that we will forget you,
not everyone is like us,
you will also know someday…

? _Khushboo? Your slaves are still inhabited.
In my breath
The My soul smells
When do you come? you

Write the message, write something like this, the
the pen should also be forced to cry, give
it pains in every word, the reader will be forced to

Implement someone's heart by heart, do
can't break a heart or worry so much for them,
this life is special for everyone,
but you appreciate those for whom it is special,

Do not care about the distances,
whenever you call heart,
we are not far away from you,
whenever you want to meet,
feel us in your breath…

"love" means
incomplete without "P",
if you remove "P", then "YAAR" remains,
and as you get love, it becomes "PYAAR" from life too...

The destination is far and the journey is very much, the
the little one is worried about this heart, it
kills me when this world is us,
but the effect is very much in your love

If you dream about the dream, consider
it true, if someone thinks about your love, love
away, think of what you remember,
if you get what you want, consider it luck…

Had we broken, we would not have formed a relationship, we would not have had
hope, we would not have had dreams, we have
done it,
but if we did not trust you, we would not have made our heart part.

Love should not be limited to anyone,
even if there is no power to
do so, there is no infidelity to do so much,
do not pray so much separation.

He is something special to me, man,
who is
waiting for
his return, what if he is out of sight, his heartbeat is with me man…

If someone wants to tell you this much, if
someone raises your eyes so much, then you will tell
everyoneLOVE will tell you, if
someone says like usthen tell…

Your desire is now in my eyes,
your fragrance is in my breath the only thing that can hurt
my heart is
in your words,

We promised to fulfill,
one heart to get one heart,
he taught love
and said,
we have loved, to
try you

I will buy happiness by selling pain
, I
will buy life by selling my dreams, I will be tempted to see the world, I will
buy my happiness by selling myself...

The movement of the eyelids is called
Ikaria, when someone looks at them,
they call them waiting, without anyone when the heart is restless,
it is called love….

There is a blessing on my haunts,
every moment I care about you,
bless you, in every happy life, I wish this in every prayer…

Best English status for love

Do not look at the pain; from the pain, the
pain also hurts, the
pain also needs love; after all,
love is the only pain…

There will be something in every tear,
behind every pain, someone will remember
youyou remember me or forget,
but behind your happiness will be my prayers…

See in the depths of my love,
think about me in the loneliness of the night,
if I believe in my desire,
you will find me in my shadow…

it so that it settles down in a beat, even if it is breathless, then the fragrance will come
on the eyes, the love of love is on the eyes,
whatever the name, but the name should come.
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