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Yaari Dosti Status [Best 100+] Friendship Shayari and Quotes (NEW 2023)

Find the Best Friendship Status and Yaari Dosti Status and Many more Best Status that you like. I hope you like the Best Quotes and Attitude Dosti Shayari and Friendship Quotes and many more that you like. Share these statuses with your Friends and Social Media Like Facebook, Whatsapp, and IG Quotes and Captions. I hope you like Attitude Status and Pakki Yaari Status and many more.

Yaari Dosti Attitude Status  | Attitude Status | Heart Touching Shayari |
Yaari Dosti Status and Quotes
Yaari Dosti Status and Quotes

Of course, we got a little wait, but we got the world's best friend, no longer wish for any heaven, we found that love in your friendship.

Heart meets heart very hard! Sahil meets very hard in Tufano! Everyone gets like this, but friends like you get lucky ones!

A lot of people want to hang out with you in luxurious trains, but you want someone who is ready to go with you in case of a bad car.

Me? You? good? Or bad? Don't? Look? I? You? Only me? Look...

It is better to make enemies by telling the truth than making friends by lying.

A true friend never comes in your way unless you are going on the wrong path.

Friendship is one mind in two bodies.

Be courteous with everyone, but make intimacy with some, and check them out thoroughly before believing them in anything.

We have maintained the pace of life for some time… that the enemy may go ahead, but no friend will be left behind.

Do not look at the friend in terms of wealth, friends who do loyalty are often poor…. !!

Friends are born, not made

Whatever you want is yours, bright nights and beautiful dawn, continue our series of friendship, friends are mine on every floor.

True friendship is like good health, it is only when lost that its importance is known!

A friend is someone who gives you complete freedom to be like you are.

Men strike friendship around like a football, but it does not break. Women take it like glass and it breaks to pieces.

A true friend is one who stands with you when he should have been somewhere else.

Friendship and Money: Oil and Water.

People say that no one gets a god on the ground, maybe those people do not find a friend like you …… !!

What is the true meaning of Sudama's friendship with Krishna? Krishna laughed and said, where it means, where is a friendship there!

Friendship is a soul living in two bodies.

Best Friends Shayari and Friendship Whatsapp Status

It does not happen in everyone's face, it is not
a night with little darkness
, some people are very sweet in life,
what should they do that they do not meet today…

The friendship of thorns is better than the friendship of flowers, which inspires us to walk on the hardest of paths!

Today I remembered a friend who was angry, remembered
some time that had gone well,
who used to hide my pain in the cinema,
today when the pain happened, I remembered that much…

But friendship is precious, not only in difficulty, but also in the happy moments of life, and it is thanks to that generous arrangement that a large part of life is pleasant.

Moments, it may not be pleasant,
tomorrow, no matter what happens today,
your friendship will always be in this heart, even
if you never meet…

Friendship with you is waiting for
you, I am eager to meet
you, this simplicity of you, this love of you,
will not be forgotten throughout my life, my friend…

Your husband looks very lovely,
we feel your happiness every time,
never mind ourselves, love you more
then the world…

Trust our friendship,
we do not hurt anyonewe like
you and your style,
otherwise, we do not make anyone friend…

Dosti Status and Friendship Shayari

Has anyone been able to sleep without dreams, has
anyone has been able to cry even without memories,
friendship is your heart's
heart, the heart has also been separated from heartbeat…

It is not good to be so frivolous in relationships, no
one will be disappointed to see you !!

Pagli ye only want happiness
, my friend is enough for suffering !!

Give everyone as much space in the heart as he gives you,
otherwise, he will either cry himself or he will make you cry !!

In thousands, I want only one person
whoin my non-presence, cannot hear my evil !!

These relationships are also strange, do not happen without trust,
and do not end without deception !!

God said, do not befriend, you will be lost in friendship,
I said, come on the ground and meet my friend, you will also be angry with him !!

If there is no fight between two people, then understand that 
a relationship is being played with the mind, not with the heart !!

Good books and true friends, do
not understand immediatelybut work does come !!

Friendship is a beautiful moment of life
, whoever finds it happy even in loneliness and not found alone in the crowd !!

Glass is our deepest friend,
because it never laughs when we cry !!

We have maintained the pace of life for some time,
even if the enemy goes ahead, the friend will not leave behind!

Stopped is like the moon, it is like wind,
it is the mother who is like a shade even in the sun !!

Jesus will be in the street of my friends in Jesus street, Usdin will
be the fair of my thousands of friends in that street !!

What will friends apply to the wounds of the heart,
what do friends know, the wounds are given by them only!

Look at your mother's eyes,
this is the mirror in which children never grow old !!

In the matter of which we are familiar,
only a few people are in lakhs !!

Best Friends Quotes

Politics or love, he
is the only one who wins.

If you keep breaking up with friends, dogs will also persecute you,
and if you stay with friends, lions will also panic !!

The name of the relationship does not have to be necessary, my friend,
some nameless relationships also give life to a halt !!

Do not need stars, do not need unnecessary needs,
keep a friend like us, who will put thousands of watts !!

It has been written on every page of history that
friendship never grows big, the perpetrators always grow up !!

Give me a chance to live with friends, O God,
will stay with you even after you die !!

Friends are looking for weak hearts,
big-hearted people make every friend good !!

Even if the enemy gets four or four thousand,
it will outweigh all my friends!

O God, keep my vow in your court,
I will not stay, keep my friends safe !!

Maintaining relationships is not a matter of everyone, you
have to hurt your heart for someone else's happiness !!

We love friends so much,
seeing this, enemies also say that I wish they were their friends too !!

Write a favor to those who write fortune, write
dream of another friend!
Never get pain for him,
if you want, I should
write the price of my life…

Dosti Status English

There are two types of people in the world who are good friends,
one with class and the other with glass !!

Who says that friendship is equal, the
truth is that everyone is equal in friendship !!

We have trusted our friends more than our
luckbecause luck has changed many times but my friend is still the same !!

A relationship is not what the world is shown, a
the relationship is one that is carried out from the heart !!

The name is short but I keep my heart big, I am not rich with money,
but I am able to buy my friends' gum !!

When friends can work,
why increase hostility?

The relationship is being set up like this today,
good decoration is coming out from outside and selfishness is coming from inside !!

How strange is the color of fate, the
the relationship is inadvertent yet close !!

We do not keep friends to spend time, we have time
to be with friends !!

Just like salt, one who gives bitter knowledge is a true friend,
history is witness that to date there have never been insects in salt !!

Friendship is never with special people, the
people they become, they become special in life !!

Kiss her palms before any fire,
heard that the mother holds prayers in her palm !!

What are you upset about, just tell me,
knowing the reason we want to punish ourselves !!

Even if I do not get a girlfriend to say Janu, it will work,
but at a difficult time, I should be a friend to say, brother !!

The way it passes every morning after coming in the morning,
a friend, you also like to believe like this.

2 Line Shayari on Friendship

If friendship is like Munna and Circuit,
meaning Bapu is seen, he is seen !!

You are not my friend anymore,
but the habit of worrying for you has not gone !!

By confessing my prayers to my God,
I bow down in prostration and the life of every relationship related to me should be cherished !!

Wherever you have to give clarification on your talk,
those relationships never get deep !!

Two ways of life, friendship, and love,
one jam full and the other accused !!

Whether you are a girl speaking Janu or not,
Oye Hero definitely has the best friends !!

Every new thing is good,
but friends are good !!

There is something special that keeps you
connected to me, otherwise, I am not so sorry.

Make relationships with those who have the right to fulfill, the
rest is not worth every heart !!

People are different from my world, I have
fewer friends but I am excellent !!

I like to talk to strangers, I
do not give them the trouble to become selfless !!

From my face, which is clearly
read, tell memy friend, you have read a lot.

Who said that after coming as a guest in my heart, my friend,
this is your sultanate, whenever you come, become a sultan and come!

People also see the relationship,
which is not neededthey are broken !!

If you are unable to remember every day, do not consider yourself a friend, friends, at
this age there is a lot of problems !!

Pakki Yari Status and Friendship Quotes

I agreed and my enemy was also on reconciliation,
some friends did not let me join hands !!

The stranger is good, stranger
acquires life!

You can maintain your relationship with so much strength, the
change is changed !!

We keep
our ties to life, we do not change relationships like a dress!

Some relationships are like life imprisonment,
where release even without bail is not possible !!

I do not like your raw relations at all,
either add it like iron or break it like a thread !!

What time did you take a little turn, my
friends, find your loved ones at the forefront of the line

If I were to receive one day's sovereignty,
my friends, in my state, coins of your picture would go on !!

Some friends don't even look good,
and some bastards are sweeter than life too !!

What is the weight of relationships,
ask those shoulders who have lifted the money !!

When the answers to the questions stop getting,
then you have to take a turn in both the way and the relationship !!

The beauty of Hasina was just killed, thanks to a
few friends who are still alive !!
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