Top 50+ Bewafa Status in English For FB {New 2020}

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Bewafa Status in English For FB {New 2020}
Bewafa Status in English For FB {New 2020}

Bewafa Girl Status in English

How much people are enjoying my love,
seeing the unfaithful you have made my show !!

He laughed at my grievances and said,
who did the promise that we would have done !!

Previously, who used to consider me as God,
today I am sitting on someone else's life !!

Now for someone else, the
the way you smile is the same !!

Bewafa Status in English For FB {New 2020}
Bewafa Status in English For FB {New 2020}

You will be punished as much as you dream of love,
infidelity will shatter everyone in one stroke !!

Do not keep the hope of friends of the Wafa with the pictures of these beauties,
it is their nature to leave one flower and sit on another flower !!

We wrote the letter at the address of the Wafa, the
postman also died looking for the city to find it !!

Bewafa Status for Girlfriend

left me, no problem, but never leave what I have left for !!

Jadeja has risen today, my
the promise of swearing, one-shoulder should be with your promises too !!

Like you, it turns out to be a sunrise too, committing
infidelity every day!!

Even if you are unfaithful,
even today my pain hurts you !!

If you are not able to die then I will die,
how beautiful she used to lie !!

We had no hope of loyalty from them, there was
just a stubbornness that their hearts were broken!

believes, he thinks of leaving, why do not the people of the world feel good !!

Bewafa Status in English For FB {New 2020}
Bewafa Status in English For FB {New 2020}

What difference will you make with me,
true love is mine, not yours !!

Everything was confessed in love,
your lovejust your love was not seen from us !!

Take lakhs of vassals from anyone, those
who leave are left !!

We were angry with you a bit,
you were really unfaithful !!

I think I should put the blame on myself, the
the heart does not believe that you were unfaithful !!

You settle in everyone's heart, O Sanamhow cheap you are !!

Life has become disinterested,
ever since that person has become in love with someone else !!

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