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Funny Status and Sarcastic Quotes in English [145+ Best] Comedy Whatsapp Status

Welcome to my new post of best Funny Status, Comedy Captions, and Sarcastic Quotes in English, in which I am sharing with you my best collection Funny Status In English, then you can share this status with your Girlfriend, this is my latest Funny Status In Hindi collection. Enjoy and share and you can also share in social media.
Best Funny Status and Captions in English
Best Funny Status and Captions in English

Funny Status for WhatsApp and Comedy Status

Patient- tell me the truth, doctor sir, how much is my chance of survival?
Doctor - 100 percent! Statistics show that nine out of ten men die from this disease,
and nine out of ten of my patients are dead. You are tenth

Nowadays, every lover has the same story .. Majnu wants Laila to Laila, someone else is crazy!

A man quickly entered the doctor's cabin and said - Doctor sir,
my wife has drunk petrol and now she is running all over the house!
Doctor - Do not panic, when the petrol runs out, it will automatically stop.

Do not pretend to be in love with me, we know you have 2-4 KT in your loyalty

Funny Status In English For Whatsapp And Facebook
Funny Status In English For Whatsapp And Facebook
Teacher - Tell ABC.
Chintu - ABC
Teacher - And tell.
Chintu- and thank Allah, all is well.
you tell..???

Every boy has a heart's desire? …… .. how big a bastard he is but he only needs a girl Sharif !!

A child ran and ran to the police station and said- Inspector sir, come
quickly, a thief has been beating my father for an hour!
Inspector said - have been beating for an hour, so you were watching the spectacle for so long
baby - No, no, father was beating the thief earlier. !!!

If there was free wifi in temples, then I would be the biggest religious !!

The tradesman got trapped
After 3 days the ghost himself went to Ojha and
said: - Take me out, otherwise, I will
die of hunger.

Oh God, hiccups would have to make a difference, now how do I know which one is missing !!

Best Sarcastic Quotes and Funny Shayari

The tradesman was hitting the blade in his hand.
Wife: - What are you doing, sir?
Tradesman: - Dettol's head is broken so
that Dettol is not destroyed.
I will also cut your fingers

Marjani Nai to Hade Kardi, bid your date on Javange, pizza hut I am going to do it and I will do Golgappe !!

The merchant was also sinking along with the ship.
But the grocer was laughing.
Another traveler: Oy, why is he laughing ??
Bania: - Thankfully, I did not buy the return ticket

See baby post, I am good ... my thinking is true ... but still, I did not like you ... So, SWEET_HEART, you are still a child .... !!

The tradesman fell down from the 14th floor.
While falling, he
saw from the window of his house that the wife was cooking.
The grocer shouted: - "Don't cook my bread"

Thankfully, Whattsapp is not in Hindi …… or else Last Seen. ... Called "Last Darshan" !!

Funny and Comdey Quotes Images

Funny Status In English For Whatsapp And Facebook
Funny Status In English For Whatsapp And Facebook
saves Sheikh by giving him bloodSheikh was happy and gifted him with a Mercedes
Sheikh again needed blood, the baniya gave
blood again.
This time, Sheikh gave only laddus.
Baniya (angrily): - Only
Laddu this time ????
Sheikh: - Brother, now even the blood of the tradesman is running inside us

Do not ignore …… ♡ because eye accident happened ……; p

Funny Shayari Lines

The stingy tradesman was about to die.
Marketeer: Where are your wives?
Wife: - I am that.
Bania: - Where are my son and daughter.
Both children: - Yes, we are also the
tradesman: - So why is the fan in the room outside

No matter how much I try to be good…. Still, the girl says fuckin will not improve …… !!

Stingy tradesman: - How did you give a banana ???
Bananawala: - 1 rupee.
Stingy tradesman: -60 gives the money?
Bananawala: - At 60 paise, only
the peel will be available.
Stingy tradesman: - Take 40 paise, keep the peel
and give a banana.

A stingy
fell in love with a tradesman.
The tradesman girl: - When the father falls asleep
, I will throw a coin in the street, hear the voice and
come in immediately.
But the boy
came an hour after throwing the coin.
Girl: - Why did it take so long ???
Boy: - I was looking for a coin.
Girl: - Hey, crazy, he was tied with a thread
, pulled it back.

Funny Captions for Instagram

Death and Mohabbat are infamous just by name! ...... 'Slow Internet' gives real pain !!

Chhokri said that the photo is very good, I said, "Don't beat the chance. I have kept a good track with you."

Seeing the selfies of some people, it seems that their phone should have a pistol instead of the front camera.

Nothing happens by having an attitude,,, Smile wins the hearts of such two people.

On Marra WhatsApp, guy sand so many sad poetry that now I miss his girlfriend too much.

Valentine is celebrating children, your girl is direct Karva Chauth Manayegi !!

Look, brother ... ... there must be trust in love, even ACP Pradyuman suspects it !!

Four Bottles Pepsi ... Car My Taxi...Phone My Galaxy...Mal My Sexy

Funny Love Status in English

Neither Champa nor Paro, you have only one purpose, hit the line on every girl…!

The wife is like Prasad of God, in which no harm can be taken even if she wants… just eat quietly with reverence and helplessness.

If you have a habit of over-reacting on everything, then your chances of becoming a director of a TV serial are hidden.

No one buys the first cigarette or the first beer… Always someone gives a donation in the hand and says - “Drink, nothing will happen !!!

My Girlfriend is also like I phone 7.....No Launched Yet

He took the bottle of whole liquor, today he…
wife only said that show ‘PK’ today.

It is the sea of ​​love, what is the sea… the one who drowns the lover… the one who survived is crazy… the one who floats!

God pleased with Santa's austerity: Lord,
ask the bridegroom!
Santa: Lord !!
I am not what you are thinking...
I want a bride…

Even today in our country 'You are loved, someone else, there is someone else who wants you'. 8 out of 10 boys get emotional by listening to the song.

Whatsapp Funny Status in English

Teacher: What is abuse?
Student: A group of unclean words coming out of the mouth during anger,
after which the person's heart experiences peace…

Life gave a lot of wounds, but I sew each one. Darling, you boil the potatoes, I peel the peas.

I had to become a candidate for Ishq's election, Kambakht made Election Commission by saying "Bhai"!

That eye was very sweet which he killed us. We were robbed for free, friends, where did we know that he had the disease of Baba Ramdev !!

A boyfriend told his girlfriend that he could also go to hell for her. Then both of them got married. Now the lover is in hell!

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