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369+ English Love Whatsapp Status [Best] Love Status in English

Looking for the best Love Status and Whatsapp Love Status then you are in the Right Place. Here you can find all the best Romantic Love Status and Quotes in English. Welcome to my new post, in which I am sharing with you my best collection Top 359+ English Love Whatsapp Status [New 2020], then you can share this status with your Girlfriend, this is my latest Love Status In Hindi collection. Enjoy and share and you can also share in social media. For More Amazing Quotes and Status visit another Post of this Site.
Love Whatsapp Status

Love Whatsapp Status [Best] Love Status in English

It is wonderful to laugh and bow their eyes,
ask if nothing is done just like this !!

It is wrong to say that people have faith in the white color, friends, if it was so todaythere would be medicine for salt wounds !!

Now, if I love someone else, don't complain,
I have got this bad habit from you too !!

Your wounds have been lost by
my suffering, your eyes have filled my heart !!

Who says that he is happy to be separated from me,
just look at my name in front of him once !!

Whoever comes and goes with a new injury,
I am very strong but not a stone !!

Even if we cried, he could not know, even if he was
sad, we got the news !!

Who knows when love will happen,
friends, this is a house that has no door !!

Now what was Gila to do to their disinterested heart,
it must have been filled ……

If they were angry, they would have celebrated at every cost, but, how can
those who do not want to be associated with them !!

I was even more proud,
but everything broke down after your anger !!

Whatsapp Love Status and Quotes

Broken heart has to be sold,
true love is true !!

This love is a hobby of the rich people, sir, we are poor,
we only get to play !!

Love is not what you live with,
rather it is love without which you cannot live !!

Do not know how the fire started flowing in the water,
we had just shed some letters in his name !!

Drink two drops of my love,
life will get drunk all the time !!

His eyes are like the sea,
even while escaping, I drown !!

My resentment is not from you but from your time,
which you do not have for me !!

If you do not ask for the reason, then I can say one thing,
without you now I do not live !!

Seeing that the moon is also shaken,
what must be passing on those who have the moon in their arms !!

Romantic Whatsapp Status

She did not come close even after seeing me crying,
because now she loves us only !!

It was good that you turned down,
your love was not wanted!

Time snatches a lot,
well, I was just smiling !!

After issues, he asked what is going on nowadays,
I also told Befikri that breath!

Seeing me, sitting in front of a stranger, you wake up late in the night, have you
lost memories or lost in love?

Do not ask where I am getting the words from, there
is a treasure of your memories which is being robbed !!

I had just stepped in, the voice came in the hall,
go back because you do not need alcohol, someone needs credit !!

They say that the stones do not cry,
then why do the waterfalls flow from the mountains itself !!

Now you will not be able to read me,
I am like a paper soaked in rain

Love Status for WhatsApp

We have closed the doors of love,
but your memories have come through cracks !!

Where can I come from…? I am told that you are destined to give me mine for the whole time.

Once upon a time, he was a man of friends,
he is a man who seems lonely today !!

We were scattered like dry leaves, O friends,
even if someone collected, to burn !!

See our
madness, I am happy to see your dupatta hanging in the balcony !!

Heartaches and eyes have got tears,
how to say that love is there and nothing is found !!

Love Lines in English

Important work but forget every day,
I love you, forget to tell !!

It is enough to see us from a distance,
but it may be our salute !!

Do not cling to my feet with her feet,
she used to walk with the lehenga from her hand !!

A moment of love and years of waiting,
as if someone is robbing his house of his own !!

The heart seems to be from someone who is never found, after all,
why is this heart so foolish?

When we asked for our heart back, he bowed his head and said,
He is broken and playing !!

Every Shayari is asking us,
where did all those who used to wow!

The person was talking about something like this if he had
not given his heart, he would have lost his life !!

If the wound was to be given, the whole body was handed over to you, even if it was a fucking blow, it was
done only on the heart !!

Romantic Shayari for a lover

Love is a game
only for girls !!

If you want to hate us, keep your intentions, if you miss even a little,
you will be in love !!

Took the promise of not remembering,
even promising not to miss !!

These are my circumstances, one day will improve,
but by then many people will get out of my heart !!

People say that drinking alcohol burns the heart,
and we say that alcohol is drunk only when the heart burns !!

Those who used to say that the heart gets very relaxed by your laugh,
today it has forced me to cry every day!!
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