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Sad Love Status In English [134+Latest] Broken Heart Shayari and Quotes

Welcome Friends to the Latest Post-Sad Love Status in English. If Feels so Lonely and Make you Unhappy. In this time you can find all the Best Sad love Status and Share with that one who left you. Here in this post, you can find all the Broken Heart Shayari and Breakup Shayari and many more Sad Love images. I hope you like all these Statuses and Share them with your Friends and Social Media Like Facebook and Whatsapp. comment on the Best Sad Love Status That you Find. If you are Looking For more Sad Quotes and Other Status then Please Visit our Site.
Broken Heart Shayari and Quotes
Broken Heart Shayari and Quotes

Sad Love Status in English | Breakup Shayari | Broken heart Quotes |

In such easy words, I was told,
only my heart has broken, what life have you taken !!

Forgive your thousand mistakes,
but not even infidelity !!

Even Bewafa cannot say that to the abuser
, we have done love, it was innocent!

Aye walking unconsciously once looking back,
I just see if it was love or just a cheat !!

If you are allowed, then I will see your face all the time,
these eyes have not seen any unfaithfulness from issues !!

Many broke down in silence,
a trust that you had !!

Bewafa Status For FB and Sad Whatsapp Status

Nowadays you do not even see in the temple,
have you changed God!

The pain did not come from the dagger that struck my back, the
pain occurred when I saw the dagger hand !!

It has been a matter of time to disbelieve you, you are
ashamed now praying for you !!

Don't know from which college he took the degree of love,
that all the promises made to me turned out to be fake !!

He was in love,
I still have it today !!

You look so good despite being unfaithful
, what would you have done if you had faith in God !!

He asked me what was your biggest misunderstanding,
I said to expect loyalty from you !!

Let's do this life in your name too, it is

Do not know what fate the corpse was,
but the traces of the killer's feet were very beautiful !!

Just wanted you and wanted more than you,
this is the reason for ruining life !!

Everyone asks for the address of your lover, who knows
whom you have promised?

What was needed was the hurt-a-infidelity, the
the innocent heart was happy only with false promises !!

Then one day it came in life,
that I stopped smiling after hearing your name !!

Broken Heart Shayari

Why should I ask for my share of time with you,
because neither is it mine nor are you mine !!

Once I would have mistakenly said that we
belonged to someone else, God, I swear we would stay away from your shadow !!

When someone makes someone treacherous,
you miss me even more !!

Imprison in the cage or bite on us,
we are like a trapped bird on your web !!

They would have told me the reason for leaving,
were they angry with me or there were thousands like me !!

Do not keep the hope of love from anyone, my friends, I
swear by God, people are beautiful but not faithful !!

Ja Pagli Ji take your life,
I am the king of love who does not like traitors !!

Seeing Janaja, she said that disloyalty, she
is deadwho used to die on me !!

Do not know how those people
who are disloyal to someone !!

Happy are those who love the world,
those who love the spirit have often seen suffering!

Yes, that person seems to be a liar now,
who says he will not leave you !!

No matter how much true love is, the
infidel people leave it together !!

I am thinking that I am getting such punishment for performing the Wafa,
then what will happen to the infidel who has mixed me in the soil !!

I have seen you putting
my heart on the horsesI believe that the kashtiya is not drowned like this !!

Whom should I expect for loyalty, to whom should I,
my life also seems to be an infidel !!

Bewafa Status for Girlfriend

The whole night weeping and raining with me,
you are unfaithful, where are you free from sleep !!

Hearing this, I unfaithfully take my heart out, you once again target with impunity !!

There is still some hope left from those
who broke all my expectations and went away !!

I had made wishes for
youtell me what you needed to be someone else !!

Do not know how my death will be,
but it is certain that your infidelity will be better !!

I had left my loneliness only if it was
no, I would have done it.

Ever since you have been deceived,
I am afraid of my shadow too !!

Often people have their Wafa,
as long as there is any meaning !!

My fingers are immersed in my own blood,
it is a punishment for trust in glass pieces !!

He has committed so much disloyalty,
now breaking breaks my heart !!

By not claiming my loyalty so much,
I have seen Ruh committing infidelity !!

What will she give me of my gifts,
I know the compulsions will count !!

My footsteps also stopped, looking at the vermilion on his forehead,
he also looked like, he put a mirror in his car !!

Close the eyes and run a dagger on me,
if I smile, you will die first !!

who speak unfaithful to us, should also listen today when there is loyalty with those who have infidelity!

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