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12+ Best Blogging Niche For Girls:- Make Money From Blogging in 2023

Are You Are Girl, Who Want to Start a Profitable Blog?

If Yes, Then, Read This Complete Post.

Here You Will Find All the Best, Easy, Profitable, and Money Making Blog Ideas Along With Multiple Monetizing Ideas to Earn the Maximum From a Blog.

Before You Start Blogging, Keep in Mind That, It Is Not a Quick Rich Scheme, It Has a Huge Potential but, It Took Time to Grow Your Blog and Earn Money if You Have a Long Term Vision and Want to Earn for a Long Time Then You Can Start It.

Blogging Is One of the Best Methods to Work From Home and Earn Money Online in 2023 With a Little Investment.

There Are Only a Few Female Bloggers in the Blogging Community, So There Is Very Low Competition in All Those Niches Related to or More Suitable for Female Bloggers.

12+ Best Blogging Niche For Girls

Best Blogging Niche Ideas for Girls in 2023

Here You Can Find All the Best Blogging Niche Ideas to Start and You Can Choose Any of Them and Start It Before You Choose Any Niche Make Sure to Consider 3 Things

  1. Interest
  2. Competition
  3. Earning Potential

These Three Things Matter the Most to Start a Successful Blog, These 3 Things Can Help You to Motivate and Helps to Work for a Long Time Without Any Demotivation, Interest-based Things Can Help You to Provide Quality Content to the Readers.

12+ Best Blogging Niche for Girls to Start in 2023

  • Makeup
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Ecommerce
  • Health
  • Skin Care
  • Relationship
  • Product Selling
  • Finance(Income, Budget, Investing)
  • Food
  • Makeup

When It Comes to Makeup Then, It Is So Hard for Every Man to Understand the Actual Need of a Woman and Which Suits Women in Different Purposes and Scenarios,  

So It Is a Very Low Competitive Niche in Blogging for Females Because They Understand a Woman Compared to Men Fashionwise.

If You Find the Real Problems, That Every Female Face and Comes With a Solution on It Then You Can Easily Drive Thousands of Traffic.

It Is the Best Niche, Where You Can Do Both Affiliate Marketing and Ads Placing, Due to a Targeted Niche, It Will Help You to Sell Makeup Related Products Easily. You Can Write Articles on Makeup Kit, Reviews, Tips and Tricks, and Other Kinds of Stuff.

1. Fashion

Modern Era Improve the Potential of Fashion World, Mostly Women Are Fully Concerned to the Fashion and Products Related to It. You Can Start a Fashion Blog and Cover Multiple Topics. 

There Are Hundreds of Topics and Sub Topics in the Fashion Nice, You Can Also Choose Any of Them, Micro Niche Is More Profitable Compare to a Broad Niche. 

It Will Help to Easily Convert the Audience Into Loyal Customers.

If You Have Any Idea About a Fashion Then You Can Start It as a Small Online Business From Home and Make Money Online in 2023.

2. Beauty

Makeup, Fashion, and Beauty Are Completely Different and There Are Many Small Niches Related to It. In Beauty Niche There Are Many Topics You Can Cover Live Natural Beauty, Face Beauty, Nail Beauty, and Many More.

Focus the Soft Corner of the Targeting Audience With Low Competition Keywords Will Help You to Rank Your Blog Easily on Search Engines and Helps to Drive Huge Traffic. 

Like Other Niche, There Are Mainly Both Affiliate Marketing and Ads Network Are the Most Profitable Methods to Make Money From This Fashion Blog.

3. Finance(Income, Budget, Investing)

It Is One of the Most Profitable Niches Which Ad Revenue Is Very High Because of the High Paying Ads Company. If You Have Any Ideas on Personal Finance, Money Management, and Investing, Then You Can Start This Most Profitable Finance Blog.

There Are Many People Who Search Daily on Money Management and Different Types of Investing and Financial Advice. Good Research Can Also Help You to Start This Finance Website and You Can Cover Multiple Topics on Finance and Money Management.

4. Health

It Is a Very Broad Niche and There Any Many Topics to Cover. You Can Start It by Taking a Small Part of Health and Cover Different Topics in the Health Niche. There Are Many Niche Like Yoga, Mental Health, Physical Health. Female Health Care and Many More.

Choose Any of Them and Start a Blog, Because You Give a Solution or Tips in Your Article, Then There Is a Very High Chance to Sell Different Affiliate Products Without Any Hustle.

The Medical and Medicine Company Run Very High Paying Ads So There Is Good Chance to Make Money Also With Health Blog.

5. Skin Care

No One Can Understand Better on Skincare Compare to a Girl, So It Is the Best Niche to Start a Blog on Skincare. There Are Different Types of Skins in Your Body and It Requires Different Caring Tips and Different Solutions.

Start Blog on Skin Care and Target a Selected Audience to Convert More Revenue With Less Traffic. You Can Cover Different Skincare Tips and Tricks, Skin Care Creams, Skin Damage & Healing, and Other Kinds of Stuff Related to It and Promote Affiliate Marketing on Your Website.

6. Relationship

As Googles Data, There Are Millions of Searches That Happened Related to Relationship Every Year. It Is Also a Low Competitive Niche to Start a Blog Related to Relationships, Where You Can Provide Content Related to Personal Relationships, Relationship Tips, How to Get Bf or Gf, Girl's Mentality on Boys and Others.

Selling a Personal Book Is the Best Method to Generate Revenue From This Blog. Although You Can Use Ads Network to Monetize Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing Too.

7. Food

Most People Love to Eat and Many People Love to Cook, I Am the Eating One. There Are Different Topics in a Food Niche Along With Multiple Monetizing Methods.

It Is a Broad Niche and There Are Many Micro Niches, Which Are Under Cover. You Can Cover Different Foods, Regional Foods, Cover Different Recipes, Veg and Non-veg Food, and Many More.

Choosing a Micro Niche or Single Niche Is More Beneficial for You as Compared to the Broad Food Niche. Sell Personal Recipe Books on Your Blog and Monetize It With Google Adsense.

8. Product Selling Online

It Needs Some Investment and Digital Marketing Strategies to Run a Successful Products Selling Website, but It Is One of the Best Niches to Make Money Money From Online eCommerce. 

If You Are Choosing Any Niche Mentioned Above, You Can Add a Product Selling Section or Create a Separate Website Related to It.

Niche-Based Product Selling Website Is the Most Profitable Idea to Sell Products Easily. You Can Choose Beauty, Health, Skin Care Related Products and List Them on the Online E-store, Then Sell Them as an Affiliate Without Taking Any Shipping or Storing Problems, Just Promote and Earn.

If You Have Any Personal Product or Don't Want to Create a Website Then You Can Sell It on Amazon, eBay, Esty, or Many More Online Platforms.

9. E-commerce

Product Selling and E-commerce Is Close to the Same but With a Few Differences. In Product Selling, You Sell Other Products and Earn Common, but in eCommerce, You Can Sell Your Own Product by Opening an Estore Online. 

You Can Create an Ecommerce Platform With Domain and WordPress Hosting or Go With Different Ecommerce Platform Like Shopify, Woocmmrce, Wix, and Many Other Platforms.

It Is a Quick Result Online Business, Where You Invest Money and Get Sale. It Needs Some Skills and Experiments to Start and Makes It Profitable.

Multiple Methods to Monetize a Blog/website

There Is No Value of a Blog Without Any Montisizing Methods. There Are Many Niches, Where You Can Drive Millions of Traffic, but Those Are Valueless Without Earning Because Ultimately You Doing It for Living and Earn Some Revenue From It.

In the Most of the Blogging Niche, You Can Use Different Ad Networks to Monetize Your Blog Through Ads. It Is the Primary Method, That Every Blogger Use. There Are Many Popular Ads Platforms Like Adsense,, Ezoic, Mediavine.

Most of the Niche Mentioned Below Are Fully Green Signals for Super Affiliate Marketing. In All These Niches You Can Get a Targeted Audience So, It Will Help You to Sell Different Affiliate Products. You Can Sell Both Physical Products and Digital Products in Affiliate Marketing.

Sell Personal Products, and Courses to Your Customers and Sell Sponsored Post and Links. 

These Are the Top Methods to Make Money From a Blog, Exploring Your Niche Will Help You to Understand Your Audience and Help You to Choose Better Products to Sell.

WordPress VS Blogger

Best Platform to Choose (WordPress Vs Blogger)

Start a Blog as a Business Will Be More Profitable for You in the Long Term Perspective. It Needs a Little Investment to Start a Blog as a Business. It Needs an Investment of Less Than $100 to Start a Blog. Buy a Domain Name and Hosting to Live Your Blog on the Web.

If You Have No Money Then You Can Go With a Blogger Platform With a Custom Domain, Which Is Completely Free and Provided by Google, but There Are Multiple Disadvantages to Starting a Website on a Blogger.

So, I Can Recommend You to Go With a Web Hosting Like Bluehost, It Is Also Recommended by WordPress Officials and There Are Multiple Monetizing Methods in It. You Can Automate a Blog With the Help of a WordPress Website.


Learn About the Product Before Selling or Promoting, It Helps to Built Trust With the Customer and Makes an Audience Into a Permanent Loyal Follower. 

Use Click Bank, Digitstore, and Other Affiliate Programs and Cpa Programs to Monetize a Blog With Multiple Methods.

Focus on Seo and Keyword Research, Both These Skills Can Help to Drive Traffic and Rank Website Easily. These Are the Best Blloign Niche for Every Female if You Are Looking for More Ideas and Informative Post Then Visits Another Post of This Site

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