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15+ Best Ideas To Make Money From Blogger Website For Beginners In 2023

Want to Start a Blog Without Any Investment and Earn a Good Amount of Money?

If Your Answer Is Yes,

Then Stick With This Post and I Will Completely Describe, How to Start a Website on Blogger[On Free Blogspot] Without Any Investment and Earn a Good Amount of Money With Less Traffic and Work in 2023.

If you have Some Knowledge on Blogging and Thinking About whether Can I Make Money With Blogger or How to Make Money with Blogger?

Then I will Clear All your Doubts and Show you "Make money with a Free Blog in 2023".

It Doesn't Matter in Which Country You Live, What Is Your Financial Status and Who You Are, if You Have the Willingness to Work, Then You Can Do It With This Post.

I Will Share With You All the Smartest and Latest Methods to Earn From Free Google Blogger Website.

Majorly We Focus on Google Adsense Because Every New and Beginner Blogger Starts With This.

Ideas to Make Money From Free Blogger Website as a Beginner

Best Ideas to Make Money From Free Blogger Website as a Beginner [Huge & Legit]

If You Have Already Entered Into Blogging or a Beginner, Then Obviously You Get the Information About It Is Not a Quick Rich or Money Making Scheme. Of Course, You Can Make Money Online With Blogger, but It Takes Time. It Takes Some Time to Generate the First 100$, to Get a Payout From Adsense.

Check the Table of Content and Find What are the Best Topics We Cover in This Article

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But in This Post, You can find How to Make Money Blogging FastWe Tried Our Best to Help You Get the Payment Within 3 Months. If You Are Ready to Work Hard and Consistently in the Beginning, Then You Can Achieve the Mark Easily.

You Do the Hard Work and I Show You the Smartest Methods to Get the Fastest Success in Blogging Because There Are Already Many Bloggers in the Online Industry, Who Cannot Make Money Only With Working Hard for a Year.

In Blogger, There Are Only Basic Coding Languages Supported Like HTML, CSS, Javascript So You Cannot Create an Advance Tools Website, but You Can Easily Create a Content-based Website Without Coding in a Free Blogger Website.

We Can Not Create Tools Website or Anything Else, We Only Focus on Creating a Content-based Website. If You Are Ready to Write Then, I Already Do the Niche Research for You(Find Below).

There Are Million of People Who Love to Read Content on the Internet So There Is a Huge Chance to Create a Content-based Website and Make Money From It.

15+ Ideas To Make Money From Blogger Website [Best] For Beginners In 2023

There Are Many Niches to Start a Blog, but Every Niche Is Not Profitable if You Are Coming Here to Make Money From Blogging Then Forget About Writing on Your Passion or Intrest.

There Are Only a Few Niches, Which Are Very Profitable and Pays a Good CPC and Revenue to the Publisher. In This Post, We Only Focus on Them and Find Out All the Related Niches and Sub-niches Along With Keywords.

According to the Leading Marketing and Keyword Research Tool Semrush and Other Popular Digital Marketing Websites, There Are Only a Few Niches, Where Adsense Pay Very High CPC (Cost Per Click) and RPM if You Are a Beginner, It Means High Revenue.

These Are the Most Profitable Adsense Niches Where Cpc Is Around 30-60$ if Your Website Rank in Developed Countries Like USA, UK, Canada, Australia Etc.

Most Profitable Blogging Niche to Start a Blog

Most Profitable and High Paying Blogging Niche Are 

  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Mortgage
  • Attorney
  • Credit
  • Lawyer
  • Donate
  • Degree
  • Hosting

This Is the Another Report of Other Popular and Leading Marketing and Websites, Where Adsense Pays the Highest Numbers of CPC in the Previous Year 2020-2023.

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Marketing
  • Software
  • Real Estate
  • Home Improvement
  • Insurance
  • Finance

There Are Also Few Niches Where You Can Create Blog Related to It and Those Are Gas, Electricity, Donate, Degree, Conference Call, Treatment, Classes, Recovery, Trading, Transfer, Rehab, Claim. Took Any of the Above Niches and Start Learning and Content Writing.

Step By Step Guide to Start a Profitable Blog and Increase Traffic & Income [Full Guide + Secret Tips]

If You Think You Can Easily Create a Website in These Niches and Make 1000 of Dollars, Then You Are Wrong. Everyone Knows About This, and All These Are Super High Competitive Niches. There Are Already Many Pro Bloggers, in This Field and as a Beginner, You Cannot Beat Them. (But We Have an Another Way)

They Already Gain the Trust of Google So It Is Impossible to Outrank Their Website, but Don't Worry You Do Not Have to Compete With Them. We Use a Different Strategy to Make Money With Vey Less Traffic as a Beginner.

There Are Millions of Searches Daily on Google on Different Topics, and Many Blogs Are Related to the Queries. In 2023 People Focus on Creating Niche Based or Micro Niche Based Websites. In a Micro Niche, You Have to Target a Specific Micro Niche on a Broad Niche or Topic.

We Use 3 Amazing Methods to Get the Best Results for Income, Organic Traffic, and Organic Ranking. These 3 Things Are Needed to Be a Successful Blogger, and We Tried Our Best to Complete These 3 Achievements in Very Less Time Like Within 3 Months.

3 Major Things to Get Fast Success in Blogging

  • Create Highpaying Niche or Micro-Niche Based Website
  • Long-tail Keywords
  • Multiple Articles for Ranking and Traffic

We Tried Our Best to Make It as Simple as Possible. These Are the Best Methods to Hit the 100$ Achievement Very Fast. The Complete Elaboration Is Described Below.

Focus on All the Highest CPC Niches on the Top and Find Out Different Sub Topics, Micro Niche From Them. There Are Thousand of the Topic You Can Find From Them to Start a High Paying Blog.

Creating a Blogger Website on Google Blogspot Is Very Easy, Just Simply Go to Google and Sign Up on and You Are Ready to Go. You Can Easily Do It, So We Only Focus on the 3 Most Essential Topics to Get Fast Success With Blogger Website.

A RequestIf You Are Reading This Post Till Now, Then You Are Serious About Blogging, Here Is a Pro Tip, Use a Top-level Domain(.com) to Get the Best Results. It Is the Only and Best Investment You Can Do in Your Blogging Career as a Beginner(Cost Around 10$).{alertInfo}

A. Create a High Paying Niche and Micro Niche Blogs

In This Post, We Only Focus on High Cpc Keywords or Niches to Create a Blog. With the use of a High Cpc Blog, It Is Possible to Make Good Revenue With Few Clicks. In a Single Niche, We Find Out the Best Longtail Keywords and Write Multiple Posts on Them for the Best Results.

B. Longtail Keywords

Obviously, There Is a Doubt in Your Mind Why Long-tail Keywords and What Are the Benefits of Longtail Keywords?

Well, There Are Many Benefits Fo It. Long-tail Keywords Have Very Low Search Volume, It Is a Very Good Opportunity to Rank a New Blog Very Fast.

Benefits of Longtail Keywords

  • Low Competitive
  • Easy to Rank
  • Targeted Customers

There Is Very High Traffic and Cpc in Short Keywords, but These are the Most Competitive Keywords and There Is No Targeted Traffic. As a Beginner, You Can Not Rank a Blog With These Keywords.

Most of the Long Tail Keywords Are Very Low Competitive and It Is Easy to Rank a Blog With the Help of Longtail Keywords. If You Do Good Keyword Research, Then You Can Get the High CPC Longtail Keywords (I Have Already Do It for You). 

The Last One Is to Focus on Developed Countries Like the USA, Uk, Jerman, Australia to Get the Best CPC.

Best Related Niche & Sub Topics Blog Ideas From All the Highest-paid Blogging Niche

1. Insurance

According to the Report, It Is the Highest-paying Adsense Niche. You Can Easily Get 30-60$ Per Ad Click. It Is a Very Competitive Keyword, Where the Insurence Companies Ready to Pays a High Amount of Money Compare to Others. 

The Main Keywork Is Very Competitive, but You Can Create a Blog on Different Sub Niches Related to It.

Best High Paying Micro Niche Ideas Related to Insurance Keywords

Car Insurance
Life Insurance
Cheap Car Insurance
Home Insurance
Renters Insurance
Dental Insurance
Bike Insurance
Auto Insurance
Insurance Companies
Car Insurance Companies
Auto Insurance Quotes

Choose Any of These Keywords and Create a Micro Niche Based Website on Bloggers and Writing Content on It. There Are Many of the Highest-paid Keywords in This Niche, and You Can Also Use Them

Highest Paid Long Tail Keywords in the Insurance Niche

compare auto insurance online
free auto insurance quotes online comparison
texas auto insurance quotes online
car insurance quotes texas online
best place to get car insurance quotes
best place for car insurance quotes

2. Attorney/legal

It is Also One of the Highest Paid Adsense Niches, Where the Advertiser Pays a High Amount of Money to Run Ads. If You Have an Idea of  Legal/attorney or Retired Legal Officer and Want to Make Money With Your Knowledge, Then You Can Easily Start a Blog N This Niche. There Are Many Related and Subtopics in Legal to Start a Website.

Best Related and Sub-topics in Legal/Attorney to Start a Blog

Best Prepaid Legal Services
Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Low-cost Legal Services
Legal Plans
Legal Advice
Attorney Services
Car Lawyer
Affordable Lawyers
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Prepaid Legal Plans

These Are the Highest Paid Topics in Legal Where You Can Get Highest CPC and There Are Many Longtail Keywords You Can Choose to Rank Faster on Google.

Highest Paid Long Tail Keywords in Attorney Niche

best motorcycle accident lawyer near me
top rated motorcycle accident law firm
best auto injury lawyer
lawyers that handle car accidents
i need an accident lawyer
car accident injury lawyers
auto accident attorneys in my area
attorney at law car accidents

3. Finance & Loan

It Is Easy to Earn Money Where You Discuss Money. In Finance, Many Things You Can Cover in Your Blog and Also Create Different Related Topics. In This Niche, You Can Get High Cpc Very Easily and It Is Easy to Write Content as Compare to Other Topics Mentioned Above.

There Are Many Related Topics You Can Start in Finance and Create a Single Blog on the Niche. You Can Create Websites on Banking, Loans, Credit Cards Etc. There Are Hundreds of Related and Longtail Keywords You Can Find on Every Topic.

Best Related and Micro-topics in Loan & Finance to Start a Blog

Credit Card
Bank Loans
Bank Interest
Mortgage Rates
Credit Score
Cibil Score
Personal Loan

Cover Different Ideas Related to Loans, Credit Cards, Bank Intrest to Get the Best Ad Revenue. Obviously, It Is the Banking Sector, So There Is High Competition, and Hard to Rank a Blog So You Have to Focus on Low Competitive and Longtail Keywords to Rank a Blog and Generate Revenue From It. 

You can Also Use Youtube, Facebook, and Other Social media to drive traffic.

Highest Paid Long Tail Keywords in Finance Niche

IRS tax debt relief program
va loan multi family
tax credit for college students
structured settlement loan
structured settlement funding companies
loan against structured settlement
best tax relief programs
tax debt relief program

4. Marketing

Online World Is Growing and There Are Millions of People Use Internet Everyday, So Every Small Business to Large Industry Want to Market Online Their Business With the Help of Digital Marketing, So Marketing Is One of the Highest Paying Niche. 

The Competition Is Very High and the Advertiser Is Ready to Pay a Higher Amount as Compare to Others.

Marketing Is a Broad Niche and There Are Many Topics to Cover So You Can Choose Any of These as Per the Choice

Best Related and Sub-topics in Marketing to Start a Blog

Digital Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Paid Marketing
Content Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Online Marketing
Niche Market
Market Analysis
Marketing Plan

You Can Take Any of This as a Single Niche and Start Writing Content on Different Long-tail Key Words. There Are Many Low Competative and Long Tail Keywords in This Niche.

Highest Paid Long Tail Keywords in the Marketing Niche  

call tracking marketing
what is marketing channels
SEO and social media marketing services
affiliate marketing software free
marketing cloud software
what two types of marketing can be used on google display ads
what is distribution channel in marketing
salesforce marketing software
what is channel management in marketing

5. Home Improvement

It Is One of the Easiest and High Paying Blogging Niche to Start a Blog. There Are Many Brands and Businesses, Who Pays a High Amount of Money on Home Improvements and Decoration, So It Is Also Count in the Top High Paying Adsense Niche. 

Many Related Keywords, in This Niche. The Competition of This Is Low as Compare to Other Niches.

Best Related and Sub-topics in Home Improvement to Start a Blog

Home Renovation
Home Repair
Kitchen Renovation
Sound Proof Home
Interior Design Course
Home Interior Design
Bedroom Interior Design
Interior Decoration
Room Interior Design
Office Interior Design

Choose Any of These Micro niches and Start Writing Content Related to a Single Topic. Create Post on Multiple High Cpc Longtail Keywords to Get the Quick Organic Ranking and Traffic.

Highest Paid Long Tail Keywords in the Home Improvement Niche 

ac repair coral springs fl
emergency flood repair
flood restoration san diego
water damage repair san diego
fire and flood damage restoration
water damage san diego
emergency flood restoration

6. Medical and Health

Medical and Health Is Also a Very Big Industry, People Pays High Amount of Money in Health Sector for a Healthy Life and for Different Disease, So in the Medical Industry Invest a Very High Amount of Money to Drive Customers. 

Obviously, the Private Medical Sector Invest Money in It to Get More Customers. 

There Are Also Many Types of Health Issues and Health-related Products So Many Companies Also Invest in High Amounts to Sell Their Products. Health Is a Broad Niche, and You Can Take Any Related Niche to It and Earn Money From It.

Best Related and Sub-topics in Medical & Health to Start a Blog

Health Insurance
Health Care
Medical Insurance
Personal Trainer
Men's Health
Lose Weight
Women Health & Fitness
Calculate Bmi

And So on, There Are Hundreds of Blog Topics. The Best Benefit Is All These Keywords Are Very Profitable Along With High Search Volume. Find All the Best Related and Longtail Keywords to Rank Fast Organiccaly and Make Money From It.

Highest Paid Long Tail Keywords in the Medical and Health Niche 

express scripts tricare
oscar insurance providers
oscar health insurance florida
small business health insurance
alcohol withdrawal hospital treatment
best hospital for alcohol detox near me

7. Software & Hosting

There Are Many Small Businesses to Large Businesses in the Online Industry and They Need Different Types of Softwares and Hosting for Better Work Management and to Go Online. Most of the Software Launched by the Companies Are Saas Products.

The User Has to Pay Monthly or Yearly. It Is the Recurring Based Program, Where the Sofware and Hosting Provider Companies Invest Good Amount of Money to Run Ads and in Affiliate Marketing. 

There Are Many Web Hosting Companies and They Are Ready to Pay Higher Amount as Compare to Other and They Provider Both Ads and Affiliate a Very High Commission Rate.

There Is a Huge Potential and Just Need a Kick Start to Hit the Success.

Software & Hosting Niche Related Best Topics to Start a Blog

Software Developer
Software Company
Programming Software
Web Design Software
App Development Software
Game Development Software
Cloud Software
Hosting for Bloggers
Free Web Hosting
Wordpress Hosting
Shared Hosting
Cheap Web Hosting

Take Any of These Niches and Write Content and You Will Get the Highest Number of CPC. There Are Many Longtail, and Purchasing Keywords in This Niche and You Can Use Both Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. 

Highest Paid Long Tail Keywords in the Software & Hosting Niche 

top 10 help desk software
help desk software for small business
small business call center software
best online accounting program
best online colleges for accounting
customer software for small business

google cloud hosting pricing
flywheel website hosting
amazon AWS free web hosting
month to month wordpress hosting
best dedicated wordpress hosting
easiest wordpress hosting
best wordpress hosting for small business

Choose a Micro Niche From the Above Niche and Take the Longtail Keywords to Get the Best Results. Blogging Is Not a Quick Rich Business, It Takes Time to Grow but With All These Methods We Can Faster the Process to Get the First 100$ Payout From Google Adsense.

C. Multiple Articles for Ranking

You Cannot Rank Your Website With Only Low Competitive and Longtail Keywords Because the Number of Posts Is Also One of the Major Ranking Factors to Rank a Blog or Website. 

It Is My Personal Experience, and I Have Also Listen to Form Some of the Seo Experts That the Number of posts Is Definitely Matters to Rank a Website on Google.

Create 5 Long Form Articles(2500 to 5000 Words ) for the Piller of Your Website. It Is Called Piller Content, Then Create 15 Mid Form articles (1000 Words). 

At Last Create 20-30 Short Form Articles (500-700 Words). In This Way, You Can Create Multiple Posts for Your Website.

I Have Already Create Post on How to Write Engaging and Quality Articles Easily and Quickly, You Can Get the Knowledge and Start Creating Multiple Quality Articles.

Drive Traffic for Website in 2023

There Is No Value of Adsense Without Out Traffic Because, in Adsense, It Needs Traffic to Generate Clicks, Impressions, and Revenue.

But There Is a Catch Here !!!

If You Follow the 2nd Step and Write Multiple Articles on Low Competitive Long-tail Keywords, Then There Is a High Chance to Get Few Impressions and Organic Traffic From Google Within 3-4 Weeks. Share Your Posts on Different Social Media Like Facebook, Pinterest, and Whatsapp. Create Some Basic Backlinks.

Most Important! Here You Do Not Need High Traffic to Get the First Payout From Adsense, If You Create a Website From the Above Blogging Niche and Focus on Developed or Tier 1 Countries, Then You Can Get the CPC (Per Click) Around 3-4$ Because of the New Blog.

The Traffic, CPC, and Revenue Calculation

You Can Easily Get 2-3 Clicks With 200 to 300 Traffic Per Day. It Is Very Easy to Get 200 to 300 Page Views Per Day With 50+ Articles.

We Took the Lowest Numbers, Let's Do the Calculation of 2 Clicks of 2$ Per Day (in the Worst Scenario)

In One Month 30*2=60$

We Talk About in 3 Months Means 90 Days:- 90*2=180$

Obviously, There Are No or Fewer Posts in the First Month, and It Took Time for Organic Traffic, So You Can Create Around 150$+ Within 3 Months if You Work Hard and Create Multiple Posts. 

Ok, We Are Done With All the Methods Now It's Time for Creating Posts on bloggers, Then Apply for Adsense.

How to Apply for Adsense and Approve Website in 2023

How to Approve Adsense in Blogger

It Is Not Hard to Apply for Adsense, Highly Takes 5 Minutes, but There Are Few Rules to Follow to Get Your Site Approved. These Are the Few Strict Rules and You Can Easily Follow to Get Your Site Approved. 

Some Basic Criteria to Get Website Approved Are:-

  • Follow All the Guidelines of Adsense
  • Must Have Original Content (Take Ideas and Inspiration but Do Not Copy or Paste)
  • Write High-quality Content or a Better Version as Compare to Competitor
  • Create Content on Latest Topic in Your Niche
  • Write Long-form Content and Create Your Own Images
  • Submit Website On Google Search Console.

That's It, Now You Are Ready to Apply for Adsense and Also Ready to Get Your Site Approved. It Takes Some Time to Verify Your Website So Keep Working and Keep Posting.

How to Apply for Adsense in 2023

  1. Sign Up in Adsense
  2. Submit You Website Url Without Http or Https
  3. Copy the Code Provided by Adsense
  4. Go to the Blogger Theme Editor
  5. Paste the Code Under <head> Section & Save It


Blogging Is a Long Term Business and It Takes Time to Grow, You Cannot Get Over Night Success. It Needs Hardwork, Patient, and Consistency to Get the Result. If You Work Hard and Follow the Rules Then You Can Get the Adsense Payout Quickly.

Be Sincere With Yourself and Take It as a Challenge, Because Without Any Hard Work All These Rules Will Not Work. Create Quality Content and Do Blogging. 

We Hope You Get So Best Ideas on How to Make Money From a Free Blogger Website. For More Amazing Post Like This Visit Another Post on This Site.

please do not enter any spam link.

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