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How to Add Responsive Bottom Sticky Ads in Blogger in 2023 - Blogging Tips

Adding Responsive Sticky Ads is as Easy as Scrolling your Blogger Account. There are Only a Few Steps to Follow to Add Sticky Bottom Ads. There are Multiple benefits of It and You can Easily Implement it on your Blogger Website.

In this Post, We will Discuss, How to Add Bottom Sticky Ads to bloggers with the Latest and Advance methods. this is Very Easy to Implement and Will Boost your Adsense Revenue and Help you to Make More Money with Adsense.

How to Add Responsive Bottom Sticky Ads in Blogger

How to Add Responsive Bottom Sticky Ads in Blogger Website in 2023

After the Discontinue of Link Ads, the Revenue and CTR are Getting Down for Every Blogger. It is a Big Issue for Those, who totally Depend on Adsense Earning. You can use this Method and It will Definitely Increase your Clicks and Revenue in 2023. Sticky Ads is the Best Ad to get More Revenue and increase your RPM.

What is Footer Sticky Ads and Benefits of It

Hello Friends, Welcome to this new post, In this post, I will discuss How to Add the Best Sticky Ads to your Blogger Account. There are Multiple Benefits of adding Sticky ads in Blogger. Before We Move forward to the Steps Lets Lean Some Major Benefits of it:-

Some Benefits of Adding Footer Sticky Ads in Blogger:-

  • Safely Increase Your Adsense CTR(Click-Through-Rate)
  • 40%-70% Increase Your Revenue with Same Traffic
  • Helps to provide your High RPM
  • Give you Higher CPM(Cost Per Mile)

It is the Latest Method to Add Sticky Ads in Blogger in 2023. It will help to Get More Clicks and Also Increase the CTR and Revenue in your Adsense Account.

Before Doing this Process Make Sure to Take the Backup of your Blog

3 Important Things to Remember Before Adding Sticky Ads to Your Blog

  • a. Do Not Use Sticky ads, If you have a Gaming Website.
  • b.Do Not use it If you Have an Infinite Scrolling Website.
  • c.Cover Only 30% or Less Of your Website, Otherwise Your Website Will Be Ban.

Practical Guide to Add Sticky Ads in Blogger Website

1. Go To Your Adsense Account Then Click on "Ads">>By Ad Unit >> Then Create a New Display Ad Unit (Keep 2 Things in Your Mind In the Time Of Creating a Display Ad)

  1. It should be Fixed Ads not Responsive (As Show Below)Bottom Sticky Ads in Blogger
  2. Make it 900*90 Ads Size
Blogger Sticky Ads

Then, Copy Your Code From the Adsense

Blogger Sticky Ads

Now Copy the Code below

<script type='text/javascript'>
$(document).ready(function() {$(&#39;img#closed&#39;).click(function(){$(&#39;#bl_banner&#39;).hide(90);});});
<div id='fixedban' style='width:100%;margin:auto;text-align:center;float:none;overflow:hidden;display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:0;z-index:999;-webkit-transform:translateZ(0);'>
<a id='close-fixedban' onclick='document.getElementById(&quot;fixedban&quot;).style.display = &quot;none&quot;;' style='cursor:pointer;'><img alt='close' height='20' class="lazy" data-src='' style='vertical-align:middle; float:right;' title='close button' width='20'/></a></div>
<div style='text-align:middle;display:block;max-width:728px;height:auto;overflow:hidden;margin:auto'>

Add Your Adsense Code Here

Now Replace or Paste your Adsense Code at "Add Your Adsense Code Here" in the Upper Code. 

2. Now the First Part is Done. Then Open Your Blogger Account and Click On the Theme

Blogger Footer Ads

3.Click On Edit HTML(As Shown Below)

Sticky Ads for Blogger

4. Find </body> tag in the Code. Scroll Down and At the End, You can Find </body>

Add Responsive Bottom Sticky Ads in Blogger

5. Now Paste the Code before the </body> and then Save It.

CongratulationšŸ‘Œ. The process is complete and You are Now Ready to Increase your CTR and Revenue in Adsense. 

It is Legal Process and It will Definitely Help you to Grow your Adsense Income Safely

You can Also use Side Sticky Ads to increase your income, But Make Sure that It would not Cover the Content, Always Maintain a Distance Between your Content and Ads.

The Disadvantage of Adding Bottom Sticky Ads in Blogger

There is no Big Disadvantage of Adding Sticky Ads to bloggers. You can also use it in your WordPress Blog too and Increase your CTR in Adsense. Here you have to Face some issues Like:-

  • It will Decrease the Loading Speed of the Website
  • It will Cover your Downside content
  • LCP Score increase

There is also a Simple Solution to all these problems, which is the Lazy Adsense Code. You can use this Method to Increase your Site Speed along with your Income. Basically, It is a Method, in which the Ads will not appear until the User's First Reaction. you can also use this Method to Increase your Blogger Speed.


I hope you Like this Post and use it on your Website to Increase your income. For More Posts like this, you can also Visit another post On this site. We have all the latest Blogger Tips and Tricks to Optimize your Blog.


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