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5 Ways to Increase Adsense Earnings (High CPC) Boost Adsense Earning 2023

How To Improve Your Adsense. Many ways to increase Adsense income. However, this article will briefly discuss how your advertising can increase revenue by 200%. The income of Adsense does not survive CTR / CPC, CPC, and CTR.

5 Ways to Increase Adsense Earnings 2023 | Adsense Earning 2023
Increase Adsense Earnings 2023

Understanding CTR is the click-through rate, a term used to calculate the percentage of ad clicks that occur every 1000 times from ad performance on your blog or channel, or as a comparison of the term CTR in terms of percentage other than CTR.

It can be understood in There is another CPC content that is also of significant importance in determining the amount of income, the word CTR appears on the display of USA Adsense, while the word CTR appears on Indonesian Adsense. Read also What is Adsense CPC? How to increase CPC by increasing CPC.

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# 5 Ways to Increase Adsense Earnings by 200%

Here are 5 proven ways about the best way to increase your AdSense income.

1. Install high-value Adsense ad formats

For AdSense earnings that still has not increased. Try applying this one ad size to your blog. One format that works well for the majority is the Large Rectangle (336X280). The same format has a tendency to produce higher CTRs or click-through rates. Why choose this format from several people you can use? Basically, because the ad will look like a normal web link, and people, who are used to clicking it, click on this type of link. They may or may not know that they are clicking on your Adsense, but as long as there are clicks, everything will be your benefit.

2. Create ad units that can increase revenue by 200%

Adsense has many ad colors. If the color of the ad matches the theme of your blog. Falsifying your advertising money, as the occurrence of advertisements is relevant to your blog. Choose a color that matches the background of your site. If the background of your site is white, try using white as the color and background of your ad's border. The idea for a color pattern is to look like Adsense, it is part of a web page. Then, it will generate more clicks from people visiting your site.

3. Increase Adsense earnings by posting ads at the header header

Do not try to hide your Adsense to make Adsense get up to 200% income. Keep them in a place where people can see them quickly. You will be surprised at how the difference between Adsense places can happen when you look at your income.

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4. Establish external links for relevant websites

If you feel that some sites are better than others, then place your ads there and try to maintain and manage them. If a lot of Adsense has already been added to that particular site, then put yours on top of all of them. In this way, visitors will first see your ad after searching the site.

5. Optimize Adsense Ad Unit Earnings with Experiment

Try to insert your AdSense code into web pages using SSI (or server-side included). Ask your web administrator whether your server supports SSI. How do you do it Just save your Adsense code in a text file, save it as "AdSense text", and upload it to the root directory of the webserver? Then call the code on another page, using SSI. This tip is a time saver especially for those who use an automated page generator to generate pages on their website.

These are some tips that have worked well for some who want to produce hundreds or thousands on their website. It is important to know that the advertisement is displayed because it matches the interests of the viewing public. So your main goal should be to focus on a particular topic because the performance will be specifically targeted to the subjects that will be seen by people.

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Also, note that there are many other Adsense that share the same topic as you. It is a good idea to think about making a good advertisement that will be slightly different and unique than what you have already done. Every clickthrough that creates a visitor is a point for you so that every click counts by making your ad something that people will definitely click on.

Increase Revenue with Adsense CPC Value for Search

AdSense for search (AFS) or AdSense for search is a free product of Google Adsense that allows you to place a special search engine on your site. AdSense for search (AFS) or AdSense for search provides web search for blog or site visitors. Adsense for search will also earn you revenue from relevant advertisements on search result pages.

Some benefits of AdSense for search:

1. We can determine and limit what content or sites will be searched by search engines by users on our blog page. For example, the search engine we create will only browse our site or may also group other sites.
2. Monetize search result pages with targeted Adsense ads: Your search results pages will display relevant Adsense ads and you will earn income when users click on these ads.

How much does CPC AdSense cost for search?

You may be asking what the value of CPC offered by this AdSense search is. I think the value of CPC is not much different from Adsense for blog content. Based on the price paid by advertisers to Google. And even the CPC value of Adsense ads for my search is higher than AdSense for content.

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How to create a special search engine

To create a new Custom Search Engine for your site, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your AdSense account.
2. In the left navigation pane, click on My Ads.
3. Click Search.
4. Click + New Custom Search Engine.
5. Name your search engine.
6. (Optional) Optimize your Custom Search Engine: See Optimization Options.
  • Choose whether you want the search engine to search the entire web or the specific site you have listed.
  • Choose the keywords you want to use. Make sure that we promote the most relevant ads and pages in your search engine's search results. Learn more about keywords for AdSense for Search.
  • If you want to use Google SafeSearch, leave the box. Google's Safe Search filter will filter sites that contain pornography and sexually explicit content and remove it from search results. While none of the filters are 100% accurate, the Google filter uses unique proprietary technology that checks phrases and keywords, URLs, and open directory categories.
  • Select which country version of Google to search through your search box. For example, search results can come from,, etc.
  • Choose the main language of your site.
  • Select the encoding you want to use for your search engine. We recommend that you select the search encoding that matches the browser encoding.
  • Choose your transliteration language. Enabling transliteration for your search engine allows site visitors to type queries phonetically in English and display those queries in other languages. Learn more about transliteration.
  • Choose whether you want to use popular queries. Popular queries are features that allow users to see what other people on your site are looking for. Popular queries are updated every day and dynamically display the latest data.'
  • In the "Custom Channels" section, set a custom channel if you want to track search engine performance. Learn more about custom channels.
  • In the "Search Box Style" section, choose a style for the search box on your search engine.
  • In the "Search Results" section, select the desired way to display search results on pages on your site, for example, Google Pages in the same window, Google Pages in a new window, etc.

Other Ways to Increase Adsense Earnings 

Quality content 

Many types of content exist and circulate around us, and all types can be found on the Internet or in other media such as books and magazines. The material is then sought because it contains information that can satisfy the needs of the people.

According to Wikipedia, content is information available on media or electronic products. Content can be presented through various media such as conferences such as the Internet, television, CDs, or live events.

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The content itself has a variety, such as opinions, coverage, letters, infographics, coverage, reviews, interviews, and more. Of the various existing material, of course, the material can be considered interesting if it contains useful things. However, apart from being useful, there are other things that can be considered as ingredients that can be said to be of high quality.

First, long materials and many materials are not necessarily of high quality.

Whether or not a material can be measured by an indicator of quality and the quantity of material made cannot be ascertained. It does not matter if you want to create short content, because people do not like to read too much. But keep in mind, the content that is kept low should also have clear content so that readers can easily understand it.

Second, focus on the content.

This needs attention. Most content creators focus only on how their content can be read and attract the attention of many. In fact, the most important thing that needs to be focused on is the content. By focusing on the content, the content will be of high quality. By creating quality content, readers will come naturally.

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Therefore, writing content that is interesting, easy to use, easy to understand, and interesting. You can use points, subheadings, images, etc.

Increase ADSENSE CPC with Responsive Templates

High CTR Responsive SEO Templates to increase Adsense Earnings. When you are accepted as an ad publisher / Adsense publisher, you definitely want to earn income immediately from the advertisements posted on your blog/website.

This is undisputed, the high and low commissions derived from advertising will definitely affect the mindset of the blog/website owner, it is definitely a pleasure if the income from advertising is high, so that your enthusiasm in managing the website by providing this article Increases are useful for others, but are you ready if your income is small, especially for those who do work measured by value for money.

The income derived from the fish and the articles served are broadly according to the number of visitors, before you expect a lot of money from the blog that you manage it if you can provide readers We also have a balance with Hain.

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If all is done, for example, many articles, visitors to your website get a lot, but why a little income, if so maybe you need to pay attention to the layout template used on your blog/website is.

It is necessary to add responsive themes and templates to the blog website as discussed earlier. Well, using responsive templates and themes will result in an increase in the CPC rate.

Make sure that you need to use templates and themes that can be responsive on different phones, tabs, computers, laptops, etc. and can be displayed at different screen resolutions.


Remember, CTR that is too high / too high is also very dangerous for the continuation of your AdSense account if it is not balanced with quality content and as per the advice of Google Adsense is really useful and ad space, because This is invalid clicks and smart thus pricing can be considered the cause of blog/website hits and in the end, the AdSense account is permanently banned.

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