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Sad Love Status In English For Girlfriend [Latest] Break Up Quotes

Get the Best Sad Love Status and Breakup Status that touch your heart. Express your feelings with the Best Sad Love Status in English. Welcome to my new post, in which I am sharing with you my best collection Best Love Status in Hindi For Girlfriend, then you can share this status with your Girlfriend, this is my latest Love Status In Hindi collection. Enjoy and share and you can also share in social media. For more Status and Quotes Visit another Post of this Site.
Sad Love Status In English For Girlfriend

Sad Love Status In English For Girlfriend [Latest] Break Up Quotes

Neither do I come to heart nor I understand, if I give kisses,
I will come now !!

Even if I want, I may not write those words,
which you can understand by reading, how much I love you !!

You are the password to my happiness, do
not ask me again who are you !!

What kissed her lips once she cried,
now Pagli pretends to cry every day!!

She has been such a part of my life, more than my breath count,
my name comes on my tongue !!

May I also become a terrorist in your love
, take you in the arms and fly away from the bomb !!

The result turned out to be a bit of a mind and a heart,
that both were lost in your love !!

Do not blame me, why do we stare at you so much,
go and ask him why he made you laugh so much !!

Aware of my weakness,
she cries and I lose !!

Breakup up Quotes in English

Your face which stays in my eyes,
even stranger faces seem familiar !!

Come in front of you as a bride,
God will swear to give life in your face !!

Chaman flowers also call you roses,
not only we call you wonderful !!

I am the one who used to say what is there in love,
nowadays a quiver has kept me in the limelight !!

I will give you so much love for you,
people will laugh to get luck like you !!

Do not know how they would have seen the mirror,
whose world is looking at the eyes !!

People try to be patient with me,
mentioning you again and again !!

Know what is bad in his eyes,
do as much as he can, the eye falls on him !!

See, Pagli, don't understand that we are not capable of you, we
are still suffering and we do not have any Haseel !!

What did your eyes sign on our eyes, we made a
breath of breath in your name !!

I had just seen for the sake of a glance,
what was the news that you will get absorbed in the blood!

Here is a small list of my wishes,
first of all you and lastly you too !!

He said we are like day and night, we can never be one,
I said let's meet in the evening !!

If you want to see my desire, then keep your heart on my heart and see, if
your blow does not increase, then give up my love !!

Sad Love Status For Girlfriend

We are the ones who know the truth by putting eyes in their eyes, you have love,
so that is why your lies are also accepted as true !!

He said that the sea of ​​love is very deep,
I said that drowners do not think !!

Anyone else wants you, this heart burns a little,
but I am worried that everyone dies on my choice !!

Listen ... Whenever I see you
, I feel how beautiful the world is !!

Drugs will not allow these eyes to live any longer,
which seemed like it would not allow you to drink anything else !!

If you do not ask for the reason, then I can say one thing,
without you now I do not live !!

If it was possible, keeping you alive in the chest,
if you stop then I am not and if I die you will not !!

He asked me what is the value of laughter,
I said that you smile !!

Oh God, nothing else, make the air for a moment, I
swear I will come back only after touching it !!

Heart Touching Quotes and Sad Status

Will any gunshot me, we are sitting injured by his eyes

I wish I could write such ghazals in your memory,
your face can be seen in every alphabet !!

Do not know what innocence is on your face,
it is better to see you in secret than in front of you !!

I am getting drunk on your memories, I am
writing to you and becoming famous !!

The world knows the moving lips,
I am looking for someone who can read my silence !!

That lakh will be worshiped by you, but you are not happy, O God, if
she goes to the temple then to go through my street !!

Sad Love Quotes and Shayari in English

May God not give me the rest of my life,
he has agreed to walk with great difficulty !!

We can also build Taj Mahal to show it,
but let Mumtaz die, we are not that Shah Jahan !!

Just one person is stubbornness in my heart,
no one wants more than this or no one else !!

Thorns were bound to come in luck,
which was full of rose lime !!

I saw the sun, saw the sun and saw the sky, when
you saw it, it felt like seeing the moon for the first time !!

The heart of the heart is lost by finding you in dreams,
whatever I stop myself, you fall in love with me !!

Every one of his complaints gives testimony to love,
otherwise, who bothers with strangers?

There is nothing in my yearning, I have
heard that his heart is still in the mirror !!

I slept, saying goodbye to my life, friends,
someone's shelter has made me wake up again !!

Imprisonment is eating without bars,
your eyes are like this !!

I wish he could come and say someday with love,
how eager is it? I am yours, keep your peace !!

There were only two ways of not having love,
or it would not have happened or you would not have happened !!
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