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(917+) Cool & Funny Instagram Notes in English 2023 - Comedy IG Notes Ideas

Welcome Friends to the Amazing Post of Cool and Funny Instagram Notes Ideas, Here in This Post, We Have Shared All the Best Cool Instagram Notes That Will Make Your Social Profile More Attractive. 

Here We Have Shared the Biggest Collection of Witty Instagram Notes Ideas Like VIP, Cool, Attractive, Attitude, Cool, Aesthetic, Amazing, Love, and Other Categories. 

So if You Are Looking for the Best One Bio Along With the Symbols and Emojis, Then You Are at the Right Place. Here You Will Find All the Best Cool Instagram Note Ideas in English, Funny Instagram Note Ideas With Emojis

The Growth of Different Social Media Platforms is Very High and the Major Platforms Are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Others. So Choose the Best One and Comment That You Like. 

For More Cool and Attractive Bios, Captions, Wishes, Comments, and Status, Then Visit Other Posts on Our Site.

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Funny Instagram Notes in English | Laughing Notes | Witty Notes

Funny Instagram Notes

Funny Instagram Notes Ideas

  • Instagram Notes Are Useless Like You Are.
  • Buffering
  • The Bag Under My Eyes is Gucci.
  • More Issues Than Vogue.
  • Nine O’clock is Wine Time.
  • Don’t Lose Faith.
  • The Rotation of the Earth Really Makes My Day
  • It’s Insane How We Ignore the Second the by Nature
  • Why Did the Tomato Turn Red? Because It Saw the Salad Dressing!
  • I'm Not Old, I'm Just Chronologically Gifted.
  • I'm Not a Morning Person, I'm a Breakfast Enthusiast.
  • I'm Not a Perfectionist, I Just Have High Standards.
  • What Do You Call a Fake Noodle? An Impasta!
  • Same Shit, Different Days
  • I'm Not Lazy, I'm Just Conserving My Energy.
  • I'm Not Short, I'm Just Concentrating Awesome.
  • I'm Not Weird, I'm Limited Edition.
  • Dating Tips: Don't
  • Why Don't Ants Get Sick? Because They Have Tiny Ant-bodies!
  • Why Did the Coffee File a Police Report? It Got Mugged!
  • I'm Not a Morning Person, I'm a Coffee Person.
  • I'm Not Arguing, I'm Just Explaining Why You're Wrong.
  • I'm Not Lazy, I'm Just in Energy-saving Mode.
  • I'm Not Sarcastic, I'm Just Fluent in Smartass.

Funny Instagram Notes in English

Witty Instagram Notes Ideas

  • Instagram Notes Are Nothing but a New Way of Sliding Into Their Dms
  • Instagram Really Needs a Search the Name in Story Views Option More Than Notes
  • Who Called It Instagram Notes and Not Sliding Into People’s Dms Campaign
  • You Think Your Instagram Notes Are Funny?
  • Habibi Come to Twitter
  • The Day I Said That I Like Twitter More Than Instagram on Instagram Notes, I Stopped Using Twitter..
  • Instagram Notes Feature is as Useless as the Gpay Rewards.
  • In the Era of Instagram Notes Find Someone Who Still Prefer Handwritten Notes
  • Instagram Notes Making People Realise Why Twitter Users Are Always Tweeting Random Bullshit.
  • Instagram Notes is a Good Way to Know Who to Unfollow
  • Instagram Notes is a Copied Version of Twitter…
  • So Are We Still Supposed to Tweet or Leave Stupid Instagram Notes
  • People Post Tweets on Instagram. So Insta Started a Note Feature After Feeling Fomo.
  • How to Disable This Notes Section on Instagram Tell Fast
  • Instagram Notes Hai Ya Notice Board!?
  • Instagram is the New Twitter..☕
  • I Slid Into Your Dms and Started Falling for You..😂
Funny Instagram Notes Ideas

Funny Instagram Notes Ideas With Emoji

  1. Teacher Hu. Instagram Pr Sbke Notes Check Krti Hu.. 🙂
  2. Everyone is Acting Like a Therapist With These Instagram Notes Lately
  3. Bro Stop With This Instagram Notes Thing.
  4. Dear Crush, You Didn’t Even Learn From Instagram Notes How to Slide in My Dm
  5. Instagram Notes is a Good Way to Tell Your Crush Hi Indirectly.
  6. There Should Be an E-slap Feature on Instagram for Every Person Posting Notes.
  7. Why Are My Instagram Notes Visible to the People I Hid My Stories From. Fml
  8. I Guess I’m the Only One Left Who Never Used Instagram’s Notes Feature.
  9. People Are Gonna Use Instagram Notes to Slide Into Dms Now Nice
  10. People Using the Notes Feature on Instagram Clearly Haven’t Installed Twitter Before Lmao
  11. What We Want – Notes in Wallet What We Get – Notes in Instagram Dm
  12. My Favourite Pass Time These Days is Reading People’s Instagram Notes and Judging Them 😮‍💨

Savage and Funny Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. Irony is Having Notes in Instagram and Not in My Wallet
  2. Whats the Use of Instagram Notes ?
  3. Ab Sare Log Instagram Notes Pe Motivational Speaker Ban Hue Hai
  4. I Open Instagram Watch the First 3 Stories, Mute 5 People From Notes and Close It
  5. Is It Possible to Turn Off Notes on Instagram?
  6. Need to Find a New Crush, the Last One Just Posted Instagram Notes.
  7. Why Say Instagram Notes and Not Random Thoughts..?
  8. Notes Feature of Instagram is Nothing but One More Way of Sliding Into Dms.
  9. The Notes Thing on Instagram Made Me Realise How Grateful I Am That Half of Them Aren’t on Twitter
  10. What in the World is Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes Frequently Asked Questions (FnQ)

What Are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Globally Launched "Notes" Feature for Both Android and Ios Users All Over the World. It an Another New Feature Launched by Instagram Where You Can Directly Interact With Your Friends and Followers.

Features of Instagram Notes:-

  • Only One Note Can Be Shared at One Time 
  • It Last for 24 Hours, and Then You Can Write a New One. 
  • You Can Also Reply to the Notes 
  • Share Your Thoughts and Current Mood with Your Friends

How to Use Instagram Notes? Create Your First Note

Here I Will Help You to Create Professional Instagram Notes Step by Step Which is Easy and You Can Also Copy Paste the Best Instagram Notes Ideas on This Post and Directly Add in Your Notes. 

So Follow the Below Steps 

  1. Update the App and Open Your Instagram.
  2. Go to the DM Section and See the Notes Feature.
  3. Tap on ‘your Note’
  4. Write Anything in 60 Characters or Copy and Paste From Here
  5. You Will See 2 Options to Share the Note.
  6. Share With Followers You Follow Back.
  7. Share With Close Friends.
  8. Choose Anything That You Like. 
Now You Are Done With Your First Instagram Notes.


We Have Shared Different Types of Instagram Note Ideas Which You Can Choose According to Your Moods, So We Hope That You Get the Best Instagram Notes for Yourself and if You Are Looking for More Cool Bio, Captions, and Wishes Then Also Visit Other Posts on This Site.

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