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9 Steps to Get AdSense Approval in 2023 on Blogger and WordPress [Tips]

It Is the Dream of Every New Blogger to Approve a Website in Adsense.

But Most of the Time Adsense Is Rejected😭.

If You Are Is One of Them and Looking for How to get AdSense Approval for Blogger along with WordPress, Then This Complete Post, in This Post I Will Share All the Best and Latest Methods to Approve Adsense With Special Tips.

There Are Multiple Monetizing Methods in Blogging to Monetize a Blog, but Every New Blogger Only Focuses on It. But Most of the Time Adsense Rejects the Website and the New Blogger Get Demotivate.

There Are Multiple Reasons for It, but We Discuss Them Later in This Post, First Go With the Amazing Adsense Approval Process, and I Also Discuss Also, What to Do if Your Site Is Rejected From Adsense, to Get the Your Site Approved.

Before We Discuss the Adsense Approval Process, Let's Learn Some Amazing Facts About It. Obviously, You Watched Many Adsense Approval Video on Youtube, and They Told About Some Specific Rules to Follow, but My Methods Is Completely Different From Them.

Get AdSense Approval On Blogger

9 Steps to Get AdSense Approval in 2023 on Blogger and WordPress [Tips]

There Are Two Platforms to Start a Website One Is Blogger and Another Is Wordpress. I Prefer You to Go With Wordpress, Because There Are Many Features to Give Your Site a Professional Look, but There Is No Problem With Blogger Website.

Because Adsense Focuses on Quality Content, of Course, Design Matter but Not Higher Than Content. The Rule Is a Little Bit Difficult the Chance Is So High to Get Approval.

Adsense Approval Blogger in 2023 | Get AdSense Approval on Blogger and WordPress in 2023

You Cannot Create a Product Selling or Listing Website on Blogger, So We Have to Go With a Content-based Website to Get Adsense Approval. 

There Is No Partiality of Adsense for Blogger and Wordpress So You Can Work Free on Any Platform and Get Your Website Approved. You can also use this on How to Check Website for AdSense approval.

1. Choose a Single Niche(Topic)

Niche Is Very Important for Adsense Approval and Ranking So Find a Good Niche, in Which You Can Write Multiple Long Articles.

2. Article Writing

Write 4-5 Articles Only(Yes ). But There Is Some Condition to Follow. Make Sure the Article Will Be as Long as Possible From 4000 to 5000. Follow the Adsense Rule and Create Long Format Articles(in-depth).

3. Originality

Don't Copy the Content of Other Websites, Because Content Plays a Major Role in Adsense Approval, So Focus on Originality Along With Create Your Own Images With Canva or Other Editing Apps.

4. Most Important Pages

There Is a Difference Between Page and Post, So Create the 5 Most Important Pages, Which Are About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition, and Disclaimer. 

Don't Worry You Do Not Have to Write These Posts, You Can Find Many Online Tools for These Pages and Then Create Them for Free.

5. Top-Level Domain

A Domain Name Directly Refers to the Brand, So Choose a Greater Domain Name With a Top Level Domain Extention(.com). It Will Help You in the Long Run and Also in Adsense Approval. Make Sure Is Your Domain Is at Least 15 to 30 Days Old to Get the Approval.

6. Website Submission

After Website Creating, Create an Account on Google Search Console and Submit Website Url on Google Search Console and Properly Index Every Url With the Link. Make Sure Every Link Is Visible on Google.

You Can Check It by Searching:-

In This Way, You Can Find, How Many Urls Are Indexed on Google, if All Your Urls Get Indexed, Then Go to the Next Step.

7. Upload Time

You Cannot Upload All Post and in One Day and Then Apply for Adsense, You Have to Upload a Post in Every 2 Days and Then Index Your Post.

8. Customization

It Needs Proper Navigation to Get Your Site Approved, So Customize Your Site With a Good, Seo Friendly, and Light Weight Theme.

If You Do All the Above Steps Then You Are Ready and Then After 15 Days of Domain Purchase Apply for the Adsense Approval Process.

It Took Few Days to Approve Your Site.

How to Approve Adsense

How to Apply for Adsense and Approve Website in 2023

It Is Not Hard to Apply for Adsense, Highly Takes 5 Minutes, but There Are Few Rules to Follow to Get Your Site Approved. These Are the Few Strict Rules and You Can Easily Follow to Get Your Site Approved. 

  • Some Basic Criteria to Get Website Approved Are:-
  • Follow All the Guidelines of Adsense
  • Must Have Original Content (Take Ideas and Inspiration but Do Not Copy or Paste)
  • Write High-quality Content or a Better Version as Compare to Competitor
  • Create Content on Latest Topic in Your Niche
  • Write Long-form Content and Create Your Own Images

That's It, Now You Are Ready to Apply for Adsense and Also Ready to Get Your Site Approved. It Takes Some Time to Verify Your Website So Keep Working and Keep Posting.

How to Apply for Adsense in 2023

  1. Sign Up in Adsense
  2. Submit You Website Url Without Http or Https
  3. Copy the Code Provided by Adsense
  4. Go to the Blogger Theme Editor
  5. Paste the Code Under <head> Section & Save It

Use Auto Ads and Manual Ads

Use Both Auto Ads and Manual Ads on Your Website, Both of Them Have Their Advantage, but Try to Focus on Good Ads Placement to Generate the Maximum Revenue.

Do This, if Your Site Is Rejected From Adsense

There Is No Direct Official Statement of Adsense Approval and Your Site Get Approved. If You Follow the Rules and Still Your Site Gets Disapproved Then Do Any of These Processes and Then Reply.

  • Check Your Website if Everything Is Right, Then Reply Without Doing Anything.
  • If First Method Doesn't Work, Then Create Another 1 or 2 Posts and Then Again Apply for Adsense.
  • If the Upper Method Doesn't Work, Then Change the Theme and Again Reapply.

If Everything Is Good From Your Side, Then Keep Reapplying, Sometimes There Are Some Glitches and Issues From Adsense Side, So Keep Apply From Your Side and You Can Find After Days That Your Site Get the Adsense Approval.


I Tried My Best to Share All My Personal Experiences, to Approve a Website From Adsense in 2023. Try Your Best and Provide All the Latest and Quality Information to Get Adsense Approval. For More Information Post Visit Another Post of This Site.

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