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Whatsapp Love Status and[239+BEST] Romantic Status in English

Looking for the best love status to impress your GF or bf, if your s then you are in the right place. Here you find all the best and latest WhatsApp Love Status and Romantic status in English that blows your mind. Share all these best love status and cute romantic status on your social media and show your love. If you are looking for more romantic quotes and status please visit another post of this site. Here you find all the best love images, English love status, Romantic quotes and Shayari, and many more.
Love Status in English
Love Status in English

Whatsapp Love Status and Romantic Status in English


When you are  đŸ‘¸ near   , đŸ‘Ģ then time, I  đŸ•feel like
handcuffing  đŸ˜Œ ..

Love is   like a đŸ˜˜ cold  ☃, if it makes you  đŸ˜ sick  đŸ¤’ ..

    O God, when you make me
    mix a little clay,
    you cannot make
    me into that, then make me like that

    Cute Love Status in English

    If  đŸ˜Š someone  đŸ‘¤ starts đŸ‘Ģ worrying more than you in 
    life then life đŸŒˆ becomes paradise  ..


    Have heard ..
    Across these clouds is the city of souls ..
    We will meet there .. You remember my name .. !!

    Latest Love Whatsapp Status in English


    You will get many like me,
    but remember i will never meet them all


    👉.. Have đŸ™Œ a car in hand .. đŸš˜ # ..
    đŸŽŧMuSiC strong_who .. #
    sitting with me my friend .. đŸ‘Ŧ#
    And  đŸ‘€ every girl watching said that I wish my Py r_ ..


    This is my love, not someone else ,,,,,,,
    I will be lonely… I will still be yours….!


    You are đŸ‘¸ mine👨🌎 what do you✋take from the world  ..

    English Love Status and Quotes

    Sometimes you get so relieved by seeing you,
    that the heart wants to just keep looking at you all day.
    Just come early today in the dream ..
    Today, I have a big heart to talk to you all my life ..

    Love is my reason away from me,
    if there was stubbornness I would have been in arms till evening.

    I want to hide you in my heart, because this era is very bad !!
    I am feeling melted after seeing your picture, just touch it and tell me that there is no wax in it.

    How much you have to walk,
    dear just go through my heart and get into this heart !! "


    How innocent I wish today, that I should hear your name with your voice !!


    May your heart is photographed on the wall of my heart, and your fate should be in your hands !!

    Fb Love Status and Images

    Not yet figured among these thy Faslo
    O God ..!
    We are not entitled to it ..
    or… We have no
    power in our prayers.

    Love status for girlfriend

    If I rest my head elsewhere, I do not get any rest, my
    heart is completely unaware of the shoulder.
    May have thought something about  đŸ˜˜ Kaynath on your  đŸ‘Š relationship with me,
    otherwise  why would you talk to me đŸŒŽ in such a big  world  đŸ‘¨.
    Who  will truly  đŸ‘Œ love  ❤you,
    it will never be BĪ…Ņ•y for you...
    Why are you admiring us with so much love,
    imagine that you will not be yourself!
    You  đŸ‘ąhold the hatred, continue till the doom,
     will💓not ❌give up resignation from love, till death.
    Sit in front of the heart  ❤ of the agreement  đŸ˜˜ will,
    as you will see😘 will be ₹ as Pya.
    I wrote my book in my hands and
    read it you will learn to love it.
    Heart  ❤ gladly  đŸ˜Š occurred when the crazy one  đŸ‘° said, by
    the Options then Both, the Decision only💑 you...
    It is my dream to meet you,
    but I do not have such a moment to forget you !!
    If you want to throb in my beats, feel it !!
    English love status
    * This life is going through a very delicate phase .. *
    * You are not satisfied with anyone other than you...
    "There is no hope of meeting you;
    So life would not be sad like this today;
    Sometimes you get a picture that is yours;
    So we would not have found you today. "

    Romantic Lines and Love Lines

    Neither do I want this moon, nor do
    want this plank, I just want this glimpse of you !!
    Dear  đŸ‘¸ Ex, You became a mistress,  đŸ‘‘ we were your slaves,
    ever since the đŸ™breakup has taken place😌 .
    Person đŸ‘ will be good  only then they will đŸ‘š become enemies  ,
    otherwise who đŸ‘Ž is looking towards  bad  đŸ™„ ..
    There was no lack of my loved ones, then why that stranger settled in my heart !!
    As such, there is no proof that you are mine,
    this relationship of heart only goes on with confidence !!
    Who says they are not like,
    see how much your heart meets my heart !!
    I have not loved myself
    as much as I loved you !!
    Do not know if there is love or something, but where you are from someone else!
    We were poets, but we forgot poetry in this love !!
    In your wish, we became the market of Ruswa Surrey,
    We lost our heart and we are the culprits !!

    You look so good even when you are away,
    not knowing how good you would have been if you had passed. đŸŒš


    There đŸ™‹‍♂️ should be at least one such person in everyone's life 
    who loves and cares for us with a true heart.


    Say one thing -  đŸ—Ŗ️
    some memories, some things, some people and relationships made from them, can
    never be forgotten.


    * The first meeting was… something like that happened… *
    * They kept taking care of the child… and we were heart…. *


    To see you and just keep looking .. as
    if getting in the river and getting carried away ..


    * Well you do not understand me .. *
    * Why did I cry after smiling .. *


    The gum did not let you laugh, the world did not let us cry, your
    sleep💤 did not allow you to sleep. đŸ’­


    If someone is found in such a way that you are not separated again,
    understand my mood and never get angry,
    share your loneliness with your feeling,
    give so much love which no one else has before.


    The heart of the heart is lost by finding you in dreams, the more
    I stop myself I fall in love with you.


    Hopefully ! There would also be an election season for the hearts,
    the pits of emotions would have been filled in just five years.


    I wish everyone had such a person,
    Those who support them wholeheartedly in bad times.


    I wish you ask me what
    look like, I should hug and say… everything.


    We will do such a thing in your love ..
    People will see you and I will miss you ..


    It feels good  đŸ¤— when someone says
    , I am not right with you. đŸ™‚


    There is laughter on the face and moisture in the eyes.
    Every breath says, you just lack.


    Feel incomplete life….
    I miss you….


    Whose fragrance is haunting the heart, the
    agreement that is in the heart… is it not in love?


    If something is to be made, then become roses
    Because this flower also leaves a fragrance in his hand,
    Which crushes and throws it.


    How much love do you have, how
    can I tell it with the help of words, where should I get my feeling, now the testimony.


    All happiness will be done in your name
    Life too will be sacrificed on you,
    You will cry remembering us,
    We will fill your love with so much love.


    The case will go on all the lovers in the sky,
    whom the moon tells to his lover.


    His rose was in the book of hearts,
    His dream was in the sleep of the night,
    How much do you love when we asked…
    Without you, this answer was theirs.


    In the coincidence of words
    , just look at the change, you do not look and smile, just smile.


    Which cries out for youđŸ˜Ĩ, right,
    never miss it,
    because you find that the fans only to those destined.


    If you are with me, what am I missing...
    I am happy with every smile...
    Keep smiling like this forever ..!
    Because my life is alive in your smile .. !!


    All happiness will be done in your name
    Life too will be sacrificed on you,
    You will cry remembering us,
    We will fill your love with so much love.


    Just like this, we are not fascinated by anything, it has become a habit of yours.


    Mehboob is in front and eyes are bowing with shame,
    this is also the love of love ❤️❤️


    Neither beautiful… neither rich… nor vicious,
    my god made me for you😊😘


    The love of the neighborhood is also very strange, there is a
    time in the middle of the distance of two houses. ❤😘


    Saying nothing to closed lips,
    You express love with your eyes.
    Whenever you come,
    We steal from you


    Still do not have the power to reach the heart đŸ˜Š ❤️ đŸ’


    We do not love you for any reason, we do
    not love or just do it.


    There should be no fool in the world like me,
    do not be harmed by whatever love says.


    I myself am surprised that you have
    so much love, why do I miss your face
    whenever the đŸ’˜word love 


    It is my dream to meet you,
    but I do not have such a moment to forget you !!


    We love the most stubbornly,
    which no one can do, we do the same thing in love.


    Saying nothing to closed lips,
    You express love with your eyes.
    Whenever you come,
    We steal from you


    I will go to the extent of your love,
    if you do not get it in life, then you will do something really free.


    To die in your steps and to live also,
    your love is the river, and
    my love too, in my eyes, all are equal now, for
    me, you are Kashi, you are also Medina.


    Your smile has improved with my health,
    tell me, love or love.


    It đŸšļ‍♂️is đŸ‘Žvery  đŸ˜­easy to beat
    someoneđŸšļ‍♂️, but ✌difficult to win someone!


    Lies say that love starts with the eyes,
    even those who steal the eyes don't steal.


    When he came in front, there was an amazing spectacle,
    every complaint made a suicide like that.


    One evening  đŸŒŒ comes after remembering you,
    one evening goes by remembering you,
    but I am waiting for that evening  đŸŒŒ to
    come with you.


    What gives me the glow of lightning,
    I am wrapped in fear of my name.


    To keep a relationship with us,
    Never just leave us,
    Even then, it keeps on sticking throughout its life.


    Just like this, we are not fascinated by anything, it has become a habit of yours.


    It is not necessary to have love with you, it is important to have
    love đŸ˜ŠđŸ˜˜


    Before saying she loves to think,
    now how to explain it is a conspiracy by thinking đŸ˜ŠđŸ˜Š


    We fight them often,
    but still feel love twofold.


    Pain happens when someone,
    First we used to reply and,
    Now he does not even have a message.


    Like this, Tamanna was not in her heart, but did
    not know why she fell in love with you.


    From love books, you are the
    one who does not reverse with his words.


    God is visible in your eyes,
    because my heart beats for you


    Your love is my detention, I
    do n't know anything else, see you and see you somewhere, now I don't have that eye.


    If your sweet eye is  đŸ‘€ not here, the
    drunk does not like this,
    we are conscious of your arrival,
    then after that we do not have any news.


    In love, doubt  đŸ¤” and anger  đŸ˜Ą are done by those who are
    afraid of losing you.


    You are not mine, but
    you are not even ready.
    cute love status English


    If you make a mistake, of course scold
    But don't get angry like this, sweetheart.

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