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Latest Dard Status | 145+Dard Bhari Shayari, Quotes and Status and images

129+ Dard Status | Love Shayari Dard | Love Status | Romantic Status | Welcome to my new post, in which I am sharing with you my best collection Sad Status and Quotes| Love Shayari Dard, then you can share this status with your Girlfriend, this is my latest Love Status In  Hindi collection. Enjoy and share and you can also share in social media.
120+ Dard Status | Love Shayari Dard
Sad Break Up Status

Best Dard Status- Dard Bhari Shayari

Silence also has its own status, only
those who understand are few !!

I am unlucky who could not buy you,
you are lucky that you were sold for a few rupees !!

The glass is broken and it is better to be shattered, the
cracks do not let you live or die !!

Those who have a smile on their lips
often have sad eyes !!

Take a little part of my pain and see,
you will keep remembering me for centuries !!

When someone else hurts, only gets angry,
when someone gives their trouble, they cry with anger !!

Nobody stayed in the grave,
I was left alone in the new house !!

Who is my
asker in the past, who is ignorant who says why not go home !!

Hiding the wound is also a skill,
otherwise, there is salt in every fist here !!

The color of my tears has changed today,
maybe a stitch of wounds of heart has been uprooted !!

He gives the most trouble when he
has to smile while hiding his eyes.

It is very difficult to
tolerate pain by laughing !!

Some people are so selfish,
do not even mean if they are alive or dead !!

Sad Shayari Boys in English

Now nothing is sitting with me except me,
I am also losing my fate !!

Neither you have got anything, nor have you said anything since my time, we are
ruined with great simplicity !!

We have seen that by trying this,
people get cheated and come closer !!

Say a little at night, slowly passed,
after a lot of pain today, the pain is sleeping !!

There are strange puzzles even in the lines of my hands,
the journey is written but there is no sign of destination !!

This has impacted the mean people in the world,
even if you ask them, people understand that there will be some work !!

Life is cheap sir,
the way of living is expensive !!

Some people cry a lot, even without tears

Sad Shayari For boys

I like to walk in the rain,
so that no one can see my tears !!

Give me an amulet that I become clever, this simplicity hurts me a
lot !!

People do not appreciate us when we are alone,
but only when they are alone themselves !!

Hear me, make me hide,
now there is nowhere!

People say that every wound heals with time, the
reality is that the wound remains the same but it becomes a habit to bear it !!

Who says that Aaina does not lie,
he only sees the smile of lips, not heartache !!

Don't know where the mistake happened to us,
people forget it as if they don't know !!

How many people are there in my lifebut why don't I have a part in someone
's life !!
It is a different matter that it is not visible, but it is definitely involved, the
a suicidal person must have some killer !!

My heart is filled with coercive relationships
, accept me if I belong or free me !!

Break Up Status in English

Do not know how many people sleep and cry every day,
and then keep everyone happy all day by taking a false smile in the morning !!

The future of the country is starving on the streets,
and it is heard that India is going digital !!

It is beyond my comprehension,
that my pain will end or my life !!

Leave the wound, Aye life,
now even the ointment box is empty !!

No matter how courageous anyone is,
it makes someone special.

Na saath hai koi koi na sahara hai koi,
na hum hai koi and na hai koi hai !!

Tears start coming out even more
when there is no one to stop you from crying !!

Now even the stones have started escaping me, they
say, now stop stumbling !!

I got my wishes selected on the wall,
Khamkhan was dancing as an Anarkali in life !!

Yes, I have a lot of misconceptions, whenever I think of youI understand myself

Dard Shayari on love

Those people become very strong,
who have nothing left to lose !!

Life wants me to commit suicide,
and I want an accident to happen !!

Words can be lies,
but never tears !!

It seemed that it would take time to change a life,
but what was known was that changing time will change a life !!

Do not trust me?
How many people have created by asking this !!

Sad Love Status in English

I am not a crocodile, but I am far away
from those who do not appreciate me.

That pain is not forgotten,
the pain that is given by loved ones !!

Someone is asking for the time, do the
wounds really heal?

Then they are unable to connect with anyone else,
those people who break in from inside !!
My pain hurts, my friends,
they understand only by hearing the names !!

Thousands of people make promises,
but not a single one plays !!

Now you will not be able to read me,
we are like paper soaked in rain !!

Dard Shayari love

There are so many mean people in the world,
who start showing their colors as soon as they get mean !!

Everybody who was troubled by the smoke was seen running,
but no one came to save my house burning!

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