Top 50+ Heart Touching Attitude Status | Hindi Status |

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Top 50+ Hindi Attitude Status | Hindi Status |
Top 50+ Hindi Attitude Status | Hindi Status | 

Best attitude status in English for WhatsApp

Girls, I am crazy to even today, it is not a difficult task to get over,
but I do not know how to break people's hearts !!

Close my eyes with a dagger on me,
if I smile then you will die first !!

We have left playing Ishq's Holiya,
otherwise, our face would be our color !!

If there is no night sleep in Muqaddar, what happened,
we are also the Alexander of Muqaddar who sleeps in the afternoon !!

I am not a newspaper that will be old on the second day,
I am the page of life where moments stay !!

Awaken the lion and put us to sleep,
not on anyone's bus !!

Handsome and stylish, I am already there,
just sometimes I have to show a glimpse !!

I am more famous on Facebook than you are famous in school

See baby, if you want to love me then do lifetime
because I pass the time with popcorn too !!

The effect of love, I live like this so much, I
embrace enemies and shame them !!

Attitude status in English for girl

If the time is bad then I am going to bow downwhen the mind is bad then I
will take account every moment !!

Tell the truth, believe it will be difficult to fight with us,
otherwise, it will be difficult to read such history !!

We do not abuse anyone for free,
Smile is very far away!

I am Famous because I write the truth, that is
why I sell most men in today's world !!

Attitude Status of Girls

The style is different, I think,
everyone is fond of the destination !!

Knowing our history before getting entangled with us,
straight face deepens history !!

There are only three principles of my life,
application, request and even then if you do not agree then give it!

She tells me every day to stay a little away from my brother,
who will convince her that her brother herself calls me brother !!

If they are proud of themselves, then there is nothing surprising in this,
those whom we want cannot be common.

Status for WhatsApp in English attitude

Why should we be sad, if we don't get it,
oh! Gum does what we don't get !!

Some girls say that you are not what you look like, oh speak directly that you do
not have the capacity to understand me !!

We do not claim to be famous but… ..whoever looks at us with
eyes confuse them !!
pecial magic, I just do whatever I do from my
heart !!

We are bad, we live only then,
if good, the world does not give life !!

Our secret is everywhere,
in the hearts of like and dislike people !!

Dogs bark to maintain their existence,
and the silence of the people makes our presence known !!

Attitude status in English for boy

Be it Mehebub's house or the land of angels,
who left, then we did not turn it back and saw !!

You will also be praised by us, if
anyone can spread the rumor of our death, friends !!

By the way, a lot of girls come in my life,
but happy will be the one in whose life we ​​will be !!

Don't talk about the situation, my friend,
people are more afraid of my eyes than your gun !!

We are bad but we also believe, but
if you say it is bad !!

Status of WhatsApp on attitude

It is another matter that stand on the shore,
but I know how much water the cone is in !!

You are not aware of this monkey's passion, Nahla Dunga, with
your own blood !!

No matter how vicious aka is, the
queen is ultimately the king !!

I still stick to my principles, people even today say that you are a big bloodhound

It is better than becoming a Shehnshah with your conditions, that
I become a believer in my conditions !!

See brother if life is a battle,
then your brother is also a domineering !!

Ask the son from the thin lane to the high way, what do you do today,
which is what we used to do in childhood !!

status for facebook Attitude

She said that I am ashamed to take pictures with you,
I have also said that she has never been ashamed of her !!

After seeing me, which star became a bloke, after seeing you,
my friend fell in love with me !!

I also love to play with friends friend, but
the game where the toy breaks, I do not like that game !!

Going away from the hobby, but remember so much,
there is no habit of looking back !!

Tell your father to ever roam our area,
only the name is enough for his family !!

status of attitude in love

I am a little silly, sometimes I am silly, it is
not my nature to hurt anyone's heart !!

If you take a hundred rounds of the earth,
the best status will be found only on my status !!

Audi is also four feet ahead of us, baby,
which city do you belong to !!

Everyone is jealous because they are walking,
and if they are moving, then friends, what is their fault !!

Never let me be liked with you, please tell me, I will shoot you with a stone on my
heart !!

Chhokri said that the photo is very good, I saiddon't beat the chance,
I have a good track with you !!

Will, she hurt us,
we were born heartless !!

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