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Bewafa Status [Latest 2020] Sad Shayari For Whatsapp And FB

Welcome Friends to the Latest Post of Bewafa Status. It is so heartbreaking when someone left you and you don't want to lose them. But this is the truth of life and we can't do anything all about this so here I am with all the Best Sad Shayari. Here in this post, you can find all the latest Bewafa Status, Dard Bahri Shayari pic, Bewafa Status for girlfriend, Sad Love Quotes, and many more. we hope you like this post please share this post with your friends and social media.
Bewafa Status and Shayari
Bewafa Status and Shayari

Bewafa Status and Sad Shayari For Whatsapp And FB

My love was true, so
miss you, if your infidelity is also true, do not get into memories anymore !!

You were not so bad that you turned me down,
one day you will regret your decision !!

Aye Dil So Ja Now reading your poetry,
it has become the ghazal of some other poet !!

I am a fraud, I am stubborn and
am a stone heart, I have lost my innocence while doing it.

It is not our habit to keep those birds in captivity,
who are fond of flying in the cage of our heart with the garrow !!

They had come far away, to show your false promises to be true,
I will show you the wings of love!

Bewafa Status for girlfriend

Have you heard that you are opening a hate shop,
keep a little love in it, to show off !!

Love is true and Sanam should not be unfaithful, friends!
The story seems somewhat incomplete !!

I carved it like a diamond,
but it was a caste stone and remained a stone !!

Your condition seems to be yours,
otherwise, no one is destroyed by such simplicity !!

The condition of my heart is like that of my country, which
was ruined by the authority it gave !!

She was a strange girl, she
changed her life too!

Aaja's corpse is now passing through your streets,
lookeven after death, we have not changed the path !!

I did not want anything from you,
you could not fulfill even a relationship !!

Sad Love Status and Shayari

Come on, it was also good that we could not achieve them,
if they would have separated from mine then it would have been doom !!

We knew that there is poison in your love jam,
but there was so much love in drinking that we could not refuse !!

Who will know the beware people better than us,
we are the crazy people who loved the hatred of anyone !!

Of course, you change your love but remember this,
no one except you can understand the truth of me !!

I feel sorry that he has not changed, he
hated my wishes well !!

My friends, do not give him the news, my friends,
there is a panic that he should not go mad in this happiness !!

Why do you find loyalty in the colony of settlers,
see how much faith is going on in the faith !!

There was a convoy in the heart of the loners,
when it happened between you !!

Enemies were afraid to come forward,
and that crazy man went away from the game !!

Love is complete,
let's count the wounds now !!

Love is
full of incomplete, unfaithful is complete !!

Thinking that I did not ask for a medicine from him,
who gave the painwhy would he give that medicine !!

Heart Broken Status

What a wonderful love her was, she
cheats herself and accuses herself too !!

We have removed all the lines of your love,
now the account of your wounds will be accounted !!

Don't be tortured like this online,
if you have left now, block it too !!

He came in my heart for the sake of nature, and when a few
feathers came outleft the house !!

I have forgotten laughter for an age,
you still have not forgotten to hurt my heart !!

I am happy that I am the only heir to his hatred,
otherwise, he is in love with many people !!

I am happy that I am the only heir to his hatred,
otherwise, he is in love with many people !!

Be patient so soon you will feel,
what was mine to be and what is not mine !!

Let him taste the fun of the love of non-residents
, after so much desire, what would not happen to me, what will happen to others !!

Sad Love Status in English

Have eaten millions of deceptions, will bear one more,
you take away your doli, we will call our funeral procession !!

There are thousands like us in his world,
we are the only ones who are mad at him after getting him !!

Why do you malign Ishq a world,
Mehboob is your infidel so what is the fault of love?

Now, why is he a friend from his infidelity,
you used to say that he is different!

I have been sowing seeds of love on the land of Banjar,
and your promise has been compensated by the government !!

If we were misguided, we too would have been Arjun's, the
thought that the heart was open!

There is a beautiful way to love,
at least there is no infidelity !!

Friends! Someone has broken my heart,
now you tell me, life or life !!

Best Dard Bhari Shayari

It was the love of your love that ruined myself,
otherwise, the world was crazy for me too !!

How colorful we have become when we are separated from each other,
my eyes turn red and your hands turn yellow !!

The time has passed when we were yours,
now even if we become lifewe will not accept it !!

Stay away from me if possible, I will be
broken and pierced !!

Yesterday he got a call and said very loudly,
forget me, I also said who are you speaking !!

If there was no love then I would have told
you, one of your silent ruined my life !!

Everyone has only one purpose in life
, maybe unfaithful himselfbut seek is faithful !!

How painful that scene was when we were separated,
he had said not to live and not to cry !!

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