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Funny Status and Sarcastic Quotes [New 2020] WhatsApp And FB Status

You are welcome, in my new post, you will not find such a collection in any other site, this Funny Status and cool status in English Special is made for you, then you share and impress this latest Funny Status and Sarcastic Status to your Boyfriend and Girlfriend and you can socialize it You can also share in media, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp too. I hope you like this Post 

Funny Status | Sarcastic Status | Cool IG Captions | 

Funny Status and Cool Captions
Funny Status and Cool Captions

The first two people used to fight, then the third came to get rid,
today if this happens then the third video starts making!
Genuine ghee to dogs and true love to girls,
never digest !!
Sala is so hot that the heart does it,
commit suicide by wearing a quilt !!
Do not be angry with my silence, they
say that beautiful people are always silent !!
Who fucking says that boys think less,
once the girl smiles and thinks, from marriage to the name of the children !!
Ishq's relationship is also very delicate, friends,
even when the number comes busy at night, they break up !!
Do many good deeds
, after death, people will remember the one who died by borrowing !!
She used to say that she has been dead for three years without you,
but even today she is seen eating golgappas on the road !!
It takes ten dramas to make girls happy,
what about boys, they are happy when they see a girl !!

Never trust a girl's laughter and dog's silence !!
Whenever you are standing in the dark and smoking cigarettes, then
why do all the relatives seem to be coming !!
The heart can steal every girl,
but mother says stealing is a bad thing !!
Some girls are so beautiful that
reject myself in my mind !!
She said, my brother is a very badass,
I said to my brother that you have got the brother-in-law of your bump !!
Today there is a silent mood here,
everyone has fallen in love !!
I wish someone would come to us and say,
"Take this blank check and get out of my daughter's life !!"
Due to which Mohabbat's Salman's frown also
comes in the heart but does not understand !!
The most happiness in life is
when friends say that she is giving you a line after seeing her brother !!

If someone wakes up at ten then it is not necessary that he is lazy,
maybe his dreams are big !!

Funny Status and Flirting Lines

A Pagli broke my heart today,
we are also amazing lovers we put in favquique and added to the moment !!
Apna Look is straightforward, but
still her friend misscall me !!
This is the story of every lover nowadays,
Majnu wants Laila Ko, Laila is someone else's addict !!
Leave the black money, think
how to bring the Prime Minister from abroad !!
True love is also found when luck is thrust,
otherwise even an auto rickshaw is not available at the time !!

Funny Status for Friends 

Mother's hand is like the F5 button on the keyboard
, the baby becomes refreshed whenever it is slapped on the mouth !!
Pagli must have love in the heart,
dhk dhk, so does Royal Enfield's bike too !!
My street children are very naughty,
today again write your name on my wall !!
My girl is very forgetful,
forgot to be born a combative person !!
Mummy said that to win, Gopi rotates as much as she can,
but I will bring you Radha !!
Everyone looks at my love for you,
maybe you are wearing the wrong number glasses !!

Cool IG Captions

Whether it is love or liquor, whether it is intoxicated or not,
it becomes hatred after landing !!
You ignorate me
like this like Doordarshan is in the Channels of Tata Sky !!
What I knew was that Pagli
would be left on the way, I would have brought a bicycle with me !!
Nothing happens from studies,
only father should be like Lalu !!
Eyes are still searching for the bastard who
had spread the rumor that childhood peacock feathers were kept in the book.
Nowadays, Sharif is the only people
whose mobile does not have a password !!
Today's knowledge: - Do work in such a way that people do not ask you
for any other work again !!

Sarcastic Quotes and Status

Those who run BIKE at a high speed in the market, just
walk slowly, you go out at speed, but people remember your mother and sisters !!
Cigarettes are borrowed from and love for beautiful girls,
whatever happens, stop it !!
Do not know how people get out of their positions,
I do not even get out of bed !!
If anything is heard from the neighborhood today, if it is the power of the bid,
then come and meet in private, since then I have been thinking of being threatened or given a chance !!
No matter how much style you kill,
that smile is going to give me !!
I would have fought with God to get you,
then thought that if it is time for the exam, it is not right to mess with God !!

Funny WhatsApp Status  

In the lives of boys who drink alcohol
secretly Baba Cardamom Maker is nothing less than an angel !!
It was written in front of a shop that lending is a magic,
we will give and you will disappear !!
Some girls do not boast even after being beautiful,
and some witches do not even care!
If you want to get married, do it with your girlfriends,
even the family members get the other girlfriends done !!
The husband's name may be Shiva,
but the orgy is always done by his wife !!
Some young children are so cute that
after seeing them they feel like seeing their mother !!
Ghazal written on paper chewed goat,
discussion took place in entire city that goat ate lion !!
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